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Hi friends! I hope you have all had a good week and are looking forward to some fun activities this weekend! Congrats to anyone who may be graduating or has already graduated!! Such an exciting time! Today, I have another edition of the Friday Five! I’m reviewing five recent purchases, sharing five of the books on my summer reading list, five links I loved from this week, five things I’m currently really excited about ANDDDD … five weekend sales you should take advantage of!! Enjoy!! 🙂

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Dottie Chambray Romper from Anthropologie: I bought this at Anthropologie when they had a huge 25% off sale during Mother’s Day weekend. I definitely should have bought it online for their petite sizing because I got an XS and the arm holes are pretty large on me. So, just know … petite sizing is available. Aside from the large armholes [I just wear a tank top underneath it and call it a day!], it’s a really, really cute and comfortable romper to wear this summer! Recommend!


Rainbow-Print Tie-Back Dress by Mara Hoffman: I bought this dress at the end of March and wore it to the Blogging Workshop I helped host in April with Katey McFarlan, of Chronicles of Frivolity, and Ashley Robertson, of The Teacher Diva, so it’s not technically a a recent purchase but it’s currently 30% off so I wanted to share my review anyway. It runs true to size and hugs you all the right places. I personally love all the colors included in the print. I am petite, so I’d recommend wearing heels if you’re 5’3 or under! It’s a great dress for summer! See how I styled it HERE.


Sleeveless Knit Romper by Stem: I reviewed this romper in Tuesday blog post! It really is a great summer staple to throw on to go run errands, coffee with a friend or to a barbecue with family! Definitely consider buying it in one of the four or five colors it comes in! It’s only $58 but if you want something similar for a little cheaper, consider this one. See how I styled it in THIS post from earlier this week!


Cady Shorts by alice + olivia: These red and white stripe shorts caught my eye so fast! They’re a little pricey but sometimes I’m alright with a little splurge if I like it that much. These are high-waisted, well-made, and will be super fun to style throughout the summer. I think I’m comfortable saying they run true to size. I typically buy a 00 in bottoms, but that wasn’t an option so I bought a 0, and am getting them altered. If a 00 had been available, I think they would have been fine. So, buy your normal size! Let me know if you buy them and find that to not be true. Sometimes it’s hard for me to judge.


Long Jumpsuit by Splendid: So, I was recently asked to review some of my favorite loungewear options. I’m thinking about putting together a style board to share them, and maybe share it sometime over the weekend. How does that sound? But … I will say. THIS JUMPSUIT is my favorite thing right now! It is so soft and comfortable. I wear it around the house to clean and lounge and, obviously, sleep. Highly recommend! I bought it in an XS and it runs true to size. The straps are adjustable! I also love this chemise by Splendid! Also soft and runs true to size.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT! // I also reviewed 10 of the neutral shoes y’all see me wear pretty regularly, and some not so regularly {and why that is} on the blog yesterday! Be sure to check it out if you missed it!

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I’m trying to get back in to reading. I love to read, but I think I let busy-ness, travel and my to-do list get in the way over the past couple of months. I’m currently reading Miracles by Eric Metaxas, and I also started reading Carry On, Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton [read more about her in Links to Love]. But am looking forward to getting through the books below by the end of the summer, as well!

Click on the book you’re interested in to shop and find out more about the premise of what’s inside!

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On Wednesday of this upcoming week, I’m heading somewhere fun and BEAUTIFUL for 13 days with someone I don’t get to see very often! This trip has been a work in progress for awhile so, I’m REALLY excited to share where we’re going and introducing you to who is going with me! Be sure to follow me on Snapchat! {Username: alyson_haley}


On Tuesday, I’ll be filming my daily hair routine for the beauty post y’all requested to see this month! It got put on hold because my friend, Kaylee, who is helping me with it, got her wisdom teeth out then got dry sockets! Ouch! She’s starting to feel better, thankfully, so we’ll be putting that together for you and it’ll be up by the end of next week! 🙂 Be sure to leave your hair questions in the comments of this post and I’ll answer those in the post!


This weekend, I am catching up with my old roommate, Kim. I think we’re heading to this fun even that a neighboring beach town always throws called ‘Dancin’ in the Streets’. I think I’ve been out of the town for it the past couple of years so I’m excited to go! I’m also going to a wedding of some sweet friends on Sunday night! I worked all weekend last weekend so I’m excited to get out and get some friend time in this weekend. [Although I do need to do some CEU’s for my nursing license that needs to be renewed by the end of July! Hah, fun fun..]


I recently invested in some new photography equipment to use on my trip. Typically, I travel without a photographer and take photos with my DSLR. While I’m on this trip, I’ll be doing the same but, the lens I use for landscape and travel shots is pretty heavy, so I wanted to find a great, lightweight point and shoot camera, as well as a good underwater camera, to take on some of the excursions we’re going on. I know y’all love to see my style posts, and I love sharing those with you, as well, but … when I travel, it’s not all about getting dolled up and looking pretty. I like seeing the cities I’m visiting, experiencing the culture and taking the opportunity to go on tours and adventure, and really just do as much as possible, and then, eventually, share all of it with you. So, I wanted to find some great camera’s that will make it possible to capture quality content to share without making me dread bringing my camera with me 😉

HEAD’S UP: I also know that I’ve done some traveling in the last few months but haven’t shared much from those travels on the blog, like y’all have asked. I promise there is good reason for that and travel posts ARE coming. I’m in a big transition phase behind-the-scenes (in the business department of Sequins & Things) that I’ve been needing to focus on, which will eventually free me up to focus on writing these blog posts that take so much longer for me to put together than the style posts. So, I promise they’re coming and they’re going to be great. Just be patient with me. Then, eventually, once everyone is in their places and knows their S&T roles behind-the-scenes … I’ll have the time to put toward those posts right after I go on whatever trips I take. Make sense? 😉


The last thing that comes to mind is something I’m really excited about but can’t share yet. I know … you’re like, the why say anything. But I’m sitting here trying to think of one more thing and it’s the only thing that comes to mind. I can give you a hint: It will be a huge life change, at least temporarily. I wish I could say more but I am SO.EXCITED. about it and I can’t wait to share more soon!

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Baublebar >> up to 30% off site-wide with code STOCKUP30
I personally snagged thesethese, and these, plus this ring in lavender!

Select pieces of Bric’s luggage are currently 30% off, which is a REALLY good deal:

I have the pink 30-inch rolling trunk & the cream 21-inch rolling carry-on.

Neiman Marcus is currently offering 30% off select swimwear for women, and 25% off select sunglasses and beach towels!

SWIM: Some of my favorite brands like Mara Hoffman, Maaji, Camilla and kate spade new york are all included!

SUNGLASSES: Brands like Ray-Ban, Prada and Tory Burch are all included!

Waiting on Martha is offering 20% off their Be Our Guest Collection!
Enter code: BEOURGUEST at checkout

French Connection is offering 30% off entire site with code FC30MR + FREESHIPPING

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ONE LINK #1 >> People often ask if I miss nursing. The truth is, the thought rarely enters my mind unless I come across something that makes me laugh about the profession. The hospital is a stressful place to work but, when you look back, in hindsight, you can see so much hilarity in the chaos of it all, and that’s when I begin to get a little reminiscent of my time working in the hospital, taking care of people and I start to miss it, my patients and, especially my co-workers.

For anyone who has recently found my blog … I was a nurse for four years before I walked away to do blogging full-time.

A few days ago, I came across this video that made me laugh so hard because it really captured what it really is like working in a hospital, chaotic and stressful, and the essence of nurses everywhere … innovative, caring and a bit feisty with a fun sense of humor! The lady who played Mrs. Ungermeyer in the Lizzie McGuire Movie is the main lady if that encourages you at all, hah!

twoLINK #2 >> This next link won’t be as funny. It actually wasn’t something I ‘loved’ seeing … but, in the end, I’m happy I saw it because it shed light on how I could be of benefit to something that can’t help itself. So, obviously, I’m a dog lover. If you’ve followed me for awhile, you know I’m obsessed with my little dachshund, Fish. Well, my friend from college posted about how this dog wandered up on to her porch.

dog rescue, dogrescueCould you imagine?? Look how malnourished he is! The poor baby had clearly been abandoned and trying to fend for itself for quite some time. These photo’s broke my heart completely. Look at his eyes. He looks like such a sweet boy. I was happy to see that Swamp Haven Rescue were kind enough, despite not having a lot of funds, to take this baby in. They were able to get him treatment at Matanzas River Animal Hospital, and are currently taking donations to help them get this baby healthy again! I made a donation this morning and will likely make another one tomorrow after my paycheck comes through. If you are able and /or feel led, please consider doing the same. Every little bit helps! You can donate HERE or give them a call and donate over the phone to Matanzas River Animal Hospital by calling (904) 794-4002.


LINK #3 (see video) >> Any Parenthood fans out there? Me too. I was a late bloomer, though. I think I started watching right before the last season, and binge-watched it on Netflix over the course of, something obnoxious like a week and a half or two weeks. It is that good! Anyway, my roommate texted me this TV show trailer the other day because it had been posted on Parenthood’s Facebook page as a show that could give you all the feel’s, like Parenthood did. I scoffed a little at the thought, and then watched the trailer:

Anyone else crying?? I was crying on my couch. I cannot wait to watch it this Fall on NBC! xo.


LINK #4 >> Truth be told, I don’t follow many blogs. Before I had a blog, I barely knew what blogging was, let alone entailed. But, over time, I have come to know that there are bloggers that I do like to “catch up with” every now and then. One, in particular, is a woman warrior, mother of three and absolutely hilarious author who wants us all to know that we are messy and life is messy, but it’s okay … and we are going to get through it together. Her name is Glennon Doyle Melton, and her blog is called Momastery. I came across one of her blogs the other day about an experience she had with her daughter, Tish, and it’s about how we, as women, see other women {whether it’s on billboards, TV, magazine covers, etc} and we look at that, and the way these women are MADE to look, and think there is something wrong with US. Anyway, read the blog for the rest of what she has to say … it’s pretty amazing. I love how she gets down on her daughter’s level and isn’t afraid to have hard conversations, essentially fighting for her, so she understands her worth at such a young age. It’s so important. That’s the kind of mom I hope to be one day.

Glennon, like I said, is also an author and wrote a book I included in the Summer Reading List up there! I’ve owned it for awhile but I’m finally reading it and loving it so far! I can’t wait to power through it on the beach next week! More on that later … 😉

Here are a couple of my other favorite posts by her: here, here and, especially, here

FIVELINK #5 >> Any Star Wars fans out there? I wouldn’t say that I am, but I can definitely appreciate this lady for loving it. I saw this video on Facebook this morning and could not stop laughing. How amazing is she? Is she not hilarious? I love her, hah! May we all find this much joy over the simple, little things we find throughout our day and life …. amiright?? Hah, Happy Friday, friends! Thank you so much for stopping by! xo.




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    I’m thinking #5 in the excitement category has something to do with that precious hand hold moment during your travels?! Whatever it is, change is exciting and I can’t wait to see what fun things are on the horizon for you!

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    Looking forward to your hair routine! Have a great weekend!


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    I saw the trailer for This is Us last week and after I cried a bit (seriously), I thought this would help fill my Parenthood hole. I’m pretty sure I cried at some point during almost every episode of Parenthood.

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    These are my favorite posts of yours. Thank you for the time and effort you put into making this! It doesn’t go unnoticed. Have a wonderful weekend!

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  5. The ruffled bikini is so cute, just ordered it for next weekend’s getaway.
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    What a great post. I’m new to your blog and am loving it!! Yes please do the lounge wear post. It would be very helpful. Even what you would wear to make a quick starbucks run!! Thanks sister!! Excited for your new adventure.

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    As a mom of two adorable fur babies, I want to thank you for posting about Chance. It breaks my heart. I’ve already shared with a few people and made a donation.

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    Can’t wait to see where you’re off to! Traveling is so much fun :). Love seeing new places.

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