Colorful Coffee Table Books That Inspire

colorful coffee table books, home decor, glam decor
image cred: The Pink Dream

Calling all color lovers! This post is for you! Today’s blog post is all about stunning coffee table books. I cannot emphasize enough how easy it is to decorate your home for Spring and Summer with gorgeous, colorful coffee table books. It is reasonably inexpensive and brings so much joy to a space instantly! I rounded up my top choices below and must know in the comments which ones you chose to add to your collection!

Quite possible my favorite set is the Capri, Palm Beach & Ibiza books from Anthropologie. It takes being here no time at all to know how much I love to travel. It brings not only a flash of color to your coffee table but picking one up and skimming the pages is an instant inspiration to go out and see the world! The vibrancy, the texture, and how they nose dive into each individual culture. I could just go on, but you get the point! HA!

I had the ‘Peonies: Beautiful Varieties For Home And Garden’ book on my TV stand in Florida and let’s just say, it is even more gorgeous in person. It is huge and is so stunning stacked with a few other colorful options and a fresh vase of flowers. *chef’s kiss!

I have really been trying to broaden my interior design aesthetic since moving to the UK and moving in with John. So, when I found ‘Inventing Interiors’ I was instantly inspired by all of the modern glam meets earthy tones. It reminded me when done well, it doesn’t have to just be one style in a home! It can all coincide and this book is full of imagery that does just that and, honestly, it’s probably the most inspirational to me right now. After picking up an antique painting in Paris recently, I have come to realize that I want to incorporate more color into my home than I have recently. While I love keeping things light and neutral with my personal style, I think pops of color in a home bring a warmth and welcoming feel to it so I look forward to getting it reframed and hung up somewhere.

Well friends, are you feeling inspired?! Do you want to jet off to Capri, or run to Trader Joe’s for fresh flowers?! How about completely redecorate your whole home as I am always tempted to .. HA! Whatever it is, I hope you pick up one of these coffee table books and feel inspired to live a life that is full of color and beauty! Until next time! xo.