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After wrapping up the first half of our Canadian adventure, in the beautiful province of Alberta, it was time for Whitney and I to venture over to British Columbia to discover the beauty within the well-known alpine village of Whistler. We flew in to Vancouver and opted to take the shuttle from the airport, which is a scenic hour and a half drive. There are other options but we found this to be the one that worked best for us. We had both heard amazing things about this little part of the world so we couldn’t wait to pack in as much as we could into our two day, three night stay in Whistler!

Here’s the low-down on where we stayed, where we ate and what we did! If I left anything out, please feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can!


Whitney and I stayed at the Four Seasons Whistler, located at the bottom of Blackcomb Mountain in Whistler village. It was my first time staying at a Four Seasons location and, I must say, it won’t be my last. We had such a lovely experience.

The staff was always so friendly, informative, helpful and accommodating. Our suite was spacious with two bathrooms, a king size bed, a fireplace, a Nespresso machine, and a balcony with views of the mountains and pools. You’ll see, as you keep reading, that Whitney and I were a huge fan of their in-room breakfast selection and did not hold back in trying so many things. Highly recommend you do the same!

If you’re a skier or snowboarder, the resort is a short walk to the lifts and, if you’d rather not, there’s a shuttle that can take you there instead. It’s also worth noting that the property has a freeform outdoor heated swimming pool as well as three spring-style whirlpools to loosen up those tired muscles after a long day on the mountain. Their spa offers customized treatments that could also be just what your muscles or skin is needing after getting out there and experiencing all that Whistler has to offer!

We went in December so the entire resort was decorated for the holidays and bustling with activities to celebrate the season. Although, I did some research and it looks like there’s always something to do here, which makes it a great spot for families with children, no matter what time of year you decide to come!

We couldn’t have asked for a better experience at the Four Seasons Whistler and can confidently recommend it as a great place to stay.

STONESEDGE KITCHEN: Whitney and I popped into this highly recommended spot within the village for brunch one day and enjoyed their traditional Canadian breakfast, pictured within the photos above. It surely filled us up for an adventurous day ahead of us. This spot is truly great for any meal as it presents many land & sea plate options, celebrating the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

ALTA BISTRO: On our last evening in Whistler, we walked over to Alta Bistro, a cozy spot in the village offering authentic, seasonal French cuisine. Whitney and I were equally as impressed by the extensive wine menu allowing you to truly get the best pairing with what you’re craving as a main course. Our server was extremely attentive, offering Whit a ginger seltzer concoction upon mentioning she foregoing wine due to feeling a bit under the weather. The space was cozy and our meal was divine, although a bit pricy depending on what you select as a main course.

SIDECUT: Sidecut is located within the Four Seasons resort. It offers a modern take on traditional mountain cuisine balanced with healthier, lighter fare. Whitney and I offered a few plates to share and we could tell everything was locally sourced as it all tasted so fresh! I personally loved the Albacore Tataki with sesame ponzu and cilantro, sans the ginger you see on the menu. It was delicious!

NAGOMI SUSHI: After our first full day in Whistler, Whitney and I had a major sushi craving and had a few people recommend Nagomi Sushi to us. We actually tried popping in here the first night we were in town but it was a 45-minute wait so we decided to go somewhere else. This spot is worth the wait though if you aren’t already hangry. We had the funniest server and the sushi was really, really good! Highly recommend!

It’s no secret, Whistler Blackcomb is known as a top destination for skiers and snowboarders. As someone who has skied since she was 13, I’ve always heard nothing but amazing things about the skiing here. However, I decided to forego what you would normally do here to see what else it has to offer. With two full days, Whitney and I had a lot to cover and, unfortunately, with it wasn’t enough to cover it all but we had so much fun with what we were able to do so here are some ideas if you’re currently planning a trip here:

• Snowmobiling with Canadian Wilderness Adventure: I’ve snowmobiled quite a bit in years past, due to the number of ski trips I went on throughout my teenage and young adult years. However, it’s always been an activity I’ve liked to enjoy as a rider and not so much as a driver. I have driven one before but, although I am capable, I tend to take the more laid-back approach, allowing someone else in the group, who wants to drive, take the wheel … err, handlebars? But, this time, it was all me and I was a little nervous, I’m not going to lie. However, before we even set out on these things, our guide gave us a very clear run down on how to operate this large piece of machinery and took things pretty slow to start. Our trail was also very easy at first allowing everyone to get the hang of how these big things work, how much gas to put on, how to put your full weight into a turn, etc. Once we had all gotten the hang of it, it was SO fun cruising through the beautiful snowy backcountry of Callaghan Valley and, by the time our ride was wrapping up, Whitney and I were wanting to keep going for another hour! We also got to witness the most beautiful sunset before coming down.

Snowmobiling FAQ

What should I wear? I would wear your ski gear and warm boots, although I would encourage you to leave your boots at the warming hut and use the boots they offer you because they are massive and keep your feet SUPER warm. Don’t worry about the fact that they’re not ‘cute’. Being warm is SO much more important and helps you enjoy your experience so much more! They also provide goggles and helmets. If you want to bring your own, you can. Also, because I knew I wouldn’t be skiing on this trip, I didn’t have ski pants but they give you those, too, so don’t worry! They literally have everything you need to stay warm but you do need to wear warm base layers – check out THIS post and THIS post for help in that department. Here’s what I wore:

Should I tip the guide? Absolutely! They kept you alive on the trail! They deserve it 🙂 15-20% of what you paid for your ticket is an appropriate tip for your guide, and that’s PER PERSON. It doesn’t matter if it’s a group or not.

What if I don’t want to drive? You can buddy up with a friend or family member but you still have to pay full price and you should still tip.

Leave any other questions in the comments below and I’ll answer them there.

• Spa treatments at the Four Seasons Whistler: The first order of business upon arriving to Whistler was indulging in some ‘me time’. Whitney and I are a great pair when it comes to traveling. We both crave quiet time to just rest and be, and after an early start driving from Banff to Calgary, and flying from Calgary to Vancouver, and taking the shuttle from Vancouver to Whistler … that is certainly what we were craving. Whitney opted for a hydrating facial and I am always a sucker for a relaxing massage. We both came back to our room at different times and couldn’t get over how much better we felt. In our day and age, where busyness seems to be everyone’s goal, I don’t think we invest in ourselves enough. We’re always DOING for everyone else or hustling to get where we want to be no matter what toll that takes on our body and soul, so … most especially while you’re on vacation … take some time for yourself and go spend some time at the spa! 🙂

• Enjoy a delicious breakfast with a view from our room at the Four Seasons Whistler: It might be a little frigid outside in the Winter to do this but, in order to get better lighting so you could see how tasty our breakfast was, we took one for the team and set up a little spread on our balcony! Y’all … Whitney and I invested in ourselves AGAIN [haha] by ordering ourselves a breakfast of champions on our first morning in Whistler. We slept like babies and felt like it was a natural next move. Honestly, it’s the best way to start the day! Can’t recommend starting one of yours at the Four Seasons Whistler the same way!

Dogsledding with Canadian Wilderness Adventure: One thing I was really looking forward to on this leg of our trip was dogsledding. I had never done it before but, during my time in Colorado, had heard and seen how much these dogs LOVE what they do and how fun the experience is as a whole. It was really cool to finally see this for myself. Whitney and I shared a sled and got to know our team of dogs really well. We loved watching them live their best lives running through the snow. We even had dogs running along side us that weren’t even ‘on’ to go with us but just wanted to be out running. They truly enjoy being out there and are the sweetest babies! Please excuse the quality of these photos. We had a few opportunities to get out and take photos but a lot of the time, I just wanted to love on them so by the time I got photos, the sun was really low, hah! But look at how sweet the babes are:

I can’t say enough good things about dog sledding, especially with Canadian Wilderness Adventure. They were a great team and you could tell how much they loved and cared for these dogs.

• Cocktails on the balcony of the GLC Bar & Grill: After dogsledding, Whitney and I walked over to GLC Bar & Grill, which is a prime location for aprés ski! It was a little later than prime time for apres ski but we enjoyed a couple cocktails all the same. We sat outside under the heaters and caught up on some emails on our phones. When we travel, we like to do as much as we can in the place that we are so we can actually give you guys some great recommendations. The flip side to that is that sometimes we feel a little behind at the end of the day so we take opportunities, when we can, to catch up on the go! I personally liked this spot because of the view of the mountain. If you’re not much of a skier, you could certainly have an entertaining afternoon watching everyone come down to the main base of Blackcomb Mountain from here. Highly recommend and the service was great!

And, that about does it, my friends! Just a few more things to mention …

– Whistler is an amazing vacation destination year round. We went in the Winter but have been told about the amazing hiking and biking trails and white water rafting opportunities so keep that in mind if cold weather isn’t your cup of tea!

– You don’t need a car. We walked almost everywhere and, if you wanted to go anywhere that isn’t within walking distance, there are taxi and shuttle services available upon request if you stay the Four Seasons Whistler.

– Whistler Village has a relaxed and casual atmosphere that puts the pressure to look your best at all times to rest. It’s modern and well-kept but there’s no need to feel like you have to dress to impress. This place is about having fun and enjoying time with friends and family. So, get out there and do just that … then come in to one of the villages’ many buzz-worthy establishments to put the cherry on top of your day of fun.

Whistler was such a treat and I’m so happy I was able to squeeze it into my travels last year. If you have a trip coming up, or are looking for a great Winter escape destination, this is one I highly recommend. As always, please leave any questions in the comments below and I’ll be sure to get back to you! Thanks for stopping by! xo.

If you want more information about my trips to Canada, be sure to check out my Travel Diary for the first leg of this trip, which highlights our time in Banff, Lake Louise and Emerald Lake.




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      You should definitely plan a trip! Ours was short but we definitely made the most of it and want to go back! xo.

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      It was stunning! The snow covered trees and being up on top of the mountain where it’s so quiet … was so peaceful. Hope to go back someday to ski! 🙂 xo.

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      I’ve heard Whistler in the summer is equally as amazing with lots to do! I definitely encourage that! xo.

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  12. Kim wrote:

    I used to live in Seattle and went once in the summer and once in the winter while I lived there. I’m so happy you reviewed such an amazing destination! I’m actually heading there in a few days (I still try to go every few years). Their ski school is top notch if you have kids. The slopes are a bit more challenging than Colorado or Utah just so you are prepared! I would like to mention bearfoot bistro and the two fine dining restaurants at the top of each mountain. And the “peak to peak” gondola is not to be missed!
    I read your blog daily and have been to several destinations you have reviewed. Your descriptions are spot on! And your fashion style is amazing. Keep on!

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    • AlysonHaley wrote:

      Hi Kim! That’s awesome that you’ve had so much experience in Whistler. I was so bummed I couldn’t ski there. My aunt, uncle and cousins went skiing there one year and, though it was years ago, I did think I remembered them saying it was much more challenging than we had been used to skiing in Steamboat Springs in Colorado but I didn’t want to mention that because it was so long ago, I kind of questioned my memory haha! So, thank you for confirming that! I do hope that the next time I go, I’m there longer and make plans to ski. Whit and I were told to go to Bearfoot Bistro if memory serves! Will definitely need to head there on a future trip 🙂

      Thank you so much for reading my blog and for affirming the authenticity of my recommendations and descriptions of the places. It’s really important to me to do these posts well in order to be the best resource I can for anyone who is planning a trip. In my opinion, we don’t get enough paid time off in America, and it prevents us from venturing out into the world but … for those who are investing in such big trips … I want to make sure they feel comfortable. So, your words mean so much to me! Thank you! xo.

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