Sweater Weather In London

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Hello, hello! I can’t accurately explain how excited I am for sweater weather & to experience Fall here in London. It has been hotter than I expected, and it’s even been surprising a lot of Londoners I’ve spoken to. They say it’s supposed to be much cooler by now. They are loving it. This Florida girl, whose a little tired of the heat, is like CHILL OUT, LONDON! GIVE ME FALL!

I promise, I’m not an aggressive person but … what girl doesn’t love Fall?

A couple of weeks ago, though, the temperature did dip a bit so Whitney and I decided to walk around Westminster. I wore this oversized sweater that I had picked up from H&M for under $30! I bought it a couple sizes up from my normal to get an oversized look. I also snagged these new black jeans because I only brought my distressed ones with me & wanted some solid ones for the colder weather. These are SO great. They are super high-waisted, which I’m not necessarily a huge fan of, but I like them because they fit so good in the leg. Plus, the sizing is on point because, in addition to a waist size, it has a length, as well.

If you’ve never bought jeans with that type of sizing before, I’ll give you some insight into what I usually buy. I usually need a 30 length because I’m 5’3 so if you’re a little taller, the 32 length might work better for you. I love that and wish more jeans were sized that way. It’d save me some money in alterations!

Anyway, it’s finally started to cool down a little bit here this week. It was rainy and dreary the last couple of days but today looks like it’s off to a sunny start! I have a shoot tonight with Victoria and, as I mentioned on Snapchat, I’m hoping the sun sticks around for a nice & bright sunset. I’ll be sure to point out why when I share the outfit post that comes out of it. 🙂

I hope y’all are having a great week so far! Be sure to check out yesterday’s post if you haven’t … I rounded up tons of my old Fall outfits and linked items that are available now for you to recreate them for this year! Thanks for stopping by, y’all! Appreciate it! xo.

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  1. Natali wrote:

    Looking absolutely fabulous in this casual and perfect for Fall outfit! I like your sweater very much. 🙂


    Published 9.21.16 · Reply
    • AlysonHaley wrote:

      Thanks, Natali!

      Published 9.21.16 ·
  2. Kelly K wrote:

    LOVE this outfit! Especially that sweater–such a great color!


    Published 9.21.16 · Reply
  3. Cattleya wrote:

    I love this look! Everything about it is perfect! You look gorgeous as well. Thanks for sharing. I hope the weather cools off for you soon.

    x. Cattleya


    Published 9.21.16 · Reply
    • AlysonHaley wrote:

      Thank you, Cattleya!

      Published 9.21.16 ·
  4. carlina wrote:

    Loving the color of that sweater! Great idea with the sizing too. 😉

    xo carlina

    Published 9.21.16 · Reply
    • AlysonHaley wrote:

      Right? I am over all the same old Fall colors: burgundy, beige, etc. When I saw this color … I was like finally! Something different! 🙂 xo.

      Published 9.21.16 ·
  5. Haley wrote:

    Hi! I just want to say that I found your blog last night and absolutely love it! I love your fun style and definitely want to take some inspiration from your posts! 🙂

    Published 9.21.16 · Reply
    • AlysonHaley wrote:

      Aw! Your comment brought a HUGE smile to my face! I’m glad you’re loving it and thank you so much for sharing!! 🙂 xo

      Published 9.21.16 ·
  6. Aubrey wrote:

    Obsessed with that hat & I’m sooooo happy it’s on sale!

    xx. The Coastal Confidence

    Published 9.21.16 · Reply
  7. Davida wrote:

    I’m loving that sweater!!!


    Published 9.21.16 · Reply
  8. tessfelber wrote:

    You look perfect! I love the black and green together and how chic this casual look is! Even better the sweater is less than $30..that’s my favorite type of price 🙂
    xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black

    Published 9.21.16 · Reply
  9. Angela wrote:

    I love your style so much!! I was wondering if your “style” is what the everyday fashionable ladies of London wear, too? Or do you stand out as American, because of the way you dress?

    Published 9.21.16 · Reply
  10. Lovely Gold Things wrote:

    Loving the color green of that sweater! (heart eyes)

    Xo Amanda

    Published 9.21.16 · Reply
  11. Tasha wrote:

    Do you find the material this sweater is made of itchy in the least bit? I’m not allergic to wool but sinsitive to it at times.

    Published 9.21.16 · Reply
    • AlysonHaley wrote:

      It’s really not at all! It’s not the softest but it’s not itchy! xo.

      Published 9.21.16 ·
  12. Not wrote:

    No offense but I would return the Chanel and get Invisalign instead.

    Published 9.21.16 · Reply
  13. Diana wrote:

    That is the perfect hat for fall – adorable!

    Diana | http://www.thechicdiary.com

    Published 9.21.16 · Reply
  14. Beckadeee wrote:

    It’s a brisk 98 degrees here so I’m patiently waiting for a nice cool down so I can finally wear the 6 sweaters I purchased from your recommendation!!

    Published 9.21.16 · Reply
    • AlysonHaley wrote:

      Hahahah, that made me laugh! I’m sending some cooler weather over to you! xo.

      Published 9.22.16 ·
  15. Kelly H wrote:

    Did you get a small or medium? Trying to gauge what size to order!

    Published 9.21.16 · Reply
    • AlysonHaley wrote:

      I got a large, but probably should have gotten a medium!

      Published 9.22.16 ·
  16. Helen Veyna wrote:

    I’m jealous that you got a little taste of sweater weather in London! I love your outfit, and that sweater is really, really cute! I’m also a fan of those jeans!


    Published 9.22.16 · Reply
  17. stacy wrote:

    What size sweater are you wearing?

    Published 9.22.16 · Reply
    • AlysonHaley wrote:

      I’m in a large but I’d recommend only going two sizes up from your normal. I should’ve gotten a medium.

      Published 9.22.16 ·
  18. Rachel wrote:

    This sweater looks so comfy and cozy! Love the color on you.

    Rachel http://www.seashellsandsparkles.com

    Published 9.22.16 · Reply
  19. Kathryn wrote:

    Oh I love this look! Especially polished off with those booties – perfection!

    xx Kathryn

    Published 9.22.16 · Reply
  20. Amy Michelle wrote:

    I just grabbed that same sweater the other day! Love the color of it!



    Published 9.22.16 · Reply
  21. Desiree wrote:

    Love this cozy fall outfit! The color of the sweater is so pretty and I love the booties!

    Published 9.22.16 · Reply
  22. Mariah wrote:

    Seriously love the color of this sweater! So cute!


    Published 9.23.16 · Reply
  23. Love these shots, the colours go perfectly

    Mel x


    Published 9.24.16 · Reply