Blue Lace Top + New Spring Sandals Under $100

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Hey there, lovelies! Oh my goodness … it feels so great to be back to blogging! Last week was a pretty crazy week. There were quite a few people in my life who had a really unexpectedly frustrating week, myself included. We were all looking at each other like … IS IT A FULL MOON? Like, what is happening? Hah! Do you ever have weeks like that? 

That’s life! It happens. So, since I haven’t shared in awhile … let me catch you up a little bit on what’s new in my world:

• I am set on seeing more concerts this year, so I got tickets to see Sam Hunt at TPC in May and Ed Sheeran down in Tampa in August!

• Chips was sneezing all over the place last week after bringing him home from doggy day care. He ended up having a viral respiratory infection so he’s been getting antibiotics every day since. Did you know that antibiotics take longer to resolve the illness in dogs than in humans? It took almost six days for me to see it resolving. Poor baby. I thought for sure Fish would get it because it’s contagious and there’s no way I can keep Fish & Chips away from each other but … thankfully … Fish has been completely fine.

• Beauty & the Beast is my favorite Disney movie so, naturally, I already bought tickets to see it in the theatre on Friday night! I cannot WAIT!

• Last week, I stopped by a local radio station to talk to my friend Meghan, who co-anchors their morning show, to catch up on her new podcast called BABECAST, where she interviews women in the Jacksonville that she thinks are doing cool things. Meghan and I have known each other for years. I used to live with her best friend, Kelly, so she was always over at our house. She is such a fun person, seriously hysterical, and I hadn’t seen her since I’ve been back from London so we had TONS to talk about. In the podcast, we chat about The Bachelor, my time in London, my relationship with Ben, blogging, balancing real life and online life, etc. It was really fun. Give it a listen while you’re on a drive somewhere today or while you’re cranking through emails! You can find it HERE.

• I’m still consistently working out with Troy twice a week. I can tell I’m getting stronger. Sometimes he tells me to do things with these crazy weights and I’m like … uhhh, I can’t do that. Then I do it and my mind is blown. I’m still inconsistently keeping up with my meal planning but I am taking on a lot of new things these days so I’m just trying to show myself grace and do the best I can.

• Over the weekend, I went down to St. Augustine to celebrate my baby brother, Beau [my mom always called him ‘Baby Beau’ so naturally that’s what I wrote on his card hah], and my stepmom, Francie, who share the same birthday – March 12. St. Augustine is such an adorably charming city in Florida and I honestly don’t know why I don’t go down there more often. I love walking around aimlessly and popping into their little shops and bars. We enjoyed dinner at O.C. White’s, which is a MUST if you ever find yourself there. We had such a great time together. I left feeling so grateful for them! We aren’t the family that comes together every single weekend but, when we do, we have a blast 🙂

• Last week, Justine, Victoria and I got on a call together and put finalized all the travel logistics to the trip I’m taking next month. We are going to some pretty beautiful places … a couple I’ve already been to but wanted to explore more … and I cannot wait to take y’all along for the ride. Victoria is going to be snapping pictures as we go but I wanted to possibly take little bits of video to compile into a short travel video diary. Do you have any suggestions on what camera would work best? It needs to be lightweight. I’m trying my best to travel as light as I can. I’ll still be posting style posts but you may be seeing repeats because, well, I’ve been that girl that overpacks on her multi-city trip to Europe, and the only person that’s there to lug it all around is ME and my body really pays for it haha! [I say all this but we’ll see if it actually happens but I AM limiting myself to one suitcase]

• I’m almost done getting all of my files, drawers, chest of drawers, baskets and shoe closet organized in my office. When you have stuff just tucked away in random places, it takes QUITE a bit of time to get it all put in the right places with the other things that fall into that same category. I am going to be doing a organization post at some point but we still have a few hurdles to jump through first before I’m ready to share everything. All in good time 🙂

• Last week, I got a really exciting email about taking a weekend getaway somewhere I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go. After some scrambling to figure out when to go, we decided on NEXT WEEKEND. I am seriously SO excited about it. It looks like such a beautiful place. I frequent Conde Nast Traveler and have seen more than one of its beaches included on the Must-See lists, so I can’t wait to take you all along with me 🙂 Any guesses where?

Okay, I think that’s about it. Let’s move on to this outfit …

This long sleeve, blue lace top is such a great top for work or church this season! It could easily be worn underneath a lightweight jacket, if it’s chilly in your area. I personally prefer the blue shade but it also comes in white. These new sandals are super affordable and really comfortable, as well! I wore them a couple of times last week and really liked them! They run true to size!

What are y’all currently shopping for? Denim shorts? Sandals? Bathing suits? Let me know because I think I’m going to put together a ‘Spring Things Under $100’ post this week for ya, and also a fun packing list for my trip next week … it’d be good to know what y’all are looking for so I can do some digging for y’all!

Alright, I hope y’all have a great hump day! Appreciate you stopping by! xo.




  1. La Bijoux Bella | by mia wrote:
    Published 3.15.17 · Reply
  2. That top is so pretty! Looks perfect with the white jeans. Cannot wait to see where you next weekend!! The things I need for spring/summer are denim shorts, bathing suits, nude heels, and casual dresses.

    Published 3.15.17 · Reply
  3. The blue lace top really pops with your white jeans! Can’t wait to see where you are heading on your trip this weekend! Enjoy your Wednesday!
    xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black

    Published 3.15.17 · Reply
  4. NataliNataNaNataliNatal wrote:

    Beautiful lady with so much style! I like your bag and top very much!

    Published 3.15.17 · Reply
  5. Love this lace top! It’s perfect with white denim. You’re gorgeous! ♡
    xx Taylor | | @taylorwinkelmeyer

    Published 3.15.17 · Reply
  6. Britney Crawley wrote:

    Love the hem of your white denim, and I always love ‘rips’ paired with lace! So chic! I also can’t wait for Beauty and the Beast!! I’ll be traveling for work this weekend, so will probably have to wait until next weekend to see it!

    Published 3.16.17 · Reply
  7. what a soft and pretty look babe. Very pretty:)

    Published 3.16.17 · Reply
  8. Heidi Elaine wrote:

    Love the shirt, LOVE that you’re coming to Tampa(!!!) and would love some good bathing suit recommendations! I always used to get mine at VS… wahh!
    Cheers, lovely lady!

    Published 3.16.17 · Reply
  9. Amy wrote:

    This top is beautiful and perfect for spring!! I have been obsessed with this color for a little bit now.
    Amy | Pastel N Pink

    Published 3.16.17 · Reply
  10. Mary wrote:

    I loved the podcast!! I’m going to London & Paris with friends at the end of April. I’ve been sourcing your blog & instagram as to where to go & do! My friends & I have got quite a hefty list. 🙂

    Published 3.17.17 · Reply
  11. That shirt is adorable! Perfect for spring.

    xo Logan

    Published 3.20.17 · Reply