Buffalo Check Cape + Winter Accessories Under $100

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Hey there, friends! I hope you are waking up without an alarm clock today and, if you are, I hope it’s to get you up and ready to take on your travel plans to head home for Thanksgiving. I was supposed to be home by now, and never really thought anything of celebrating this very loved and very American holiday abroad. Honestly, it didn’t even really bother me … the thought of it … until this week. I don’t have a huge urge to come home but there is something so sweet about togetherness and getting around a table with your family. Plus, I mean …. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I’m hoping I can find somewhere to stream it on my computer. To combat our woes about not being home for Thanksgiving, Whitney and I have some fun plans up our sleeves! Follow along on Snapchat to see what we get up to!

Today marks three weeks left in London …. and I just got choked up typing that. I don’t want to leave! I mean, I’m so excited to see my friends and family but I have had such an amazing time here and I wish it could just keep going. It feels like I’ve already made London my home because I’ve been here so long and I have grown accustomed to what it’s like to do life here. Sure, there are some really big pains …. like, venturing clear across the city to pick up packages because delivery people don’t just leave them at your door here. Or, not being able to login to my Paypal account because I can’t verify my identity with a pin code they send to my phone because I have an international SIM in my phone, and even if I put my American SIM card in my phone, I can’t receive texts anyway. *ha, did ya get all that?* Or, not having cable or Wifi at my flat – which can be worked around but it’s crazy how listening to the news while I clean increases my productivity, so my place is a little bit of a mess right now, ha! Or having to pay over $200 to make a phone call to America to inquire about why the one credit card I have with a chip won’t work when it’s worked fine everyday since I got to London, all the while waiting for my other credit card to send me a replacement because there was suspicious activity on that account. Ha! Honestly, it seemed never-ending … these frustrations for awhile … but, these are all first world problems, people! So, I deal. It’s all a part of the experience and I guess I mention those things because I can totally see – from the outside looking in – how glamorous living in London must seem. I let y’all in to those down sides to humanize the situation, not so much to complain. But, even though all of those situations are frustrating, the overall experience far outshines them. Those aren’t what I will remember the most and I would do it all over again. 🙂

Alright, let’s switch gears …

One of the things I love about this time of year is the need for multiple accessories. I’ve always gotten excited about putting outfits together but, I feel like it’s so much for fun when you have so many more layers and accessories to think about styling. I love finding gloves and hats to go with the scarves I’ve picked out. Then, of course, finding the cutest booties or boots and a bag to tie it all together. I snagged this oversized buffalo check cape last month and think it is the ultimate Fall accessory. It’s thick and super  warm. It can be worn multiple ways. I’ve worn it here as a cape, where it hangs over my shoulders and also as more of a wrap, throwing one side over my other shoulder. You could also wear it as a blanket scarf, as well, over your warm jacket. And, last but not least, it is reasonably priced at $69, and comes in a few different color options! Also, my stripe top is still available in a few sizes and is only $19! I love it because it’s long enough in the front and the back to wear it’d be appropriate to wear leggings with it!

Nordstrom always has the best selection of beanies, gloves, scarves and warm socks to get us through this Fall and Winter season looking effortlessly stylish! I snagged the beanie I’m wearing in these photos from a little shop in London but the one I really wanted was this one

Here are some more of my favorite accessories that I’m currently lusting over:

Also, did you catch yesterday’s post?

Don’t miss all the great savings! I’m going to be adding what I have purchased from the sale later today! 🙂

Have a great day, lovelies! xo.




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    Hi there! I love this look, and would like to share it as one of my favorites in a post I am writing, with a link back to your post. Is that OK with you?

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    • AlysonHaley wrote:

      Hi there! Yes, as long as you link back! Thanks for asking! 🙂 xo.

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