12 Spring Beauty Buys: Hits & Misses

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About twice a year, I get really bored with my beauty routine and gradually start picking up new products to try to see if I find anything revolutionary. Beauty products are not cheap so, when I’m not impressed with a product, it can be frustrating. This is the inspiration behind a lot of the review posts that I do! Although I can’t guarantee that my review and takeaways are going to be the same as yours, I do think there is a level of excitement and confidence in purchasing something that a reliable source has backed. So, I thought I’d do another Spring Beauty Buys Review, like I did last year, in case you’re like me and have been looking for some new items to incorporate into your routines!

This post was supposed to go live last week but, the great thing about the delay, due to Chips’ sickness, is that Sephora’s sale is now live for Rouge members Rouge, VIB and Insider Members. Enjoy 10-15% off your purchase based on your member level with code YAYROUGE, YAYVIB, YAYINSIDER! Sale ends April 23rd.

There will be a mix of products included in today’s review, from hair to makeup to skincare, so get excited! Here we go!


Although I have a lot of hair, my hair lacks volume so if I don’t spray anything at my root after I wash my hair, it is a flat mess until I dirty it up with some teasing powder. I can be a little lazy when it comes to blowdrying my hair. I normally spray this heat protectant in it and then blow dry it without a round brush. However, as I mentioned, I’ve been a little more motivated to achieve some new results so I gave this a try a couple of weeks ago. It’s a heat activated spray that you spray to the root and lifts the hair at the root when you blow dry your hair. For best results, you should definitely use a round brush and, with your hair in place on the brush, pull up from the root with the brush as you use a hair dryer to dry your hair. Sectioning off your hair will make this much easier. Overall, I really like this product and I think it works really well!

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I had never tried BareMinerals blushes before but, y’all, their formula is great! It’s really soft and easily blendable. The colors available are all beautiful and the ones I’ve used personally add such a natural warmth to my cheeks. I really, really like these. I’ve been wearing Bellini Brunch a lot lately. It’s what I’m wearing in these photos.

Colors I Chose: Pretty In Pink & Bellini Brunch

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MAC’s blushes have been a longstanding holy grail product in my makeup arsenal. They stay on all day long and look super natural. I wanted a new cool-toned pink color and found that ‘Well-Dressed’ fit the bill. It’s so pretty on. I’ll show y’all what it looks like on today on IG stories!

Color I Chose: Well-Dressed


Due to the popularity of its sister product, Tarte’s Double Duty Shape Tape Foundation has been a hot ticket item over the past couple of months since it’s launch. I was really intrigued to see if it’s even half as good as the Shape Tape Concealer and, honestly, I’ve been using it for about three weeks now and … I don’t hate it! I wouldn’t say that it’s my favorite foundation I’ve ever used but it’s not terrible. It almost feels like a liquid turned powder after you apply it because it’s so soft but, I don’t find that it has the staying power that the concealer has. I love that they have two different formulas depending on your skin type: Matte [normal, oily] and Hydrating [dry, combination]. I’ve been using matte and it provides full coverage.


I discovered Elemis back in January of this year. It’s a U.K. based skincare company and, after picking up and trying a few of their products on my way back from Europe, I quickly became a fan! I featured another one of their oils a few months back [featured in this post] and have since picked up this new one because it also combats fine lines in addition to providing hydration. I do my best to apply this to my skin every night and, while I haven’t seen it do much to my fine lines yet, I do believe that it plumps up my skin over night! I’m looking forward to continuing to use it and see what else it does.


After realizing that TULA’s Daily Moisturizer has retinol in it, I needed to find a new daily moisturizer to apply at the end of my morning skincare routine. [More on that and when products when retinol should be applied in THIS post] I ended up finding this pro-collagen cream and LOVE. IT. I think it definitely continues to add hydration to my skin during the day and it has helped to even out some of the facial lines I see popping up around my mouth area. They’re not gone, by any means, but I do feel like this product helps quite a bit. Give it about three weeks to start seeing results. Also, I will say … I don’t love the smell but it is a great product.


While I do love the Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, reviewed above, I had purchased this moisturizer back in February and wanted to make sure it didn’t go to waste so I’ve just started using it after finishing with the Elemis one. I can’t say if I’ve reached a verdict yet because I’m only about a week in. I can say that I like the smell better but, I don’t feel like it gives me that deep hydration that the other one gives me. I’m not sure I’m completely sold on it yet but I’m going to keep using it for a couple more weeks before making a final determination.

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This highlighter is SO pretty but also a little intense for my skin tone. I’d say it’s a bit more appropriate for someone with darker skin. It really brightens up your cheeks with an almost iridescent shade of bright white. Don’t be alarmed. I promise it’s pretty but it’s definitely not for everyone!


Ladies …. may I introduce my new best friend and the best drug-store eyeshadow palette that is currently out on shelves! You literally get fifteen eyeshadow shades, both matte and shimmer, in one palette for $7.00! Dreams really do come true! Not only that but the pigment in these shadows are stunning and there’s not a lot of fallout. I can’t recommend this palette enough. There are four palette color options as everyone has different preferences, so hopefully one of them fits your fancy! The ones I purchased are below.

Colors I Chose: Newtrals 2 & Fever


To further assist with my volume issue, I have also employed the expertise of this product by one of my favorite haircare brands, Oribe. Y’all … this stuff is MAGIC. It’s just as good as Aveda’s Hair Potion, which I’ve used for years, but SO much easier to apply to your roots due to the dispenser pump. I’m literally obsessed with this stuff. I’ll show you how well in works tomorrow on stories!


So, I need to apologize. This product was not supposed to be featured in this post. I purchased it to bring with me on a few of my upcoming trips to destinations that are going to be really hot. I was going to try it out in the event that my skin got really dry in those environments. I meant to include an exfoliator that I had been using and love [you can find it here] but, accidentally pulled this product instead as their packaging is somewhat similar. This is what I get for always being in a hurry 😉 So, my apologies for that, lovelies! I hope to have a review on this product for you soon but, in the mean time, check out the product page for other peoples’ reviews. It looks like this IS a great product for anyone with dry or sensitive skin!


I’ve been looking for a lipgloss that still provides some significant color to your lips. If that’s what you’ve been on a mission for, as well, then look no further! This product is literally like two lip products in one because it give your lips color and a high shine. I love it. I wore ‘LifeGoals’ in THIS post from a couple of weeks ago and I’m wearing ‘Major’ in the photo above!

Colors I Chose: Major & LifeGoals

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So, I’ve never really been into metallized finish lipsticks but I thought the soft pink color that ‘Gubby’ comes across to be was too pretty to pass up. Now, I’m kind of a big fan … well, at least of this color. I love the shimmery finish. The formula is creamy so it goes on easily and it doesn’t dry my lips out too much, which is always a plus!

Color: Gubby

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I got really lucky with a lot of these products. There were barely any misses! I hope that this helped you find something new to incorporate into your routines. I think the eyeshadow palette takes the cake for me, to be honest! Don’t forget to shop the Sephora sale! If you’re not a beauty insider, sign up by clicking on the ‘Sign Up Now’ link on THIS PAGE! I changed the SHOP page to show some of my favorite products included in the sale! Have a great Monday! xo.


Editor's Notes

I posted the Friday Five really late Friday night due to some unexpected events popping up last week making it difficult for me to get the post written. Be sure to check it out to see the five items I’m buying from the Sephora Sale, the five places I’d suggest going on a little getaway in the states this summer and the five Spring nail colors I’m crushing on!



  1. Natali wrote:

    I love Urban Decay lipsticks and ever since discovering Oribe hair products, those are the only ones I’m using on my hair.


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    These all sound fantastic! I’ve heard so many good things about Urban Decay!

    Happy Monday!

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  3. sabiha wrote:

    This is such a fantastic roundup. I love the sound of the Bare Minerals blushers. Such a fantastic shade range and formula too. I’m always looking for products to add volume to my roots so I will be surety check out this Root Lift by Living Proof. Love your photos xx


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  4. La Bijoux Bella | by mia wrote:

    Beautiful makeup colours for Spring! Love ♥️ it! ♥️♥️

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  5. Anna D'Amico wrote:

    I am obsessed with how you do your makeup and love when you give beauty product reviews. It gets me so excited to try new makeup products and to style my makeup differently. This post was such a big help, thanks!

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  6. Trisha Achenbach wrote:

    I am loving the Urban Decay Vice LIpsticks lately too! I had “Bactalk” and loved it. They are so comfortable on the lips. I just got “Heartless” and “Liar”, can’t wait to try them! Have a great day!

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  7. judy yates wrote:

    Thank you for this post. I will be trying some of these products. I am always looking for new things to help me along. = )

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    I’m the same way with beauty products. I hit a wall and just want a change. I can’t wait to check out your recent when I go shopping with my coupon! xAllie http://www.theallthatglittersblog.com

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  9. Jennifer wrote:

    I love those Bare Minerals blushes!! Those eyeshadow palettes are also so pretty!!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

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