Holiday Gift Guide No. 3 | For The Hostess

Holiday party invitations have gone out, and you have yours written in your calendar. It’s always polite to bring a little something to spoil the hostess as a thank you. It doesn’t have to be anything huge. It can be a bottle of wine or some festive cocktail napkins. At the very least, make sure you bring a card but, if the hostess is a good friend of yours, make the extra effort to bring something that is a little more thoughtful, catering to her taste and personality. I’ve got a big crush on all of them but this gold Volcano candle probably tops the list! You could never go wrong with that one! That’s for sure! Everyone loves the way it smells! Also, I know for a fact these Sugarfina candy snacks are SO GOOD. I love their champagne flavored  gummy bears.

I hope this round up helps spark some ideas for ya! Thanks for stopping by! xo.



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  1. Nicci wrote:

    I loved that marble cheese board when I saw it in the store. <3

    Published 12.9.16 · Reply