15 Lovely Things On My Radar For Valentine’s Day

Hello, loves! Did February sneak up on anyone else? With January coming to a close, the holiday of love is all the sudden right around the corner, and I certainly have my eye on a few things. Today, I’m sharing 15 lovely things on my radar for Valentine’s Day.

No matter how you plan to celebrate this year, I hope this post helps inspire your gift giving, whether it be for yourself or a loved one. Either way, a little Valentine’s Day browsing always helps to get me in the spirit. Let’s jump in!

15 Lovely Things On My Radar For Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day Cozies

Would you rather stay in or go out on Valentine’s Day? Personally, I land somewhere in the middle. Dressing up and hitting the town is always a good time, but staying in and feeling cozy never disappoints!

No matter how you plan to celebrate this year, these heart patterned pajamas are too cute to pass up. And who can say no to a cozy sweatshirt to wear on repeat? This sweatshirt would make a great gift for your girlfriends, too.

If you do plan on braving the crowds and the (potentially) cold weather, check out my previous post on winter wardrobe essentials to keep you warm!

Valentine’s Day Beauty

I’ll take any excuse to grab some of beauty items that I’ve had my eye on. Thanks, Valentine’s Day!

One of my favorite perfumes certainly fits the Valentine’s Day aesthetic, but more importantly, the fragrance is to die for. And while my favorite lip glow balm comes in a pink, it also comes in other colors. This lip balm continues to be one of my go-to favorites. It’s easy to wear and super hydrating.

Lastly, whether you want to upgrade your current sleep mask or try one for the first time, this silk sleep mask comes in a delicate pink. It is super luxurious for a good night of sleep!

Valentine’s Day Home

Don’t underestimate the power of a heart-shaped waffle maker! We have one tucked away in our kitchen, and it’s always the perfect touch for a sweet Valentine’s Day breakfast at home. As an added bonus, it’s fun for kids!

How sweet is this Le Creuset heart knob? Not only is this knob a great way to simply elevate your cookware, but it would make a great gift for anyone who loves to cook, too.

If you’re staying in, this home spray is a simple way to have your home smelling fresh like clean laundry, without having to actually do the chore!

Valentine’s Day Fashion and Accessories

If you and your partner are headed out for the evening to celebrate, this wine colored dress would be stunning for your date night. This red dress is another great option too, for plans that aren’t quite as dressy!

If you have the beach on your mind like I do, I have my eye on this Valentine’s Day-inspired beach dress. You could say that I’m certainly looking forward to warmer temperatures…

For jewelry picks, these gold hoops continue to be a staple for me. They go with just about everything, and they’re easy to pair with my other gold jewelry. This heart necklace is not only on theme for Valentine’s Day, but also so stunning! This brand has some of the best jewelry pieces.

And for the cherry on top, you can’t go wrong with the best chocolates. I mean, who doesn’t like chocolate, right?

That about does it for this Valentine’s Day-inspired roundup! My hope is that this post inspires your Valentine’s Day shopping this year, no matter if you’re shopping for yourself, your partner, friends, or all of the above.

How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day this year? Let me know in the comments below! xo.

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