What To Pack For A Spring Trip To Europe

Hey there, friends! Based on my Instagram inbox, it is very clear that travel is back! Many of you have reached out telling me where you’re headed [lots of big cities in Europe!] followed by a request with how in the heck is best to pack for this time of year. It’s tricky, honestly, because in many places in the States, you’re already enjoying the warmth of 70 and 80 degree weather and it can feel disconcerting to make outfit decisions for yourself when that’s not what you’ll be experiencing on your trip. In most of Europe, you’ll experience temperatures that are much cooler but also vary tremendously week to week. Weather here is just a little more temperamental and, generally, this time of year, cooler. So, let me help you!

main tip

Layers are going to be the key for traveling in Europe in the Spring! Packing a combination of layers is really important – and that’s warm and cool weather layers depending on the high and low temperatures you’re seeing on your weather app prior to your tripI For the cooler weather layer options, keep them thin and made of good quality materials, if possible. So, you don’t typically need super thick chunky sweaters [unless you’re seeing low’s in the 30’s and highs in the low 50’s] but something more along the lines of this or this. And, you don’t need a down jacket [again, typically] but something more like this, this or this. Basically, you’ll want to give yourself options that you can layer on top of each other easily. You could layer this sweater underneath a utility jacket and throw a thin wrap coat [or a trench; other options herehere] over it if you’re going to be out all day and you have morning and evening low’s in the low 50’s but daytime high’s of low mid-60’s. You want things you can shed and throw back on, when needed. Let me share my overall roundup of great things to potentially pack and then I’ll share some thoughts on shoes and bags. At the end, I’ll provide a few outfit ideas based on temps!

Note that a lot of these items are really neutral or stay within a certain color scheme and it really just allows for things to be easily mixed and matched. I can’t recommend this enough. It’ll make getting dressed in the morning so easy, especially as the days go on!


Shoes are also hard to choose sometimes but I’d definitely say keep them closed-toe and comfortable. I also have to underline the importance of never packing shoes you haven’t already worn before. No new shoes! Otherwise you run the risk of getting blisters and making your trip less than enjoyable and it should be enjoyable! [PRO TIP: If you do get blisters, in London especially, pop into a pharmacy or a Boots and grab these. They’re incredible!] I’ll include a few pairs I’d recommend just off of personal experience: Adidas Classic Stan Smith, Sam Edelman Loraine Loafers, Reebok Classics. Many of you expressed being complexed on how to make white sneakers look cute and honestly … keep in mind that EVERYONE wears white sneakers here with wide leg pants, with skirts, with dresses, etc. It’s super trendy here so you won’t look weird, I promise!


There’s not much to say on this other than security is really important. I tend to recommend a crossbody with a zip-top because they’re, in my opinion, the easiest to get into and then secure when you’re finished. I also love that you can be hands-free and it’s reasonably lightweight. I do also recommend zip-top tote bags, especially if you know you’ll be shedding layers throughout the day and would like to have somewhere to store those. The downside to totes is that they can get heavy throughout the day and they bog you down a little more than crossbody’s in that they can drop off your shoulder or cause discomfort in your shoulder throughout the day. So, maybe pack a lightweight tote [which could helpful in bringing back things you’ve purchased on the way home] but also a crossbody so you have options.

outfit ideas

I’m going to pop some outfit ideas into the mix here. You will likely experience temp’s ranging between 30 and 70 on your trip. I realize that’s a wide range but, it’s what I’ve experienced since traveling here over the years and now living here. I’m going to share ten outfit ideas and I hope that they’ll help spark some outfit inspiration. Of course, only you know how your body temperature typically runs. I tend to be cold so I always pack warmer layers than maybe a friend who is always hot. [Also, it’s worth mentioning, the more you walk around, the warmer you’ll get over time. Promise.] So, yeah, these are just ideas. Alter them as you feel it may suit you and depending on the temperatures you’re seeing projected for your trip.

Also, definitely keep in mind that, in these graphics, I opted for one outerwear piece per outfit to keep them from becoming chaotic. However, you can easily layer a loose-fitting trench or lightweight wrap coat over utility jackets or a jean jacket if you think you may need an extra layer. Remember, layers are key because the temp’s can range so widely on some days. But it’ll also depend on how often you’re outside.

These are all shoppable – by the way, so click any product you’re wanting to shop!

Obsessed with this outfit. An easy one to throw on and look ultra chic and also really comfortable throughout the day. I’d recommend this for a nice dinner and then a show. You don’t have to get dressed up for any shows but, there are some restaurants where you do want to dress a little more ‘smart’ and this would be a great option. Also good for a colder day during your trip. Swap the sweater out for a nice button-up blouse if it’s warmer.

I’d recommend this as a daytime outfit where you’ll be on your feet a lot. Your feet will love that you chose these sneakers. They’re so comfortable! Also, I have this linen top and love it. I’m wearing it in the reel I shared on IG to promote this post.

I have this sweater and absolutely love it. Sadly, moths got to it so I need to purchase another but I wore it in Rome and you can see how I styled it in this post. I thought it’d be cute with this pink lightweight puffer jacket but I also would recommend considering this beige shacket with a tie waist. Also, be right back. I’m adding these loafers to my cart. Also, I chose this crossbody as an alternate option to consider if you’re a bit of a minimalist. Keep your phone and a credit card in there and you’re really set. You can use Apple Pay everywhere here so no need to carry a lot of cards and cash with you [unless you’re making big purchases and need to insert your card into the card machine].

Another great daytime outfit. Obviously you can add a layer on top of the jean jacket if needed. These culottes are my jam lately. Can’t get enough of them and this button-up is super cute and affordable.

I opted for quite a few casual but put together outfits because it’s always nice to be comfortable when you’re on the go for hours at a time. Always always opt to pack a plain white tee and thank me later! Everything is reasonably affordable, as well. The tote is a great option for work and travel. It’s durable and can easily provide you security by keeping it zipped.

I recently bought these jeans from the Shopbop sale and they are SO GOOD. Not a lot of people wear distressed denim here but, ya know what, if you feel comfortable and you like distressed denim, wear it! Maybe not out in the evening but during the day would be fine.

This outfit might be my favorite of them all. It’s obviously for a colder day and is a great option for a long day out and about, walking around the city. I love the sweater so much.

Blazers are a great option as an outerwear piece. They’re extremely popular over here, especially if they’re super oversized. I feel like it looks more polished than a jean jacket or utility jacket. It’d be my preferred outerwear pick for heading out to dinner.

I’ll be packing this top for my trip to stay in London for the Atlas Adventures trip. I don’t have a trench as I’m quite picky but this one looks so good!

Okay, so this is an option for a warmer day. We had a gorgeous weekend a few weeks ago where this would have been absolutely perfect. I absolutely love this dress – take a look at the detail at the top. I also love this oversized jean jacket so I thought I’d throw it in as another outerwear option.

Do you feel ready for your trip? Or does packing feel a bit less daunting now? I sure hope so, and even more so, I hope wherever you’re going, you have the best trip! Cheers to more travel this year! xo.




  1. Andrea Shelton wrote:

    Thanks for putting this together, love it & I’m ordering the Jcrew sweater & cashmere scarf through your links. I’m heading to Germany & prague late May and Rome early June…do you think this is the same type of climate for this packing list? Are shorts appropriate for Rome…or is a shorter skirt better? Thanks so much for this post!

    Published 4.30.22 · Reply
  2. Annaliese wrote:

    I’m headed to Ireland with my mom later this month and this was so helpful!! Some of these items are so similar to things that I was thinking about packing. 🙂

    xoxo A

    Published 5.2.22 · Reply