Good Friday

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Hello lovelies! Happy Good Friday! I absolutely love the Easter holiday. It’s the fulfillment of so many stories and prophecies in the Old Testament and, ultimately, the promise that God made to us … that Jesus would come, in flesh, and save us from ourselves. He would take our sin, pay our debt to God by enduring the full wrath of an almighty Sovereign God, and allow us to put on His righteousness. That floors me. Do you know what they did to Jesus, for us? Beat him. Whipped him. Mocked him. Spit on him. Hung him on a cross with huge nails driven into His hands and feet. Bleeding for hours from his wounds, fighting for the ability to breath because his collarbones were cutting off his airway. He said seven things on the cross and, in order to do so, had to PUSH. UP. on the nails in his feet to make it possible to get his words out. His mother watching the whole thing. And all with you in mind. I’m crying. 
[Now read Psalm 22. It was written hundreds of years before crucifixion was even invented, by David, but does it not sound exactly like what Jesus was going through on the cross FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF JESUS? Mind blown. You’re welcome.] 
But the Good News, or ‘gospel’, is it doesn’t end there. His death defined love, and because of what Jesus did on the cross, it gave us FULL ACCESS to God. Sin no longer separated us from Him. He no longer dwelled in a temple, behind a veil, and you no longer had to go through the high priest to be forgiven of your sins. You can just talk to Him. You can feel His presence. He dwells in us and with us, and we have Him to lean on. We can know Him personally because of Jesus. That is so sweet to me. His desire to be close to us. I will forever sing His praises, no matter my circumstances, because I am in awe of just how GOOD he is. Let’s all remember … This weekend is not about the bunny. It’s about the lamb
Thanks for stopping by. I am so thankful for you!! xo.
-If you’d like to read some great blog posts about the Easter holiday, there are some great gal’s I am thankful to know that have put their heart’s out there. Here’s one about why Easter is big but we shouldn’t forget about Friday, and here’s one about why Easter is big but we shouldn’t forget about Saturday. Thank you Mackenzie and Whitney for your boldness. 
-If you listen to ANY song this weekend, it should be this one: Forever by Kari Jobe 
-If you live in the Jacksonville, Florida area, and are looking for a church to celebrate Easter, I’d love for you to check out the Church of Eleven22. There’s a Carnival on Saturday starting at 4, service starts at 5:30. Sunday services are at 9:00, 11:22, 1:30, and 5:22. I’ll be at the 9:00 and 11:22 services! Don’t be a stranger 🙂


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With love & sequins,

“He humbled himself in obedience to God and died on a cross. Therefore, God elevated Him to the place of highest honor and gave Him the name above all other names, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue should declare that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.”
Phillippians 2:8-11

PHOTO CREDIT | Miguel Emmanuelli Photography



  1. Zundria wrote:

    Awesome and inspiring as per usual! Love the dress. Would you say it is TTS?

    Published 4.7.15 · Reply
  2. Rebecca - Hello Creative Blog wrote:

    Great post! Happy Easter!

    Published 4.5.15 · Reply
  3. studentsandstyle wrote:

    This is such a pretty outfit! I'm loving the bold floral print!


    Published 4.4.15 · Reply
  4. Annlouise Lindberg wrote:

    Such a beautiful dress, the print is stunning and it fits you perfectly! Love the clutch too and it match the dress very well!

    Published 4.4.15 · Reply
  5. Lindsay Truax wrote:

    Love this dress! Great post and have a wonderful Easter!!

    Published 4.4.15 · Reply
  6. Jeanne wrote:

    Beautiful printed dress!

    Published 4.4.15 · Reply
  7. Elisabeth Klassen wrote:

    This was a lovely post. Your dress is gorgeous.

    Diary of Elegance

    Published 4.3.15 · Reply
  8. Minau wrote:

    Gorgeous look!

    Published 4.3.15 · Reply
  9. Diana wrote:

    Your dress is so cute!

    || D I A N A ||

    Published 4.3.15 · Reply
  10. Lisa wrote:

    I love reading your posts and your honesty! And, thanks for sharing the post about not forgetting Saturday – so true! Happy Easter!

    Daily Style Finds

    Published 4.3.15 · Reply
  11. StayStyledOC wrote:

    Perfect post for the holiday 🙂 Your dress is beautiful and I hope you have a great weekend.

    Stay Styled,
    Instagram: stay_styled

    Published 4.3.15 · Reply
  12. AnnaLise Coble wrote:

    I love your boldness sister!!! Great post! And as always you look lovely! Happy Good Friday and Happy Easter!

    Published 4.3.15 · Reply
  13. Natali wrote:

    You look so beautiful, feminine and chic in this outfit! Wishing you and your family a happy Easter!

    Published 4.3.15 · Reply
  14. LIVforstyle wrote:

    That dress sums up spring. Love the bright colors.


    Published 4.3.15 · Reply
  15. bree west wrote:

    Such a beautiful post and a beautiful outfit! I hope you enjoy the Easter holiday!

    Published 4.3.15 · Reply
  16. Nicole wrote:

    This outfit is absolutely beautiful and perfect for Easter. I am so glad that there are still humble women out there. This post was beautiful and I appreciate it! Happy Easter!
    xoox ClassToCloset

    Published 4.3.15 · Reply
  17. Preeti wrote:

    that clutch is perfect for that dress!

    xoxo, Preeti

    Published 4.3.15 · Reply
  18. Whitney and Blaire wrote:

    What a beautiful post! So well written and true to the miracle of Christ. To me Easter is so much more meaningful than Christmas. Have a beautiful Easter Sunday.
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

    Published 4.3.15 · Reply
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  21. Love that dress. It looks nice on you…Beautiful. THanks for sharing it.

    Published 9.29.21 · Reply