5 Must-Have Items In My Handbag

On any given day, you can most likely see me carrying my ride-or-die … my Louis Vuitton Neverfull Tote. She holds everything that I could need to get through any given day. Obviously the items I carry may be a tiny bit different for me because of my job, but really … most of what I carry can be considered universal for all of you ladies! Here is what you can see on any given day in my Neverfull:

[1] LAPTOP: One of the perks of being a style blogger is the flexibility in where I can do my job. I have no problem scheduling my hair or nail appointments during a workday because I can also use that time to work through emails, counter proposals, write blog posts or make style boards on my laptop. My calendar and digital to do list are on my laptop, as well, so it also acts as my planner / organizer. Due to the fact that I take my laptop with me most days, I found that I was desperately needing to protect the outside from scratches so I got this adorable marble laptop case to protect it. The great thing is that the little shop I got it from has a lot of size options so, you have a good chance of finding one that fits your specific laptop. It’s super easy to put on, durable and looks SUPER chic, in my opinion. To prevent the whole ‘you’re running out of memory on your hard drive’ headache a lot of students, bloggers, and anyone else who stores a lot of content on their laptops face, I always have my external hard drive with me. I download all of my photos important documents on to it, so it’s important that it’s always with me so I can continue my work wherever I am. 

[2] CARD CASE: Does anyone else feel a lot of pressure to be quick about putting your cards and receipts away when you’re checking out at a check-out counter? I always do. I don’t like fumbling with opening a wallet to find the right card that I need to pay for whatever it is, or to neatly put my receipt away [because if you don’t do it then, you’ll never do it, amiright? or amiright?]. So, to relieve a little bit of that pressure, I now opt for a card case. I have both personal and business checking accounts, as well as personal and business credit cards. So, I use a card case that has slots on both sides and one in the middle. I put my personal checking debit & credit cards on one side and my business debit & credit cards on the other. My drivers license and car insurance card goes in the middle. I keep my card case in one of two places in my bag so I always know where it is, and being that there is nothing to open, it makes pulling out the correct card & completing my purchase very swift and simple.

[3] WALLET: Now, I’ve already shared that all of my cards are kept in my card case, you may be wondering why I even have a wallet but … where else would I store receipts, change, cash, and my public library card? 😉 I have the Louis Vuitton Clemence Wallet and I’m obsessed with it. It’s my favorite wallet I’ve ever owned. It’s a zip-around wallet, which I prefer over any other kind, and it’s a lot shorter width-wise so I’d classify it as ‘petite’. I couldn’t find an identical one to mine on any resale websites so be sure to check it out on Louis Vuitton’s website here and here are some cute ones I found around the web:

[4] PHONE: Who really goes anywhere this day and age without their phone? I know this one is, like, a no brainer but … as a blogger, if I forgetting my phone is like forgetting to put my identification badge on before stepping out on to the unit for a shift as a nurse. I can’t do some the things I need to do for my job if I don’t have it [i.e. I used my badge at the hospital to get into the medication room, the break room, to clock out, to help patients and families remember my name and role, etc.]. Something I’m asked often is ‘what is that on the back of your phone’ and I will say … if you don’t have a Popsocket on the back of your phone, you need one. It’s pretty handy. You can pop it out to easily and securely hold your phone without having to have a tight grip on it and you can use it to prop up your phone on a flat surface to watch a Youtube video while you’re doing something else. It’s pretty handy. I also purchased this little thing that can be secured to your car dash. The Popsocket can be locked on to it so you can easily see your phone screen. It was amazing when I was driving up to where my family was staying in the Smokey Mountains over Christmas and I didn’t know the route off the top of my head. I can easily just glance down to see how much longer I have left.

[5] POUCH: I don’t know about you but carrying a tote can be frustrating. The depth allows for it to just become a bottomless pit. We gals just keep piling things in and piling things in. I’ve found the best way to combat the clutter is by carrying a small pouch within my tote. In mine, you can always find my TULA hand and nails cream, my Kindle, a travel size container of living proof anti-humidity spray [because #florida] and gum or Listerine strips. I also use the side pouch that comes with my tote to store two sets of post-it’s, a Sharpie pen, lipgloss, and my headphones. 

Aside from those five main items, I always have my keys and a pair of sunglasses with me, as well! What are the ride-or-die things you HAVE to have with you in your handbag on a daily basis? Maybe I’m missing something! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by today, y’all! Appreciate you! xo.





  1. Natali Karppinen wrote:

    Phone, home keys, card holder and my business cards are items which I never take out of my bag and never leave home without.
    I like your blog content, keep up the great work beauty!


    Published 3.7.17 · Reply
  2. La Bijoux Bella | by mia wrote:

    Such a neat selection of things to have in the bag … you made it look so very nice and organized! 🙂

    ❤LA BIJOUX BELLA❤ | BY MIA | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

    Published 3.7.17 · Reply
  3. brittany wrote:

    your bag!!! heart eyes! it’s a beaut.

    xo, brittany
    chambray roundup for spring on my blog today!

    Published 3.7.17 · Reply
  4. Brittany wrote:

    What’s your nail polish color? Love it!

    Published 3.7.17 · Reply
  5. KRisti wrote:

    I have the same bag and I totally have to do the same thing – add in a pouch and I use a card case so it’s a lot easier! Love that you attach your keys to the inside – I never thought of that 🙂 You look great in these pictures – what self tanner do you use (if you use one)?!

    Published 3.7.17 · Reply
  6. I love your laptop case!!! I’m into the marble look! I always have to have gum in my bag!

    Published 3.7.17 · Reply
  7. Anna wrote:

    Where’s your pick tassel keychain from? So cute!

    Published 3.7.17 · Reply
  8. August wrote:

    I have the exact same must-haves, I just can’t leave my house without them!

    ‘Share’ by August Harvest

    Published 3.7.17 · Reply
  9. Rachel wrote:

    Love your bag (and the fact that you can comfortably fit your laptop in it!). Love your scarf.

    Rachel / http://www.helloher.co

    Published 3.7.17 · Reply
  10. Love this! I have to use a pouch too because I just take so much stuff with me! It’s so much easier than trying to dig through every pocket of the bag! And I need one of those popsockets! What a great idea!

    Published 3.7.17 · Reply
  11. Nicole Giaquinto wrote:

    With kiddos I have a pouch full of fun bandaids, kids medicines, creams, epi pens for son and I! All a huge must. I also always keep a reusable bag that folds up nicely if I’m ever at a grocery or drug store. Trying to be green. Then there is my convenient little diaper and wipe wristlet with built in changing pas so I no longer have to carry a diaper bag everywhere. Then a snack or 10 for the kids 🙂 Pre-kids it looked a lot more like your bag. Now the laptop has been replaced by all of the above…lol!

    Published 3.7.17 · Reply
  12. Jessica wrote:

    Um, this post was amazing. I’ve never seen a more organized bag in my life! I feel inspired to get some of these accessories and do a MAJOR overhaul on my main bag, lol.
    Thank you!

    xo, jess


    Published 3.7.17 · Reply
  13. Great post! I don’t bring my laptop with me usually, but everything else is there! I also use a storage pouch to help with organization. Makes a world of difference!

    Published 3.8.17 · Reply
  14. Your bag is so organized! I wish mine would be the same!


    Published 3.8.17 · Reply
  15. Nicole wrote:

    I have a pouch in my Neverfull as well but it is just full of lipsticks. I have a serious problem. ???? I love that you include the anti-humidity spray, I need to do that!

    xoxo, Nicole

    Published 3.8.17 · Reply
  16. Jennifer wrote:

    I should try the pouch tip! I swear I always misplace items in my purse and then can never find them!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

    Published 3.8.17 · Reply
  17. Sequins and Things strikes again and I just purchased the MacBook cover and iPad cover. They were both too cute to pass!

    Published 3.8.17 · Reply
  18. Alexandra wrote:

    I love that bag !

    such a nice collection 🙂

    Love from FERBENA.COM | Fashion Trends and Inspirations

    Published 3.9.17 · Reply
  19. GabbyGGG wrote:

    You’re so stinking organized! I usually am travelling via bike, so I have clothes and food etc etc when I’m commuting- then on just a casual day I use a smaller tote. I always have a bunch of bus tickets, a mini sunscreen, a small tube of coconut oil and peppermint oil!

    Published 3.9.17 · Reply
  20. Rebecca wrote:

    I love the article. I am starting to use my laptop for everything and would love to find a bag that could hold it comfortably. What size Mac Book do you have?

    Published 3.9.17 · Reply
  21. Beth wrote:

    I have a tendency to carry a pretty big bag, and as a result, I carry a ton of stuff, so I use pouches and smaller bags to organize also. In addition to the typical “stuff” (much of which is the same as yours), I carry Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray (especially in warm weather), a slim notebook or two, a pencil case with highlighters, colored pens, corrector tape. How do you stay so streamlined with such a big bag??

    Published 3.9.17 · Reply
  22. caitlin wrote:

    Do you find that your jeans ever rub off blue dye onto your white bag?
    I have the brown monogrammed one, and I need to get a new one soon – I’ve been eyeing this one.



    Published 3.10.17 · Reply
  23. Love this post! Looking for a new wallet so I will be checking these out 🙂

    xoxo, Kylie

    Published 3.11.17 · Reply
  24. I have 2 LV neverfulls and I never knew that little hook was to hang your keys from!

    Published 3.12.17 · Reply
  25. Can I just say how gorgeous your laptop case is? I love it.

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 3.13.17 · Reply
  26. Love this!! You’re so organized! XO


    Published 3.14.17 · Reply

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