Three Warm Jackets for Early Winter Walks

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Hey there, friends! Today, I’m taking y’all with me to walk this crazy kid, Chips!

As the Winter season approaches, we Floridians start to feel the slow dip in temperatures with varying degrees of similarity to the rest of the country. Some mornings are 40 degrees that chills you to the bone because it’s a wet cold. Other mornings, it’s 60 degrees and you feel the humidity creeping back into the air.  I always make sure to keep a warm jacket [I typically opt for something by Patagonia] at the bottom of the stairs to throw on before taking the boys outside. Some days, if it’s been a long work week and Chips hasn’t gotten his dose of one-on-one Momma and baby time, I’ll take him on some nearby trails. He LOVES to walk and explore [like his Momma] so it’s fun for both of us, especially when it’s cooler out.

If you’re looking to expand your wardrobe and add some items to keep you warm on those super cool mornings, I have a few recommendations that can all be found on!

Patagonia Divided Sky Jacket – This is a new style to me this year and I scooped it up a couple of weeks ago. It got great reviews, was different than any of my other jackets and I loved seeing that it’s made of high-pile Sherpa fleece, which will keep me extra warm on those chilly mornings, especially if I pair it with this wool blend Basin & Range turtleneck sweater. I layered a Patagonia striped turtleneck underneath it to add a little extra pop of colors to the outfit and warmth, of course. If I was in a snowy environment, I’d switch the lighter turtleneck out for a much warmer, form fitting base layer! I’m heading to Canada next month so I’ll definitely be bringing a few of these pieces and some of my ski gear pieces from years past.

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Patagonia Re-Tool Pullover – This has been a long-standing staple in my Winter wardrobe since I lived in Colorado in 2011 / 2012. I have it in both cream and black. It is one of my most stylish and sleek-looking middle layers. When you’re needing to wear a puffer jacket out and about in whatever Winter wonderland you live in, this is a really great option for what to wear directly underneath it. It runs small so size up and it is currently 30% off! hereIt’s available in some other colors!

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Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket – This is probably the warmest middle layer that I own. It’s a lightweight synthetic insulated jacket made for wear during cold-weather outdoor activity. The DWR treatment on the jacket keeps light precipitation at bay and the PrimaLoft Gold Eco material helps to retain warmth, even when wet. It’s a bit of an investment but I can’t recommend this jacket enough! It also comes in tons of colors!

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If you’ve never given Patagonia outerwear a try during the cold weather months, you should absolutely give it a try this year, most especially if you are an outdoor enthusiast! I absolutely love to ski and I don’t know what I would do without all of my Patagonia ski gear! I’m not hitting the slopes this year but can absolutely use a lot of it when I head up to Canada, like I mentioned.

Here are some more pieces by Patagonia that I love and always pack for Winter adventures:

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about my YETI tumblers lately so I thought I’d take a second to vouch for the hype. They truly keep my water cold and my coffee hot. I love my YETI tumblers and water containers.

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Backcountry is your one-stop shop for all things outdoor and adventure. They carry all of the leading brands in whatever realm of outdoor activity peaks your interest and natural talent, whether it’s camping, hiking, biking, skiing, kayaking, running, etc. I think you get the picture! They’re one of my most frequently visited retailers, most especially in the Winter being that skiing is my sport of choice and you need particular gear for it! They have never failed me and I’m confident you will have the same experience. If you’ve never checked them out, be sure to do so! They have free two-day shipping, as well, which I love!

Alright, y’all! Chips and I are heading to get some water! Thanks for walking with us! xo.


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    Totally loving that fleece jacket! It looks so cozy and warm!

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    Beautiful jacket looks … such a lovely feel walking and connecting with nature and the surroundings.

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  3. Cute post with you and your baby!

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