Sequins Travels | Chilly Day At The Biltmore

I had such a great time last week in Asheville. It was such a beautiful place. Visiting the Biltmore was definitely the highlight for me. I feel like I can no longer use the word amazing unless I’m speaking about something that had me as awestruck as I was looking at and walking around the property. It was a kind of beauty I had never seen and experienced in person. I recommend everyone make a trip at some point!

For anyone wondering if I found the stairs in my Mom’s picture, mentioned in THIS post, I did and recreated the photo. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring it with me so I was on the wrong stair … but, even still, I was glad I found them. 🙂

It was pretty chilly in Asheville last week, but the layers I’m sporting in this outfit definitely did the trick in keeping me warm. I’ve never had a coat that I’ve been happier with than the one I’m wearing from J.Crew. I’ve worn it a lot in my recent travels and it has yet to disappoint. It goes with EVERY color you could be wearing and is super warm. The hood in the product photo on the website is detachable, and I personally like it much better without it. If your size is sold out, I’d recommend going with the gray.

Lyndsey and I were very happy with our accommodations at the Renaissance Hotel in Asheville. It was close to the Biltmore  and super cozy. I also love that their shampoo and conditioner were Aveda, ha. It’s the little things …

I hope you are having a great week back to work so far after a long holiday weekend. I know those are always hard to come back from! Thanks so much for stopping by today. Really appreciate it! xo.

The latest Instagram Round-Up went live Monday night, so if you missed it … check it out HERE. I know y’all love those!

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Photo Credit: Lyndsey Anne Photography

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