Dear Momma …

Dear Momma,
I took care of a woman today who survived what took you from me. Every patient I have come across this past week has, actually. What once was a unit only accepting post-op spinal fusions, spinal decompressions, ventriculoperitoneal shunt placements or removals, and craniotomies, now covers all facets of the neurosurgical field, including brain hemorrhages secondary to aneurysm rupture. This all came about after everything happened and left me shocked and wondering what God was up to. As her husband described the scariest day of their life, I was reminded of my own, except the end of mine was filled with sadness instead of the relief they were describing. With a lump in my throat, I smiled and was able to tell them how happy I was for them … that [the brain aneurysm ruptured but] a surgical intervention was an option and saved her life. You, on the other hand, didn’t even have time to know there was anything wrong. You “took a straight shot to heaven”, as my friend Meghan so perfectly put it on the day you died. I think that’s how you would have wanted it, so I thanked God for that. I’ve been able to do a lot of that through this grieving process, actually … especially in the immediate phase of your passing. 
  • You did not suffer. Thank you, God. No one wants to see their momma hurt.
  • Your cause of death was not a traffic accidentPeople say I’m strong, but I am certain I wouldn’t be very strong knowing your body was harmed in any way or the cause of your death was bodily harm. Thank you, God.
  • You are in HeavenYou minored in religion in college, but you were always so private about your faith to the point that I questioned where you went. God did not like how unsettled I was about this because, [your cousin] Misti uncovered a poem from an old newspaper clipping she found in a book of yours at Aunt Jan’s. When it was her time to speak on the day of your funeral, she read it aloud and handed it to me after the service. You had written “Jesus is my Savior” on it, in your perfect cursive handwriting, and I, again, cried and thanked God for that.
  • It was on a Saturday morning and no one else was hurt. Your aneurysm burst while you were driving on I-95N (our busiest highway) and could have easily involved other vehicles if it had happened during the week or a high traffic time. I know you’re probably laughing at me right now … that I’m thankful for this. I guess that’s why you said you thought I should go into nursing, because I’m “always thinking of others.” But, really, it could have been bad for more than just us. Thank you, God.
  • He made things clear that once were notRemember when I was home visiting from Colorado in June 2012 and I cried like a baby because I knew I needed to move back to Florida? You were so calm and patient as I boo-hoo’ed my way through explaining how scared I was to make that decision because  of who it affected, one of my best friends and favorite people, and the headache it would cause them. I continued on to explain how frustrated I was about it because all I wanted was to start a life somewhere else, but there had been so many doors slammed in my face, making it clear that that wasn’t where I was supposed to be. It’s crazy how He works. When you died, God reminded me that He loves me more than my desire to live anywhere else, enough to not answer my prayer, enough to not allow my life in Colorado to bloom. Instead He pulled on my heart so strong, and I came back to you. He knew that spending those last fifteen months under the same roof with you would mean more to me than starting over, that those memories would mean immeasurably more, and that this independent girl needed to forced back in after being “out of the house” for eight years. He goes before you, right? He knows what we don’t know, and calls us to walk obediently in the path that He has laid out. It was not easy. It wasn’t something I thought I wanted, but I’m so happy I didn’t resist. Hindsight is always 20/20. Fully surrendering to His call was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It means everything to me now that I had those nights on the couch, our day dates, our dance parties, to think back on. Thank you, God.
  • FSU won the National Championship this year. I know you had everything to do with this. Jesus must really love your cute and spunky self. You were so excited about how great they were doing and I remember thinking that, although I’m a Gator fan, how adorable you looked with your FSU t-shirt on that morning … when you came to my rescue one last time. I missed you rubbing it in my face every Saturday how great they were and your sweet dance moves all over the living room. I’m sure the dance parties are way better in Heaven, though. Thank you, God.
  • I was given time. I went back to work two weeks after everything happened. I wasn’t sure how many hours of paid time off I had left, but I was positive that I wasn’t ready to go back. It was too much to be fully invested in up to six patients’ plans of care for 13+ hours. I had gotten emails saying that paid time off was donated to me while I was  gone, but I wasn’t able to see how much. After two days on the floor, I asked my manager if she could look into it for me. She found me in the equipment room when she handed me a sticky note with 224.94 written on it. That’s hours. 224.94 hours. Divided by 12 hour per shift and then divided by three shifts a week equals … SIX WEEKS. I was gifted six weeks worth of time to work through the grief. I started crying uncontrollably. Thank you, God.
  • I got my Momma Bear hug. When I woke up that Saturday morning, you were still sleeping. I took Fish outside then laid him in your bed with you, like every other morning, then headed off to work. When I got a flat tire, I called Dad and asked for you and him to come help me because they needed me at work. When y’all got there, I gave you both big hugs and jetted off in your vehicle. Dad walked on to my unit to relay the news to me about five hours later. At the time, I didn’t know your cause of death. The only thing I knew was that you were in my car, it wrecked into the guardrail of the highway, and you were gone when the ambulance came. Even though the emergency personnel told Dad that it didn’t look like the accident was the cause of death, I immediately tortured myself thinking that if I hadn’t gotten a flat tire that you would still be alive, that you wouldn’t have been in my car in the first place. God revealed to me that that flat tire was actually a blessing in disguise. Usually, by the time I was leaving for work, you were pouring your cup of coffee, even on weekends, so this morning was different. If I hadn’t of had a flat tire, I wouldn’t have given you that one last hug and gained that one last vivid image of you. Thank you, God. 

Mom, when I think about all of these things I am at peace. I believe it’s tangible proof that God’s hand is always at work, He walks with us through pain, and He never leaves us or forsakes us. You get to hang out with Jesus and marvel at the beauty of Heaven, and that helps a little, too. But, it’s on days like today where I struggle, where the hurt is almost unbearable, where I question how I was able to get through work today without crying more than that one time. I want you here. I miss coming home to old movies on TCM. Yes. I said it. You would get so excited to tell me about them. And, speaking of movies, I can’t watch Bridesmaids or Hocus Pocus or Sister Act without crying because I miss hearing your laughter during your favorite scenes. Oh gosh, I don’t even want to think about what Father of the Bride will look like without you. Or Steel Magnolias. Oh, Shelby. And Ouiser. Our fave! How many times do you think we watched that movie together? I miss seeing how excited Fish would get in the morning to see his G-mom. He fawned over you and loved you so much. I miss you harassing me via text to pleeeeasssee stop and pick you up chocolate fro-yo without toppings (which I never understood, but anything for you). You always had a quiet eye on me, too, and I miss that. Like, finding that you put the colander in the sink for me when I go to drain my spaghetti noodles, because you know I can never remember which drawer you keep it in week after week. The thought of not having you here on my wedding day or the fact that I will never see your face light up over meeting your grand babies throws my emotions over the edge almost immediately. You couldn’t wait to witness all of those moments. I wish you were here to enjoy the beautiful view of the house that you and Dad were about to start seeking once the Diego Island property sold, a mere three weeks after everything happened. But I have to remember you are not hurting over any of these things … because you are not of this world anymore. You’re at rest.
It will be awhile before I know what God is up to and why I am called to take care of patients who have also experienced aneurysm rupture, but I trust Him. Even though my eyes well up with tears almost daily and I often find myself in our supply room at one point or another seeking out a box of tissues. [No one has seen me yet. I think I’m hiding it well.] But, maybe it will get easier. Maybe He will use me in some way. Whatever He needs me to do … I’ll do it. I’ll walk in faith, like I did before.
The girls at Zoe’s Kitchen are giving me insinuating looks, like they really want me out of here. So I think I need to wrap this up. I’ll end with how thankful I am that God made you mine. Thank you for all of the ways you have shaped me into the woman that I am and continue to become. I will always strive to make you proud. Miss you, my sweet momma. See you in my dreams.
Love always,
“How lucky I was to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”
Winnie The Pooh
“The Lord hears his people when they call to him for help.
He rescues them from all their troubles.
The Lord is close to the brokenhearted;
he rescues those whose spirits are crushed.”
Psalms 34:17-18



  1. Morgan T wrote:

    Alyson…I just found your blog through the SBS (I'm new member AND in Jacksonville). This post was so powerful & beautifully written. I lost my mother to breast cancer back in 2009 after an 8 year battle. As I wrote on my blog, Mother's Day is harder than any other day for me because everyone is celebrating something I lost. My heart bleeds for you and all the rest of us god-fearing, beautiful women who have lost their best friend too early. It's a bi-polar feeling asking why & then knowing that our lives are in Gods hands and everything happens for a reason. Thank you for being vulnerable enough to share your heart & let us in. I admire your bravery (and fashion sense) and hope our parths will cross at some point; maybe in July at the SBS Coffee Talk in Atl? Best Regards …
    "Those who live in the Lord never see each other for the last time!"
    Pampers & Pearls

    Published 5.23.14 · Reply
  2. Deanna Glazebrook wrote:

    Beautiful post!

    Because I'm Obsessed

    Published 5.15.14 · Reply
  3. Barbara wrote:

    I just came across your blog for the first time this week and read this post. Just felt compelled to comment – not only are you an exquisite writer, but what a graceful woman with an incredible faith it takes to write every word you just wrote. I just wanted you to know that after reading this, I feel inspired to strengthen my walk with Him and focus on the positive, thanking Him for all the little details of my life, just like you have done. XO, Barbara

    Published 5.14.14 · Reply
  4. Claire wrote:

    Well I'm crying as I read this. This is so kind and caring! You are a true inspiration, I love how often you speak about your faith. It is so encouraging and so needed in this day and age. Right will be wrong, and wrong will be right. It is clear now I feel more than ever, we are a dark and dying world. Full of sin and impurity, I respect and admire your willingness to serve God so openly. I follow your blog, and instagram and truly think so highly of you. I know God will use you in a mighty way, he already has. I know our God is great, and he most defiantly had a plan for your mom's life and yours. Your mom sounds like a wonderful person, and I'm truly sorry for your loss. However, 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 holds true 16 Always be joyful. 17 Never stop praying. 18 Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus. I know you don't know me, but being your sister in Christ I would help in anyway I could. If you ever need anything let me know and God bless.

    XO, Claire

    Published 5.12.14 · Reply
  5. AnnaLise Coble wrote:

    This is so beautiful.

    Published 5.12.14 · Reply
  6. Robin wrote:

    This is such a beautiful letter. I know I don't know you, but I have been following your blog and instagram for a long time and really look up to you as a blogger, in style, and how you live your life. I don't know if I could be as strong as you and see so much comfort in a hard situation. You are such an inspiration to more people than you know! I'll be thinking of you today <3

    Published 5.12.14 · Reply
  7. Huong wrote:

    Oh Haley! What a beautiful and sweet letter! I'm crying now. You're right. We may never know what God has in store for us, but we must trust in Him and ask for strength to get through the hardships of this temporary world. Go after your calling with your whole heart because you NEVER know how God can use you for His grand plan. What an honor to be called on by Him! Praying for continued strength, love! XO

    Published 5.12.14 · Reply
  8. Nicci wrote:

    What a beautiful letter to your mom, Haley. I cried while reading it. You are truly a remarkable person to find so many positives in such a big loss.

    Published 5.12.14 · Reply
  9. C Mae wrote:

    I took comfort in reading this today as it was beginning to feel like I was one of the few gals out there who didn't have a mom anymore to celebrate mothers day. My mom passed away when I was only 13 from Breast Cancer in 1995. You write eloquently and I am grateful not to be alone in such a loss as losing our mothers.

    Published 5.11.14 · Reply
  10. Kira wrote:

    This is such a beautiful heartfelt letter! Tears are running down my face as I read it. I love how you looked at all these things and turned them into sow thing positive. It sometimes helps us begin to heal when we look at things a different way. Your mom did an amazing job raising you. You have a heart of gold i guess that is why you became a nurse to help others. Thank you for sharing such a sweet letter!


    Published 5.11.14 · Reply
  11. The Mac Fam wrote:

    What a beautiful post. I lost my mom 10 years ago. Time doesn't heal but God does. This was my first mother's day without overwhelming grief. You are clearly being sustained by God and what a beautiful testimony of His faithfulness in all situations. Blessings, Rachel

    Published 5.11.14 · Reply
  12. Amber @ Fashion, Floss and Lip Gloss wrote:

    You amaze me so much with your loving heart, your writing style, your fashion sense – and most of all your faith. I am so sorry for your loss – and it just blows me away that through your pain you are able to direct your readers' focus on God's plans. I am in tears reading such a hearfelt letter. I cannot believe you are strong enough to continue to work in the hospital unit you are in. You are seriously just so brave and amazing.
    Thank you for just being you and allowing us all to see it.

    With love,
    Fashion, Floss and Lip Gloss

    Published 5.28.14 · Reply
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    Published 9.27.14 · Reply
  14. Holly Wagner wrote:

    I read this again and bawled my eyes out just like I did when you first posted it. I hadn’t been following long when it happened but my heart ached for you and I really felt a connection to you. I love your kindness, positive outlook on life, and faith in God. Keep up the amazing things that you are doing, Haley! I love following your blog and Instagram

    Published 4.11.18 · Reply
    • AlysonHaley wrote:

      Thanks so much, Holly! Really appreciate you following along! xo.

      Published 4.11.18 ·
  15. Lindsay wrote:

    You are a beautiful writer. This seriously brought tears to my eyes. I recently started following you and love how positive you are! I also love that we’re both 32, live in Florida and have an intense love for London. : )


    Published 5.9.18 · Reply