Friday Five | Vol. 8




My favorite thing that I bought last month was my mattress topper. Ha, bet y’all weren’t expecting that, huh? Hah! I am such a creature of comfort. I love anything cozy and this thing, seriously, makes me melt when I get into bed. It’s so heavenly! Definitely worth the small investment! If you’re looking to up your bedroom game, I highly suggest it!


When I was in Dallas a few weeks back for my best friend’s baby shower, I bought two pairs of shoes that I told you I was so excited about finding. They were shoes that have been on my lust list for YEARS and I never thought either designer would come out with thvalentinorockstudflatsnoire style again. They are both a part of this ‘favorite purchases’ list but since I only told you about one pair, the Prada loafers, I’ll highlight the other pair here since they haven’t gotten any love. I’ve always wanted a pair of Valentino Rockstud Flats. I had a beige pair for a quick second but ended up returning them because I wasn’t fully in love with the color. I told myself that it was a silly investment to make if I wasn’t absolutely 100% about them. In the past, I saw a black pair with dark gunmetal rock studs. Ever since, I’ve looked for them on multiple major online retailers that carry luxury items and I only ever see the silver rock studs on the black pairs. Well, when I was in Dallas, my dream came true! They exist again! You can click on the picture of them over here to the right and check them out! All sizes are available. I can’t wait to wear them a lot this Fall!


I wish I had purchased these distressed denim shorts before I went to Mexico because they are SO cute, with such a flattering fit. They were such a good deal, too, at only $52! You better believe I packed them in my suitcase for my weekend away in Charleston! 


This adorable “PUCKER UP” travel makeup bag is another one of my favorites from this month! I literally packed it up this morning to bring along and I love how, when you open it, youkatespadetravelcosmeticcase can see ALL of your makeup. I feel like, with all my other travel makeup bags, I’m always digging down in to a black hole. It drives me nuts that I can’t see. It makes me feel like I’m taking longer than I really need to to get ready. This makeup bag will definitely help with that issue! It has a small bag inside, which is great for lipsticks and Q-tips, and it has a zip pouch on the underside of the top of it which is great for all your make-up brushes!

FIVERemember how I was saying I love anything super comfortable? I’d classify this lightweight jumpsuit as one of those things that I just feel so comfy & cozy in. Over the last month, it’s been my favorite thing to throw on and wear around my house (which I keep pretty chilly) with a knit cardigan in while I’m working (on a day where I don’t need to go anywhere or I just want to chill) OR at the end of a long day. 




WHAT IT IS? The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is the biggest sale of the year. It’s our opportunity to purchase the newest and hottest items for the upcoming Fall / Winter season at majorly discounted prices. Typically, we buy things on sale AFTER the season is over but this one is so fun because it’s the opposite, which is PERFECT because it’s the more expensive wardrobe season [coats, heavy sweaters and booties are way more expensive than shorts, flip flops, etc.]. 


WHEN DOES IT START? So, there are two different sale start dates depending on whether or not you are a Nordstrom Card Holder. If you are a card holder, you will have access to the sale FIRST on July 14th. I can honestly say it pays to be a card holder. These people are the ones who could potentially sell out ‘hot’ items before the sale is available to everyone else. If you choose to opt out of becoming a card holder, the sale goes live July 21st. Prices go up for everyone on August 8th!

THREE HOW DO I BECOME A CARD HOLDER? You can become a card holder by heading to this page. It is free, easy and if you sign up between now and July 10th, you’ll receive a $10 credit to shop the sale when it begins on the 14th. 

FOURWHAT IF I WANT EARLY ACCESS BUT CAN’T HAVE ANY MORE CREDIT CARDS? When I was looking at becoming a Nordstrom card holder, I had this same question and concern. I was really not in a position to get another credit card so, I signed up for a Nordstrom DEBIT card instead, which still grants you access to the sale EARLY on July 14th. It’s free to sign up and you can link it to your personal debit account and use it like you would your normal debit card. It does take a couple of days for the transactions to be reflected on that account so definitely keep an eye on your account online! 

There are other perks to having a Nordstrom debit or credit card, by the way! Having one automatically allows you to be a member of the Nordstrom reward program, which means when you purchase items with your Nordstrom debit or credit card, you accrue points. Once you reach a certain number of points, you will receive a Nordstrom note in the mail which is, essentially, a coupon you can use on any upcoming purchase. You also have a certain number of triple point days a year, which I’d advise using on days you buy something you’ve been saving for, because then your next Nordstrom note will be pretty large. In addition, there are Double Point and Triple Point events at Nordstrom throughout the year for you to accrue extra points, as well! Nordstrom truly takes care of its customers!

FYI: I feel a little weird telling y’all to open a credit card being that I don’t know everyone’s financial situation. I want to be clear … I’m definitely not encouraging you to open another line of credit if it would be an irresponsible financial decision for you but, what I would encourage you to do is assess your current financial situation and opt for whichever card best fits your situation. If a credit card isn’t a smart decision for you, in particular, then I’d absolutely suggest and encourage you to get a Nordstrom DEBIT card. If you need a line of credit to build up your credit, then I’d encourage you to open a Nordstrom credit card


WHAT BRANDS CAN I EXPECT TO SEE DISCOUNTED? BP., Alexander Wang, Vince Camuto, Sam Edelman, Halogen, Maggy London, Hinge, Steve Madden, Ugg, Alice + Olivia, Equipment, Rag & Bone, Hunter, Current/Elliott, Vince, Joie, Tory Burch, French Connection, Diane Von Furstenberg, Frye, Elizabeth & James, Hobo, Kate Spade New York, Paige, Rebecca Minkoff, Lucky Brand, Madewell, Treasure&Bond, Topshop, AllSaints, Converse, Vans, AG, Sorel, NARS, Kendra Scott, Caslon, Smashbox … just to name a few! There is literally something for everyone!

I just wanted to let you guys know the scoop on this sale now because, if I wanted until right before Early Access begins, it might be too late for some of y’all to take advantage, and I want you to enjoy it as much as I do. I’m not joking – it’s my FAVORITE sale of the year. 


followmeforadayolayregeneristcreamwithspfincidentalsunexposuresequinsandthings00080 I feel like my favorite iPhone app’s are common app’s that everyone has, like Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat, so I’m not going to include those three! Instead, I’ll give you five I love that you may not be as familiar with!

ONEVenmo – This app is a safe and convenient funds transfer app. It makes paying someone back for an Uber, your share of a hotel stay or your rent payment super, super easy! I love it because I can transfer the funds to my bank account or just keep the funds in Venmo for any money transfers I might need to make in the future. I’ve never had any security issues with it whatsoever, and I’ve probably been using it for about two years now.


Planoly – This is the app I use to plan my Instagram posts with. I would suggest starting with the free trial because, eventually, it does cost money. This app is great for anyone who likes their feed to have a certain ‘flow’ or ‘feel’ to it at first glance, but it’s also great for anyone who uses Instagram to support and market their business. Unfortunately, social media IS all about aesthetic so it definitely pays to have a feed that catches peoples eye and is the visual representation of your brand and aesthetic. With that said, it’s a great business expense to invest in. It makes it easy to visualize your feed and plan your posts. It even allows you to schedule it and write your captions ahead of time. They also have a website where you can track analytics from each post you push to Instagram


PicTapGo – Truth be told, I use multiple photo editing app’s depending on what it is about the photo that I need to fix before posting it for my followers to see. If there is one photo app that I have stood by the longest, it would absolutely – hands down- be PicTapGo. I love how easy it to throw and adjust filters on the photos to get them looking just the way I like. I also like how you can adjust the lighting, contract and color now, as well. If you’ve always wondered what I use … it’s more than likely PicTapGo


She Reads Truth – This app is an online community of women who want to be in the Word every single day. I don’t know about you but, while I definitely do want to seek God first and really get in to His word … some days are hectic and I struggle with stillness. This app not only has amazing devotional plans for you to get into the word and gain a little more insight into what it’s saying but you can also set a reminder on your phone to do the plan for the day. I’m not too proud to say I definitely need that reminder some days, so I love that but I also just always really enjoy the words that are shared within the plans because it’s all very gospel-centered. Be sure to check it out if you’re looking for a way to be more intentional about reading the Word.

They also have these adorable downloadable background screens for your phone, as well, with verses and words of truth on them to remind you! 


Reminders – This is an app that comes with your phone, therefore, costs you no more than you already pay and I have recently started using it to keep track of major tasks. I have created a to do list for each day of the week and I assign different tasks to whatever day it belongs to or I decide to assign it to. I can also prioritize the tasks on each list, which helps decrease distraction from tasks. This process has been so helpful for me. I mark things off, continue to add things or re-assign priority as I go.

I’m one of those people who loves to work. I love what I do and I set a high bar for myself. I also tend to think I can do more than I really can and, sometimes, I’ll go through a work day and, at the end of it, I beat myself over the things that didn’t get done. So, what I like the most about this app and this process is that instead, at the end of the day, I can ‘Show Completed’ tasks and it pulls down the list of everything you marked as complete. It helps me to see how much I actually was able to get done. It’s so easy to forget the things you accomplished in a day when it’s a crazy busy whirlwind. So, yeah, I definitely suggest this process for anyone who likes lists and needs that reminder, as well! 🙂


I’ve basically put together a cute little ‘look for less’ up here in this widget for you guys! We all need a good utility jacket and there’s really no better time to snag one than the off season! I couldn’t believe how cute this one is for only $38.40! I love Topshop cotton tops. They’re super soft and great for everyday wear. This basic white tee is currently $12 and a great base layer for the upcoming Fall season. This reversible tote has been reduced to just $32. It is lightweight and the perfect size. I have the cognac one and it can be reversed into black. I have a more expensive pair of shorts JUST like these that are only $23! Y’all … that’s such a good deal and all sizes are available! If you love Jack Rogers, be sure to scoop up this classic pair for under $100! Great deal and a great dressy sandal to wear to a wedding. Happy Shopping!


ONEShop early. I’m going to just be really honest. The entire sale is great, but Early Access is absolutely the best part. You are so much more likely to get what you really wanted to get AND a few ‘pleasant surprise’ items that are just too good to pass up! Whenever someone is desperate to find that perfect pair of over-the-knee boots or faux fur vest later in the Fall and Winter season, all I ever think is ‘man, I wish they had shopped the #NSale during Early Access … it’s everything they are currently scrounging to find’! I cannot encourage you enough to consider becoming a Nordstrom card holder. 

twoMake a list. Before the sale begins, I think it’s important to make two lists: [1] the items you need and [2] your favorite designers. If you are clear about what you’re looking for, and you can keep those lists right in front of you as you’re shopping … you will be less likely to become forgetful or scatterbrained. 

Some items you may add to your list for the upcoming Fall season would be:
faux fur vest, over the knee boots, classic trench, rain boots, utility jacket, plaid button up, blanket scarf, classic flats, etc. 

THREENarrow your search. Lets be real … there are so many items on Nordstrom’s website. Without narrowing your search, you may be searching for what you’re wanting for far longer than you’d prefer. I would certainly suggest narrowing the search based on the lists you’ve created per my suggestion in my 2nd tip 😉 If you’re not familiar with what I”m talking about … if you’re looking for Tory Burch riding boots, simply [1] select Women’s Shoes, then narrow your search by [2] selecting ‘Tory Burch’ under Brand and [3] selecting ‘Boots’ under Item Type. This won’t give you nearly as many options as you had before and will make it so much easier to shop what you’re really looking for! 

FOUR Think ahead. The #NSale is the best time to buy for holidays, upcoming birthdays, weddings and anniversaries so start thinking about what you have coming up in your life and jot down who you need to buy for so that you can keep them in mind after you’ve scored those ‘much needed’ items. It may be super early to make these purchases

FIVEMake investment purchases. The #NSale will give you an amazing opportunity to buy designer items for an unreal price. Every year, during Early Access, typically, there are designer items from Michele watches to Chloe handbags that are included so start pinching your pennies and putting together a budget for this sale. I think when you spend a lot of money on something, you should want it to be something that will last a long time and designer items are often lifetime pieces so the fact that you’re saving hundreds of dollars on such a high-quality item is everrrythingg. Most people can’t say that about their designer pieces … so definitely add your favorite designers to your list! 😉

And that’s it, y’all! I hope you enjoyed this edition of the Friday Five! I’ve decided to do the Friday Five every other Friday from now on to make it a little easier to plan consistently. On the week that there isn’t a Friday Five, I will ask y’all to make suggestions on what you want to see on here! I’m thinking it’d be fun to do an #NSale edition for the next one on July 22nd! Let me know if there are items in particular that you want me to review and cover from the sale like the beauty packages, riding boots, booties, outerwear, sweaters, etc. Let me know! I’d be happy to do more research for you all. 

Also, on a more serious and heartfelt note … I’m sitting here watching the news and I’m just in complete disbelief. I’ve sat like this every morning and every afternoon too many times recently. It breaks my heart what I’ve seen over the past month, and it really doesn’t compare to the hurt others are feeling over it because they’re living it and experiencing loss and heartbreak and frustration. It’s crazy what our world is becoming, how people are acting, what people are saying to each other, and the hate that is consuming people and fueling these events. I need to let you know how much you all matter to me. Whether you are black, white, Hispanic, gay, heterosexual, whatever … you matter. It’s not okay how we’re treating each other. 

If you live in the Dallas area, I want y’all to know that my heart is heavy for you, your city and the atrocities that your city and its law enforcement officers experienced last night. My heart and prayers go out to the Dallas Police Department and their families. Not only that but my heart and prayers go out to family members of the men who have seen injustice this week in Minnesota and Louisiana. It’s absolutely heart wrenching watching the news coverage on it. I just can’t believe it. And, of course, my heart is still hurting for Orlando, a city I’ve been to so many times and have family in. Y’all … just know that you matter to me and I’m praying over our world and in all the ways that we’re hurting. 

Make it a great day, y’all! Sounds cheesy but, it’s true … be the good you want to see in the world ..  xo.




  1. Victoria Haight wrote:

    Love your Friday Five posts. I’m definitely looking forward to shopping the Nordstrom Sale. I signed up for the debit card last year so I could shop early, and I’m so glad I did! I got a 20 dollar note last year to use, and I just got another in the mail this week!! (Maybe becuase I had enough points, but who knows! ha!)
    Also, I agree the news has been horrifying lately. =/

    Published 7.8.16 · Reply
  2. stylemelauren2014 wrote:

    Love this week’s Firday 5! You’re so right about the #NSale tips!! You actually need to be prepared because there are so many amazing things, if you don’t have a list you’ll totally be overwhelmed! Also, love those valentino flats…they’re amazing!! xo


    Published 7.8.16 · Reply
  3. Rachel wrote:

    Love this Friday five! Love the travel makeup bag. Have a fabulous weekend!


    Published 7.8.16 · Reply
  4. Rita wrote:

    As always, great post!

    Published 7.8.16 · Reply
  5. sara McCallum wrote:

    Love the post!! Please make sure to share what you will be purchasing during the sale too!! I have never shopped the sale before. I’m excited ♡

    Published 7.8.16 · Reply
  6. Becca wrote:

    I’ve never shopped the Anniversary Sale as a cardholder, but I’m prepared this year! Excited for the discounts 🙂 Thanks for all the tips, being prepared before the sale goes live is so smart. Especially thinking ahead to upcoming events that require a gift! I would love to see a Anniversity Sale haul post.

    Published 7.9.16 · Reply
  7. Kathryn wrote:

    Love this roundup! Great tips for the Nordstrom sale 🙂

    xx Kathryn

    Published 7.11.16 · Reply
  8. Denise wrote:

    Just came to your blog today for the first time. I read several posts and really enjoy your fashion style. I had to respond after reading this post. Thank you for sharing your heart regarding the tragic events happening in our country. I live in the Dallas area so, of course, I’m broken hearted over what happened here. But, like you, I have been equally saddened by each recent story of another senseless life lost. I appreciate knowing a girl who loves fashion like me also loves people…like me. ❤️

    Published 7.11.16 · Reply
  9. taymbrown wrote:

    Your Friday Five’s are amazing! I can’t wait for the Nsale to start… T minus 5 hours and 45 minutes! 😉

    Published 7.13.16 · Reply