What’s New For Me In 2023

Hi friend! I’m so excited to finally share this post with you. Let’s get into it …

I’ve been sharing myself online since 2011. Back then, it was really scary to share my love for getting dressed and the frivolous things that bring me joy with strangers for everyone I had ever known to see first. The influencer industry did not exist back then. There were a few bloggers but it was mostly a few gals, like myself, who just used Instagram to share their daily outfits and their most recent arm party. What it has turned into has been the most pleasant surprise. I never expected that it would lead to me being able to work for myself, travel the world, and ultimately follow this crazy dream of mine to live abroad just outside of London, my favorite place in the whole world. It’s been a whirlwind to say the least but an incredible one at that.

Life is interesting, though. Sometimes, you set out to achieve a dream … and through all of the hard work and the challenges to get there, you persevere and you make it happen! You do actually achieve it but then, much to your surprise, the reality of that dream is absolutely nothing like the idea you [inadvertently] dreamt up in your mind.

That has been what living in the UK has been like since 2020.

Now, let me be clear … that is not to say I regret it. And, that’s certainly not to say I hate it here. 

I don’t know how else to explain this but, energetically, I have felt so different since arriving. And not that I’m not myself here … Well, I do believe I show up differently but I have found a really interesting [potential] explanation for that — but that’ll be for another time … I just feel as though, through external circumstances, I have found difficulty in navigating the changes of day to day life and, thus, finding myself at home here. Additionally, I feel like things are shifting. I have found it difficult to maintain my personal level of interest and involvement in what I’ve built here on this platform [almost exactly ten years ago]. I really hate to say that but it’s true. Things have slowed down and I’m sad about that but I also find myself not really wanting my livelihood to be dependent on me showing up on Instagram and, candidly, promoting consumerism to the degree that I would need to in order to make up for the losses of partnerships. Ha, getting really candid here …

Anyway, it’s just really shaken & disoriented me. This all started as a passion project. It’s always been so fun and something that I dearly love. So, this realization has caused me to grieve quite a bit. It’s caused me to grieve the fact that the foundation of this beautiful thing I’ve built is starting to shift. Shifts in the foundation don’t always make things crumble but it makes it so that it can’t stand as structurally sound as it once did and that’s been hard to come to realize.

 I’ve also been going through lots of internal shifts myself – personally & spiritually – and I think there’s a part of me that knows I’m changing. And, with those changes, there comes the possibility / probability of this space needing to change, as well. Maybe not completely [at this point in time, I can never see myself leaving this behind completely] but to some degree to where it feels more aligned with me energetically.

In the midst of this confusing season, I have felt a huge need to understand where this energy I’ve been feeling is coming from. Like, what is causing this? I have to make sense of it. None of it happened overnight but, it’s almost as if I’ve been given crumbs to follow and, eventually, I found astrology to be the most logical explanation.

Ha, I held my breath as I typed that.

It feels uncomfortable sharing that openly being that it’s not a widely understood or embraced system. It’s the same feeling I had when I first started sharing my outfits on social media.

“What are people going to think?”

“Gosh. People are probably going to think I’m weird.”

“Why can I ‘feel led’ to do things that everyone thinks is cool or is widely accepted?”

“Why do I always have to do something that feels exciting and interesting to me but weird to everyone else?”

Of course, what I do for a living now is seen as ‘acceptable’ and has proven to be a legitimate and successful career path [maybe not be everyone but many], so I can’t deny that there’s a part of me that is frustrated with this new passion. It’s easier to do the thing that is going to make me look ‘cool’ or at least the acceptable in most peoples’ minds. But … is that my ego leading me or is that my soul?

Side Note: I also want to acknowledge that maybe you don’t see it as weird at all so maybe this is just me getting in my own way. Who knows. I’m not afraid to admit that I still have some healing to do around my self-esteem and needing to release this idea that I ‘need’ to be liked. Again, wow. Getting really candid … back to what I was saying …

I think our souls lead us down scary paths on purpose. We’re meant to grow. We’re meant to evolve. And we can’t do that unless we’re up against something. So, even though this feels scary, I’m not going to deny myself and my soul the opportunity to grow and also, potentially, help others.

While it might be deemed unconventional, the astrological readings I’ve had haven’t been ‘dark’ or rooted in any sort of ‘evil’. I’ve personally never subscribed to that idea, even when I was going to church every Sunday. But, I think, growing up, I did pick up the idea that liking astrology too much was ‘bad’. But, for me, in my experience, it’s actually given me a lot of peace, understanding and hope … and nothing about it is dark.

So, with that said … the news is …

I am going back to school to learn astrology on a deeper level.

I start the week of the 23rd and I cannot wait! I’ve already taught myself quite a bit but I’m terrible at creating structure for myself so, I felt like this was going to be what makes the most sense for me to learn it. What comes after I learn it? Who knows! For now, I have the desire to learn it and potentially offer services in the future but, I think the program will really tell me if this is an interest that I want to learn just for myself or if I want to do something more with it. So, we shall see!

This season has truly taught me so much. In March, I’ll celebrate [yes, celebrate … despite what I just shared ha … I am really proud of myself for persevering] the three year anniversary of my move and I’m happy to say that I’m finally starting to feel this sense of hope about my future here … despite all of the confusion, sadness and frustration I’ve experienced. The puzzle pieces are finally starting to fit together and I believe I have the space this season has created for me to thank for that. It’s never in the busiest seasons of life that you get your best ideas or your most transformational insights … it’s in those slower moments, those quieter, and sometimes, sadder seasons.

As difficult as the past three years have been, I’m finally settling into the understanding that this has all been for my greater good. While I don’t know what the future holds, I am confident that it’s in these seasons when you shed the layers of yourself that no longer serve you. They challenge you to level up and / or bring you closer to your purpose in this life. I think we all know when we’re outgrowing a season of life we were once in and I think this is just that.

Thank you for taking the time to spend part of your weekend with me and allowing me to share myself with you. I don’t really know how much my interest in astrology is going to be a part of this platform. I realize it might not be for everyone so I’ve thought about maybe opening a new account so that those who are interested can follow along there. What do you think? Leave me a comment below. I’ll be responding to them throughout the day!

To end, I just want to say that … I hope that, if you’re in a similar season where things just feel really confusing, you never deny those small whispers you hear and wonder where they are coming from. I hope you never doubt the synchronicities that present themselves day to day or week to week. That’s how you’re being led. From God. From the Universe. Whatever it is that feels right for you to call it. [And, side note: this isn’t the place to debate over what is ‘right’. That’s an individual choice. I want to make that clear. I respect where everyone who is reading this is coming from. It’s not wrong for you to have your own beliefs but I do feel we need to respect that we all might not agree with what is ‘right’ and a level of respect needs to be maintained here.] We are absolutely being led, by our souls, and by something greater. It’ll likely feel scary to do what we are meant to do in this life. It’s a pre-requisite for growth and transformation in the absolute best way. So, don’t settle for easy lives. We’re meant to be challenged. Diamonds are made under pressure.

Love y’all! Let’s have a chat in the comments … see you there! xo.




  1. Susanna wrote:

    Quite literally the biggest build up for the most ridiculous announcement. But good luck on your astrological journey.

    Published 1.15.23 · Reply
    • AlysonHaley wrote:

      I read this quote one time that reads: “If you can’t be kind, be quiet.”

      Published 1.15.23 ·
    • Kim wrote:

      Good luck on your kindness journey.

      Published 1.15.23 ·
    • Brittany wrote:

      I can never fathom someone going out of their way to be negative towards someone else – even when “hurt people, hurt people.” It never is clear to me. When I’m hurt, I don’t hurt others.
      This is such an amazing challenge for yourself! The courage it takes to feel confident in your choice, knowing that others will project their fears onto you, is such a superpower! Proud of you girl!! This is such an exciting spiritual journey you are about to embark on! Good luck🤍

      Published 1.19.23 ·
  2. Christina Hubbard wrote:

    Really happy for you Hayley. Life is so short and you must do things that your heart calls you to do “full stop” (lol) I remember having a life shift at one time and realizing I was agnostic …and just really started thinking about the universe etc…. Anyway won’t bore you with that. I just think it’s so great that you’re doing what you feel led to do. Xx good luck ! Maybe I’ll get a reading from you one day !!!

    Published 1.15.23 · Reply
    • Christina Hubbard wrote:

      Also, I’m sorry I spelled your name wrong !!!! Haley*****

      Published 1.15.23 ·
  3. Samantha wrote:

    Haley!!! I love this for you!! So excited to see where this journey takes you! So proud of you! I’ll be the first to get a reading from you! Best of luck! Thanks for being honest as always! Xoxo

    Published 1.15.23 · Reply
  4. Paige wrote:

    Life is too short to not take chances. I’m so happy for you that you are following your heart and mind… only good things will come from that! Cheers to taking risks and being your most authentic self!

    Published 1.15.23 · Reply
  5. Caroline wrote:

    Thank you for sharing your story! As someone approaching 30 and questioning their career for many different reasons, it’s so freshening to see someone who shows that growing and evolving is good and you’re never stuck or tied down to what you think you “have” to do. I would love to follow along on this journey and potentially learn alongside you 🤍🤍🤍

    Published 1.15.23 · Reply
  6. Lisa wrote:

    I love how candid and honest you are – and truthfully, this post really hit home as I am struggling with “what’s next” for me career wise. You reminded me not to ignore those “small whispers.” Very excited for you and your new journey and to see you follow a passion!

    Published 1.15.23 · Reply
  7. Sue Beaudette wrote:

    This s exciting news! I have been experiencing a tough season on my life since I moved from MI to AZ nearly 8 years ago. Many stressful events have happened to me & my family during these years. I turned to astrology a few years ago hoping it would give me some sense of direction & hope. I get it! I would love to see this on your platform!

    Published 1.15.23 · Reply
  8. Kelly Heard wrote:

    Good for you to follow your dreams and passions that make you feel good. I would love to know more about this. Too be honest I didn’t even know they had a school for this. Just curious what are your plans after school? One on one sessions? Good luck and can’t wait to follow along.

    Published 1.15.23 · Reply
  9. Samantha wrote:

    I love this!! So happy you found something to be passionate about. I’m so ready to hear about it all, I love all of it!

    Published 1.15.23 · Reply
  10. Lauren J wrote:

    Love this!
    I also have an interest in astrology and am excited to hear your updates!

    Published 1.15.23 · Reply
  11. Ana wrote:

    So excited for this journey for you! I can’t wait to see where this leads you. Thanks for letting us follow along on your journey. Love your little family

    Published 1.15.23 · Reply
  12. Amy wrote:

    Hello Lovely, Congratulations! This is such exciting news. I appreciate everything you’ve shared, I relate so much to your story, my husband and I have been in the UK for two years now and I was actually sent back to AUS for 7 months (without my husband) due to visa issues. It’s been a rough two years but I’ve grown spiritually so so much because of it and I genuinely appreciate all the chaos that was the last two years! It’s taken a long time to say that and actually mean it. I have a super keen interest in tarot cards (and most spiritual divination tools and practices) and I have not even mentioned it to my friends because I’m afraid of what they’ll think. Anyways, we just moved (to Windsor actually) and I’m legally allowed to work now so things are looking up! I wish you all the best with your new venture and I’d love to follow along your journey if you decide to create a platform to share. Xx

    Published 1.15.23 · Reply
  13. Brenda wrote:

    Congratulations! I’m so happy for you! It’s tough to make a change but you will never know unless you try. I’ve been following you for years and always enjoyed your honesty.
    I’ll continue to follow you and yes if you have a astrology account I’ll follow that too. Good Luck!❤️

    Published 1.15.23 · Reply
  14. Stephanie wrote:

    Haley, this is exciting!!! I hope you bring your knowledge and learning of astrology to IG. I love learning about astrology, it’s fascinating. I hope this will give you a sense of purpose. Change can be tough especially the big changes you had in your life in the past 3 years. All the best. Xoxo

    Published 1.15.23 · Reply
  15. Hillary wrote:

    Yes! It seems like your spirit and intuition are guiding you toward your purpose. Go for it girl!

    Published 1.15.23 · Reply
  16. Liz wrote:

    So excited for your next chapter.💕 Thank you for always being open and honest.

    Published 1.15.23 · Reply
  17. Heather wrote:

    Live this Haley! I’m super into astrology so I’m excited to keep following you on this next adventure. Way to listen to your heart. You’ve got this!

    Published 1.15.23 · Reply
  18. Caitlin wrote:

    Thank you for your vulnerability in sharing your journey with us! Excited to see where this leads you and thank you for reminding us to follow our intuition even when it looks messy or illogical.

    Published 1.15.23 · Reply
  19. Katelyn wrote:

    I can totally relate to all of this! You are not alone sister. I moved to the UK almost 2 years ago and when I did I left my dancing career behind and began a new one as a primary school teacher (talk about all the big changes at once!) but honestly I believe we have so many seasons in life and each season has special people, goals, intentions, purposes etc. you will be amazing! Just trust the journey!

    Published 1.15.23 · Reply
  20. Haley wrote:

    Haley, as a long time reader I just want to say that I’m so proud of you. I have sensed a shift in you since your move (just noticing you might have felt slightly off/not your best) and I can’t express how happy I am that you are pursuing something your heart is pulling you towards. I truly wish the best for you in this new chapter and can’t wait to cheer you on along the way. I don’t have a particular interest in astrology but I will absolutely support you as you follow your heart. All the love to you xoxo

    Published 1.15.23 · Reply
  21. Kallarin wrote:

    Congratulations! So excited for you. Astrology is an area that I would love to learn more about and would enjoy any content that you decide to share about the subject. So inspiring to see you take a chance on something and to be so open about it. Wishing you all the best!

    Published 1.15.23 · Reply
  22. Laura wrote:

    So happy for you! Would love to know more about school/this journey on your platform. As you are evolving so can this account 🙂 you don’t owe anyone an explanation and love seeing you passionate about something again! Congrats!

    Published 1.15.23 · Reply
  23. Kathy wrote:

    I think it’s wonderful and I hope do you include it in your blogs.
    I hope it gives you balance and comfort in your life. You’re young and trying new things certainly won’t hurt. It can only open new doors.
    I wish you all good things❤️

    Published 1.15.23 · Reply
  24. Tina wrote:

    Good luck Haley!
    But why is it so much harder to make a living off “social media” in the uk?

    Published 1.15.23 · Reply
    • AlysonHaley wrote:

      Hi Tina! Thanks! I think it has to do with a few factors – most of my audience is in the US but, since I live in the UK, US brands would rather work with someone who lives in the US [regardless of how many US followers I have]. I am limited on the retailers I can shop at that would align with my US audience – even though I’m happy to share new ones … a lot of followers are sometimes hesitant to pay for shipping or shop somewhere they’re not familiar with. I also, like I said above, just think my passion for it isn’t what it used to be. I don’t fully align with how social media has changed and what is required / needed in order to be seen and grow. I will say, it’s possible to do well as an influencer here … I think this is just part of my journey. Maybe what I’ve done just isn’t what I’m meant to do here .. at least not full time xx

      Published 1.15.23 ·
  25. Claire wrote:

    You weren’t wrong when you said it’s nothing like your platform!! But I’m so happy for you. If you’ve found something that you’re passionate about and fills you with interest then that’s great! It’s not something I know anything about but certainly don’t think you weird for wanting to pursue it. I’m interested to learn more about it via your page or any other you set up. Good luck in your new venture! Xx

    Published 1.15.23 · Reply
  26. Caitlin (McClurg) Mucha wrote:

    I can completely understand how you have grown and changed since 2011!! Good for you for being adventurous and strong enough to start something new and leave something behind that doesn’t serve you anymore. Please continue to share about what you learn :). Xoxo

    Published 1.15.23 · Reply
  27. Sami wrote:

    Just listened to a podcast today on vulnerably and how it will always connect you to the right people. I love this, I’m so happy for you! I hope you share your journey because im HERE for it. Also I don’t know why I didn’t get the newsletter I’ve been subscribed for years!

    Published 1.15.23 · Reply
  28. Cindy Garcia wrote:

    Your Inspiring and talented! I love your family and your creativity. I wish you all the best and success in all you do, I would love to subscribe to your new indeavor, and look forward to watching you grow

    Published 1.15.23 · Reply
  29. Sarah wrote:

    Haley! You’re so brave, amazing, and inspiring!!!! Can’t wait to hear how the program goes!

    Published 1.15.23 · Reply
  30. Tara wrote:

    I’ve loved following you and feel sad you could ever feel… bummed out. But to be honest – astrology is fascinating, mysterious and confusing so I HOPE you take us on the journey the with you! Please! But either way, find your happiness! Xo

    Published 1.15.23 · Reply
  31. Lauren wrote:

    Congratulations as you follow this new path. This will be an awesome new endeavor to learn about yourself and your passion! Good luck!! Will definitely follow if you start a new page devoted to your astrology learning!!

    Published 1.15.23 · Reply
  32. Kales wrote:

    I’m so into this new journey for you! Can’t wait to see how it evolves! Rooting for you!

    Published 1.15.23 · Reply
  33. Maren wrote:

    Proud of you! This completely resonated with me. I’m feeling a shift too and don’t know what to do
    with it yet…
    Can’t wait to watch your story continue to unfold♥️

    Published 1.16.23 · Reply
  34. Aubrey Bodt wrote:

    I’m so proud of you for letting your intuition not only speak to you, but also listening to it! Countless times, I’ve pondered a career change but with various reasons not to – “I’ll revisit that idea when my loans are paid off (2 more years!),” or “How would THAT be profitable?” I hope your training not only affirms your heart’s decision but also feeds your soul. Best of luck!!!

    Published 1.16.23 · Reply
  35. Kerly C wrote:

    Im so so happy for you and I wish you the best with this new adventure, because even though it’s a change, challenging yourself and just letting yourself do what comes from your heart can be a whole ride!

    Published 1.16.23 · Reply
  36. Megan wrote:

    LOVE IT!!
    You may feel “astrology” leads you into the world and teachings of spiritual awakening (which it seems like what’s already happening) happened to me in my 30’s- the universe has so much to teach us if we pay attention 💫✨💫
    Enjoy the journey! Hope we can watch❤️

    Published 1.16.23 · Reply
  37. heather crabill wrote:

    Dear Alyson, I wish you the very best as you continue your spiritual journey! I’m sending loving thoughts AND prayers your way. I hope you continue to share with your readers in such a beautiful, open and honest way. xxxHeather

    Published 1.17.23 · Reply
  38. Lauren wrote:

    You have to take the grit in order to form a pearl. I am so delighted and excited for this new path of yours and I resonated so much. I think this was a God wink for me too. I love astrology and definitely will be following along as I have for years. Wishing all the best blessings and beautiful bliss for you and your family. Thanks for being so candid.
    Also I’m not sure why I am saying this but I feel like this could lead you down so many wonderful paths too that help others, from holistic like midwife or therapeutic and just infinite goodness. I have always wanted to do my chart as I have always heard so many amazing things and I believe great things await you. It takes courage and strength to follow your heart and though it’s pompous to say and we are strangers I’m proud of you and happy for you. Leading as a great role model for Louie and those who follow you too. Anyways I have the gift of gab so I’ll put a pin in it. Hope John, Louie, Fish, Chips and you are well. ~ L

    Published 1.18.23 · Reply
  39. Karla wrote:

    It makes me so sad that you’ve been bummed. You’re so wonderful. I thought I noticed a shift but covid really hit everyone’s life – I thought that’s what was happening (lack of travel/company of others/worries about health.)
    I loved following you because we shared our same beliefs and it makes me so so sad you’re straying from that. Hope you come back.

    Published 1.18.23 · Reply
    • AlysonHaley wrote:

      Aw, well, we’re all allowed to explore different spiritual paths and still like each other. I’m not going to see someone I follow is now a Buddhist or a psychic medium and unfollow them if they seem like a genuinely kind human. Astrology isn’t a belief system. It’s a tool that helps make sense of energy and sheds light on our potential. It affords us more self-awareness and compassion. It’s really quite interesting and I’ve loved seeing that it’s not evil or dark the way it is painted out to be. So, there’s no need to be sad for me. I’m following my unique path and making choices that feel right for me and I actually think God is a huge part of that 🙂

      Published 1.27.23 ·
  40. Parker Capps wrote:

    Yay! I can’t wait to follow along!!!

    Published 1.19.23 · Reply
  41. Chelsie wrote:

    Astrology! 💞 can’t wait to see where this takes you and hope to learn more from you in the future! This is so fun!

    Published 1.23.23 · Reply
  42. Linda Benton wrote:

    Stumbled upon your post as I was looking for packing tips for trip to South of France and Provence……I know it was scary to expose your true self, full of doubt and searching, but honestly, this is so engaging and if some people think it’s weird, well, then – THEY are not your tribe. I am probably NOT going to be a astrology “groupie” but I think what’s important here is that you are EXPLORING! I’m old in age (65), but young in spirit. Like you I am trying to reinvent myself now that my husband has retired….so what does life look like for me on the downhill slide? Talk about terrifying! Like you, I have wanted to do something very “out there” for several years, but I can’ wrap my heart around how it would work. You are inspiration for me to at least EXPLORE this idea. Kudos, girlie! Go for it and I will, too. P.S.– I’m a Gemini (married to a Gemini!)

    Published 2.2.23 · Reply
  43. Phoebe wrote:

    To go from nurse, to blogger to astrologer? You are definitely trending in the wrong direction. And I don’t mean to say that in a cruel way. It’s just my honest observation.

    Published 3.21.23 · Reply
    • AlysonHaley wrote:

      hmm, you didn’t ‘mean’ for it to be cruel? that’s a lie lol. you pressed publish on a comment that IS, in and of itself, rude to say to someone you don’t know. you’re obviously welcome to think what you like but there’s nothing ‘wrong’ about being interested in something that you have found to be helpful to you.

      Published 3.21.23 ·