Review: 10 Spring Beauty Buys

Hey there, lovelies! Happy Tuesday!

I’ve been trying out a lot of new beauty products lately and thought it would be fun to do a Spring beauty haul and give you my honest feedback on some of them! All of these can be found atNordstrom. I went in there a couple of weeks ago and ended up in the makeup chair. Has that ever happened to anyone else? Just came in for a refill of something then got sucked in by something colorful and shiny, ha! Nordstrom is my go to for so many things but especially beauty, and I think it’s because … clothes-wise, I’m good. I know how to style outfits.. no problem! But, I need a little more help and explanation when it comes to beauty products. Nordstrom carries so many brands and their employees are consistently helpful, knowledgable and fun to talk to about the products I have questions about!

[1] LIVING PROOF HUMIDITY SHIELD: Humidity is a biggest curl killer. Ladies in the South, can I get an amen?! It’s so frustrating to spend 10-20 minutes on our hair for it to then completely deflate 2-minutes after we step outside. I’ve tried numerous anti-humidity sprays that promise to be the solution to our never-ending summer hair woes. However, none of them hold a candle to this product. Not only does it smell divine but it really does what the bottle says it will. I need to take it with me down to the Caribbean and see how it does but when I used it here in Florida on the days with a lot of moisture in the air, so far, it’s been a winner!

[2] SMASHBOX PHOTO FINISH COLOR CORRECTING PRIMER [C/O]: I’ll be honest, I use primers every so often but I typically forget to put them on. However, lately, I’ve been noticing how much redness my natural complexion has and wondered if this new primer Smashbox sent me would help even it out and, in turn, make my makeup look a little more ‘flawless’, so-to-speak. It’s green so it offsets the red and does a really great job creating a neutral palette for foundation application. Highly recommend for anyone who has natural redness to their face! They’re also currently on sale for 15% off so scoop it up now! 🙂

[3] CHANEL JOUES CONTRASTE POWDER BLUSH IN 370 ELEGANCE: I’m a sucker for a warm dusty rose colored blush [as well as a bronzy-flesh colored blush, to be honest] and this one goes on beautifully! I also really want to try 340 Evening Beige and 99 Rose Petale.

[4] LANCOME WATERPROOF UNDEREYE CONCEALER [currently 15% off!]: Trying out new concealers is a weakness I have. I feel like it is really hard to find good ones that actually cover-up the darkness underneath our eyes. My favorite of all time [to correct dark circles] is Urban Decay’s ‘Naked Skin’ concealer [currently 15% off!]. It has to creamiest consistency [so it’s easy to apply] with a semi-matte finish [so it has good coverage and staying power]. But, once that is applied, I like to use another concealer on top of it to brighten up that under-eye area, and I’ve found that this Lancome concealer does an amazing job of that. I use the Light Buff color. It’s two or three shades lighter than the color I’d use to cover up my dark circles, so it definitely looks ‘light’ but once it’s blended in with a beauty blender [currently on sale!] or a brush that is ideal for buffing out thick creams evenly like THIS one … it looks really nice.

There’s a huge sale onLancome products right now as well as a gift with purchase offer, so stock up on your favorites now! Here are some of mine:

I thought they had discontinued this concealer stick that I LOVE and am so happy to see its back! I also grabbed this face mask to see if it helps even out my complexion a little, like the product details says it will. Stay tuned..

[5] NARS ‘NARSISSIST UNFILTERED II’ CHEEK PALETTE: NARS always knocks these cheek palettes out of the park! They do such a great job at choosing the most flattering shades for most of us gals. They’re always only one or two that I won’t use but … FOUR in one that you will use is such a good deal! I also use a couple of them as a subtle highlight instead of a blush like the Peach Champagne color on the bottom left. It’s much more sheen so it works perfect for that!

[6] BOBBI BROWN LIQUID LIP ART STICK IN [LEFT-RIGHT IN 9th PHOTO] HONEY BARE, PINK HEATHER, NAKED PINK [C/O]: I received a generous package from Bobbi Brown this week of their Liquid Lip Art Sticks. I had never tried them before! I got to try out a lot of colors and listed the three I liked the best up there for you, as well as captured what they look like swatched up in the photos! I will say … they go on really silky and smooth but they don’t dry completely and have that lasting power that I personally prefer in a liquid lipstick. BUT … they have beautiful pigment to their colors so … I wouldn’t say they’re a waste of money by any means. You’ll just have to reapply a little more often. They’re also currently on sale for 15% off!

Since all of their products are on sale … I want to try their detox mask and this pore clarifying oil! Here are some of my favorite Bobbi Brown products:

[7] MAC MINERALIZE SKINFINISH IN GLOBAL GLOW’: So, I’m really into the highlight trend that is big right now and I got this one last year but then … for whatever reason … didn’t ever use it. I probably had a favorite one that I opted for more often than not so I forgot I had it. Anyway … I recently rediscovered and am now like … how have I lived this long without this highlight??! A bit dramatic but I do think it adds SUCH a pretty and natural finishing touch to the warm makeup I tend to opt for. It has a really pretty subtle glow that I love. It’ll be perfect for summer!

All MAC products are currently on sale! Here are some of my favorites:

[8] STILA ‘STAY ALL DAY’ LIQUID LIPSTICK IN ‘CARAMELLO’: Nude lips are in this Spring and I am a huge fan of liquid lipsticks because, in my experience, they tend to have the staying power that regular lipsticks lack. I scooped up this one last month and it’s definitely a deeper nude than I typically prefer but I like to lighten it up with a nude lip gloss. I’m still testing out new nude lip glosses and haven’t found one I’m obsessed with yet, so I will be sure to let y’all know when I find a really good one. The one I currently rely on is no longer available by the brand and I don’t want to share if it isn’t available to you guys, you know? So, stay tuned on that. But I really like this liquid lipstick. Even if nude lips aren’t your thing … it comes in so many different colors. You’ll be sure to find one that suits your fancy! With this color, I typically use either Oak or Stripdown, from MAC, as a lip linerStila products are currently 15% off, as well! Score!

[9] TRISH MCEVOY #62 FAN BRUSH: If you are really into the highlight trend that is all the rage right now, you need this brush! It does an amazing job of giving you that precise line of highlight just above your cheekbone. Highly recommend!

[10] STILA ‘HEAVEN’S HUE’ HIGHLIGHTER IN ‘BRONZE’: I was drawn to these highlighters because of the packaging to be honest. I love the gold, hah! But, I purchased them in Bronze and Kitten. Both colors provide a substantial pop to your look! I chose two because if I’m wearing pinks or purples, I tend to want a cooler colored highlighter. Just in case you were wondering! 🙂 Also, don’t forget … Stila products are currently 15% off!

As you can tell, it’s such a great time to score some new beauty products and your long-time favorites with so many on sale! I hope this has helped you find some new Spring beauty buys to invest in.

What new products are you loving right now? Do tell!

Thanks for stopping by today, y’all! Really appreciate you! Have a great rest of your day! xo.




  1. La Bijoux Bella | by mia wrote:

    Love the makeup beauty selections … and the pink pouch too! 🙂

    ????LA BIJOUX BELLA???? | BY MIA | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

    Published 3.21.17 · Reply
  2. Ellen wrote:

    Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks are one of my favorite things. I own two! Love having blush and eye shadow in one thing. And I’m adding the Living Proof humidity shield to my Sephora list!

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

    Published 3.21.17 · Reply
  3. I always forget primer too but when I do it looks so good! The bronzer I think that is totally worth trying is Laura Mercier, I’m obsessed 🙂
    xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black

    Published 3.21.17 · Reply
  4. Becca wrote:

    It must be the time of year to try new makeup products! I ran out of nearly everything at the same time so it gave me the opportunity to try something different.

    Published 3.21.17 · Reply
  5. Ailsa Emmel wrote:

    I’m so glad to hear that other women struggle with dark eyes and finding the best concealer. I am in my early 40s and have never been a makeup guru, this is quite the struggle. I find myself playing with my girlfriends’ makeup when we visit. I have dry skin and like the creamier consistency, or so I think????. This was a great post. Thank you!

    Published 3.22.17 · Reply
  6. Aria Di Bari wrote:

    I’ll have to check about some of these products!

    Published 3.22.17 · Reply
  7. Lindsey wrote:

    I’m in the market for new foundation! Any suggestions? Would like to stay under $20.

    Published 3.22.17 · Reply
  8. caitlin wrote:

    holy products batman! So many beauty items to consider. Most of these I’ve actually never tried before, but I will for sure be adding a few of these items to my shopping list. The NARS cheek palette and the Stila bronzer caught my eye

    Published 3.22.17 · Reply
  9. Thanks for sharing! Will definitely have to give some of these a try!


    Check out my blog if you get a chance babe!

    Published 3.22.17 · Reply
  10. Rachel wrote:

    So many great products! Need to try the Living Proof Humidity Shield and the Smashbox correcting primer.


    Published 3.22.17 · Reply
  11. Loving all these options and the beautiful pink palette!

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