Tips To Make Heading Home For The Holidays Easier

holiday travel tips

Hi there, lovelies!

Today is one of the busiest travel days of the year as so many of us start to make the trek home for the holidays! I am going to be traveling today, as well, so I thought I would share some easy tips you can implement to hopefully make it a little easier!

holiday travel tips

Charge all of your devices before you leave.

There’s nothing worse than realizing your phone is at 2% when you need to find your flight confirmation number OR you saved a few hours worth of work for your long flight and you open your laptop to find it’s at 20%. The night before you travel, after you double check your flight time and check-in online, make sure you plug in your laptop and iPad [or Kindle or whatever piece of technology you need to be readily available to you on your travel day]. I’d also recommend bringing an external battery charger in case of emergencies.

holiday travel tips

Wear Your Heaviest + Most Expensive Clothing Items.

This is obviously a must for those of you who are trying to limit yourself to a carry-on suitcase, which I recommend for an easier travel experience. Remember – you can do laundry wherever you’re heading. Pack neutral basics to make more outfits possible out of less articles of clothing.

However, if you are checking a bag, wear your coat and boots to free up some space and weight. If I’m going somewhere a little chilly but don’t need a coat, I’ll always make sure to wear a chunky knit sweater, like you see here. I also try and wear my more expensive items that I don’t want to get lost or potentially stolen in my suitcase. If I were traveling with this Gucci Marmont Crossbody Handbag, I would put it in its dust bag inside a larger tote bag that can be zipped to conceal it!

Dress comfortably.

Speaking of what to wear on your busy travel day, I’d also recommend that it be something super comfortable. Travel days are typically long and you’re in confined spaces, especially if you’re flying, so be sure to wear items that you’d be comfortable in for long periods of time.

Speaking of comfortable outfits, the one I’m wearing today is one I would absolutely wear on a travel day! You can get most of the items from! I thought a new pair of black leggings was the last thing my wardrobe needed but these are seriously a dream! They’re so thick and comfortable, great for this time of year! I recently splurged on a pair of Golden Goose sneakers that I had been eyeing for a long time. I’ve heard so many great things about them but wasn’t sure if they were ‘me’ but decided it was time to try them and then decide. I love the leopard star on this pair and I don’t think they look as ‘chunky’ on me as I thought they would. They’re super comfortable, as well, so now I understand the hype!

If you’d love to read a review of the Gucci Marmont Crossbody Handbag, be sure to head to THIS post from earlier this year where I reviewed a few of my favorite designer cross body handbags! I always buy my designer items from because their selection is unbeatable. It’s an online retailer in Germany and they often have hot items in the States fully in stock because the trends in Europe are often so different than they are in the States so it’s always my go to! Plus, they offer free two-day shipping from Germany, which still amazes me!

holiday travel tips

Keep an extra close eye on your belongings.

Due to the increased number of novice travelers making their way across the country this time of year, there are always going to be people out there that are going to intentionally try and take advantage. Be on alert and keep a close eye on your belongings. If you’re a woman, ensure your carry on totebag / handbag has a zipper so it can’t be easily accessed without you noticing. Keep it simply with the number of devices you bring with you. Store all important, valuable items in pouches within your purse so they can’t be easily seen. Mark your checked baggage with a ribbon, sticker or other obvious identifier so you make sure you’re grabbing the right suitcase at baggage claim.

Keep calm and stay positive.

Travel stresses can cause anxiety for even the most level-headed girl, especially around the holidays, and it’s important to go into the day knowing you could experience some kind of delay or frustrating situation. When you find yourself getting annoyed, close your eyes and wait for four seconds, says Achim Nowak, author ofThe Moment. When you open your eyes, the world will look different to you. It helps bring a sense of calm over any holiday travel issue — except if you’re driving! Don’t do this if you’re driving, ha!

There’s really nothing better than being with your loved ones this time of year so be sure to remember that although traveling home for the holidays can be a little crazy, it’s all worth it in the end! If you’d like to read more tips, head to this post I shared last year with a complete list! Wishing y’all happy trails and safe travels! Be good to one another! xo.


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