Bold Chunky Knit Sweater, Spring Wedges + On Sale Winter Pieces

Hey there, friends! The weekend before last, I ventured over to Dallas and wore this outfit one afternoon to combat the freezing temperatures. It was DEFINITELY still sweater weather when I was there. I’m so thankful I brought this sweater with me because, when I was packing, I truly didn’t realize how cold it was going to be, so much so that I didn’t even bring a coat with me. I meant to grab one on my way out of the house and, of course, I got to talking with Justine that morning [who kindly drove me to the airport] and completely forgot to pull one out of the coat closet. This was the chunkiest sweater I had so I wore it every chance I got haha. I had booties in the car with me but decided to feature these wedges in the blog post because they are great for Spring, as is this outfit if you’re in a place that slowly transitions out of Winter into Spring. The brand that makes them, Marc Fisher, always does a great job with his wedges, masterfully combining comfort with style. Here are a few other faves of his this year that you can go ahead and snag now before the season hustle and bustle begins:

Also, be sure to check out some of the amazing sale items that you can find at Goodnight Macaroon right now! Grab some amazing Winter pieces for this year or next year at a really great price and I love that all of them are great basics!

Did you guys watch The Bachelor last night? I need to finish it but who do you think is going to end up with Arie? Is it just me or is this kind of a boring season? I’m also a little stumped on WHO is going to be The Bachelorette. No one really stands out or seems interesting. Usually I’m like ‘omg, I love her! We would totally be friends!’ and not that these girls don’t seem sweet but, I’m not like captivated by any of  them, you know?

Alright, y’all! Thanks for stopping by today! Be sure to check in tomorrow for some great travel content from my last trip! 🙂 xo.




  1. Michael @ Mile in My Glasses wrote:

    I love the outfit, Alyson! The transition of a chunky knit with the wedges work so well together!

    I hope you’ve had a fab Tuesday!

    Published 2.20.18 · Reply
  2. NataliNataliNataNaNNatali wrote:

    I love chunky and bright coloured sweaters like that one! You are looking great in this transitional outfit. 🙂


    Published 2.20.18 · Reply
  3. I love chunky sweaters like you have on! I also agree with you on the Bachelor thing. I’m not overly obsessed with any of the girls becoming the next Bachelorette either. I have no clue who he is going to pick. I feel like in past seasons I was able to narrow it down but I feel like I can’t get a read on him.

    Published 2.20.18 · Reply
  4. Stacey wrote:

    This sweater is so cute and love the color. These wedges are seriously perfect for the spring. I cannot wait for it to warm up so I can wear open toed wedges and heels again.


    Published 2.20.18 · Reply
  5. Bettina wrote:

    I love the idea of combining a sweater with wedges! It’s the perfect outfit for a city tour and great inspiration for the not yet spring season!


    Published 2.20.18 · Reply
  6. Jennifer wrote:

    The colour of this sweater is amazing!!! I love it a lot!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

    Published 2.20.18 · Reply
  7. La Bijoux Bella | by mia wrote:

    Simply beautiful … love????the pink sweater! ????????????????

    ????????LA BIJOUX BELLA ????????| By Mia | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

    Published 2.20.18 · Reply
  8. martina wrote:

    Simple & cute , perfect outfit ! that bag its everything xx

    Published 2.20.18 · Reply
  9. Kayla wrote:

    Love that sweater!

    And it’s not just you. I feel the same way about this season of The Bachelor. Usually I cannot miss an episode, but this season is a snooze fest!

    Published 2.21.18 · Reply
  10. Style me lauren wrote:

    Those wedges are absolutely adorable on you!! Love them!!



    Published 2.21.18 · Reply
  11. Christi Cope wrote:

    Lauren B. is totally gonna be the one for Arie! ❤️

    Published 2.21.18 · Reply
    • AlysonHaley wrote:

      I agree with that, completely, after the last couple of episodes. It always seems like the ones the producers make out to be ‘quiet’ or they have an ‘awkward’ connection ends up being the one they end up with. They did that with Shawn and Kaitlyn. I think it’s so obvious that those two weren’t meant to be together and had such a strong connection and attraction and if they showed that on camera, it’d be OBVIOUS who won so they play down the connection to keep people watching! xo.

      Published 2.22.18 ·
  12. Maria wrote:

    Wow, wooooW!!!! Very beautiful knit sweater, I love pink color. You very nice look!❤️

    Published 2.22.18 · Reply
  13. Anna wrote:

    The color of this sweater is beautiful! Very nice look!

    Published 2.22.18 · Reply