Hey there! I’ve done quite a bit of shopping lately and I’ve shared a lot of it on Instagram and the blog lately, but thought it’d be fun to share my latest purchases in a shopping haul on Snapchat, and review them for you there. It was very similar to what I did during the #NSale, except I remember y’all requesting the Snapchat video to be put in the blog post next time so you could refer to it if need be. So, per y’alls request, I have included the short video below:

Also convenient for those of you who aren’t on Snapchat, too! 😉

I will likely eventually remove the video from my YouTube channel just because it’s not a properly made video. The file was too big to post by itself here on WordPress, and I wanted y’all to be able to watch it if you’re not on Snapchat, so uploading it there was my only choice.

But, all of  these items would be great for the rest of the Fall season and into the holidays. You can shop them all in the widget below! I also included the gray hoodie I’ve been wearing on there recently that so many of you have asked about! Happy Shopping, ladies!





  1. katey wrote:

    Do not remove this video! A. I loved it because I miss you bunches and B. I loved it because you’re so great at them! I mean, I can barely cut and edit them!

    Love you!


    Published 11.3.16 · Reply
  2. Janelle wrote:

    Loved the video! so many great outfits. I want them all!

    Published 11.4.16 · Reply
  3. I love when you do your Snapchat shopping hauls. It’s so nice to see what things look like on in real time. They are my favorite! I love the houndstooth scarf. It’s so cute and would add so much spice to a basic outfit! I can’t believe you’re time in London is almost up!

    Published 11.4.16 · Reply
  4. sunshinesabina wrote:

    Love the sweaters selection – really nice pieces for fall and winter!

    Sabina |

    Published 11.4.16 · Reply