10 Easy Sustainable Swaps to Consider

Now that it’s June 17th, we’re officially past the half-year mark of 2020. And while it’s been a heavy, sad, and strange year, to say the least, I did want to touch base on the intentions I set for 2020. I know months breeze by and we all can forget about certain goals or focuses we made in January, so this is your friendly reminder to touch base with your own intentions if you feel like it!

On that subject, one of the things that I wanted to do differently in 2020 was to minimize single-use plastic use. I’m happy to report that I’ve been pretty diligent about it! It’s definitely a daily intention in our home [John is great about it, as well] and it’s something I’m consciously trying to improve more and more.

Since I not only feel passionate about this topic and do think everyone in the world plays a part, I want to continue to share easy ways to consume less plastic in your own life. I am not perfect, obviously, and still have a few ways I could be better – which I’m working on and I’d love to hear any ways that you consume less single-use plastic in your own life! To start the conversation, here are 10 easy sustainable swaps to consider.

Oh and by the way, since I made this graphic, I also started seeing how COVID [face masks, cleaning products, etc] are putting even more pressure on the world’s plastic problem. To help, use a reusable mask of your liking, invest in reusable paper towels for cleaning, and continue to try to support small local farms and eateries as much as possible – especially ones with a sustainable mission. To shop the items in the graphic above, simply click on the product and it’ll take you to the product page!

Let me know any other ideas you have for sustainable swaps or using less plastic in general. I’d love to be even better! xo.


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  1. Tuyen Kamo wrote:

    Hi Haley!

    I keep hearing about the Diva Cup but wanted to know… is it pretty messy? Do your hands get pretty dirty taking it out? I hear so many things about how toxic tampons are, but I get heavy periods and pads alone just aren’t cutting it.

    Published 6.18.20 · Reply
    • Kate wrote:

      I’ve been using a diva cup for about 5 years. They’re messy. There’s absolutely no getting around it and they take a little getting used to, inserting specifically. However, they’re incredible. I first switched because I was going to be backpacking for a month in Asia and thought it would be easier to travel with that an a box of tampons. And it really was. You get used to the messiness. Just wash your hands after like you would anyway.

      Published 6.30.20 ·
  2. Andrea wrote:

    I love your posts on sustainable options. I’ve been incorporating more over the past few years. I use parchment paper all the time so I definitely will be purchasing some silicone baking mats!

    Published 6.18.20 · Reply
  3. Lindsey wrote:

    Thanks so much for this list! On theme with the reusable paper towels, we started using real napkins rather than paper napkins to cut back on our waste!

    Published 6.19.20 · Reply