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Hi ladies! This trapeze tunic is so precious and comes in multiple colors! I wore it one day a couple weeks ago when it was really hot. It was the perfect choice, plus I love the lace detail! Don’t miss your chance to get my favorite white skinny jeans for 30% off! They’re a good thick material, but not too thick. But I feel “safe” in them, if you know what I mean. With white jeans, you don’t want them to feel thin because then you wonder if they’re see-through! Whoa. No one wants that! 

My work conference starts today! I’m so excited to see all of my blogging friends and learn about how to make this little creative space just a little bit better for y’all! Any suggestions of what you’d like to see in this next year on S&T? I’d love to read your comments and constructive feedback below! Have a great day, ladies! Thanks for stopping by! xo. 

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UPDATE || I have been a busy little bee this morning, shooting looks for the blog and such, and I just checked my email and found out about the Tory Burch Sale! Use code SPRING at checkout to save up to 30% off! The more you buy, the more you save! There are exclusions so be sure to check those out on the website 😉 Check out my faves in the widget below!

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With love & sequins,


“There’s not enough room in your mind for worry and faith. You have to choose which one will live there.”

PHOTO CREDIT | Miguel Emmanuelli Photography



  1. Natasha wrote:

    Super cute! Do you crop your white jeans or do they come like that?

    Published 4.29.15 · Reply
  2. xoxo, K wrote:

    This is my fave Free People piece ever. I own probably 6 different colorways. I actually own this same one and wore it yesterday. It bummed me out when a lot of my clients asked me where I got it and I had to tell them that that particular colorway was no longer available. I understand their love of those polka dots. So sweet.

    Published 4.27.15 · Reply
  3. Wishes & Reality wrote:

    How amazing is this tunic?! You look gorgeous! Have a great time – can't wait to see the pics:)

    Wishes & Reality

    Published 4.24.15 · Reply
  4. Diana wrote:

    Love your top! Lovely outfit.

    || D I A N A ||

    Published 4.23.15 · Reply
  5. Lindsey wrote:

    Cauuuuute outfit! I hope you have a great time. I can't wait to see all of your pics on instagram!

    Stay Styled,

    Instagram: stay_styled

    Published 4.23.15 · Reply
  6. LIVforstyle wrote:

    Love the fit and style of that tunic. You look great!


    Published 4.23.15 · Reply
  7. Annlouise Lindberg wrote:

    Such a pretty tunic, love the color! It fits you perfectly!

    Published 4.23.15 · Reply
  8. Ellen Borza wrote:

    Ahhh! The price on those jeans is amazing! So tempting. Enjoy the conference!

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

    Published 4.23.15 · Reply
  9. Makeda Farrell wrote:

    I love those shoes! I've noticed that those are your favorites right now.

    Published 4.23.15 · Reply
  10. Paola wrote:
    Published 4.23.15 · Reply
  11. Natali wrote:

    What a beautiful piece is this tunic!? You look fantastic in this casual outfit!

    Published 4.23.15 · Reply
  12. sugarfoxy wrote:

    The dress looks perfect on you! I love the outfit!

    Aneliya ||

    Published 4.23.15 · Reply
  13. bree west wrote:

    Love this look! I imagine that tunic will be perfect as it continues to warm up over the next few months!

    xo Bree

    Published 4.23.15 · Reply
  14. Nina Lacher wrote:

    What a fun little tunic! Can't wait to see pics from RSCon!


    Published 4.23.15 · Reply
  15. Susie W. wrote:

    I love how you styled this dress, I don;t think I would have thought to wear it that way but it looks great!


    Published 4.23.15 · Reply
  16. studentsandstyle wrote:

    White jeans are such an essential item for me, I like how you paired yours here 🙂


    Published 4.23.15 · Reply
  17. Adrienne Scott-Trask wrote:

    Love this!!
    Such a great little boho feel to it!
    I am super in love with those shoes too! 🙂
    -Adrienne. xo

    Citizen of the World
    Citizen of the World

    Check out my new online boutique!!
    Wanderlust Boutique

    Published 4.23.15 · Reply
  18. Katy Amezcua wrote:

    Gorgeous! Absolutely love that tunic! 🙂

    xo, Katy

    Published 4.23.15 · Reply
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