Four Reasons Why You Need Tula’s Eye Brightening Balm

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Today, I’m excited to talk a little bit more about TULA’s Eye Brightening & Cooling Balm! I shared it earlier this year and … I was so happy that so many of y’all scooped it right up! It was one of TULA’s fastest selling products ever – if not, THE fastest selling product ever. It sold out so quickly. They have been working tirelessly to get more out there to those of you who missed out and they finally got it out to y’all a few days ago! Dark circles can be a struggle to hide and it’s so encouraging to find a product that is scientifically formulated to brighten up those under eyes, give you a glow from within, and make you look like you got a full 8 hours!

So, if you wanted to know a little more about it before purchasing, I’m going to share what it is and the four reasons why I think ya need it today!

What is TULA’s Eye Brightening Balm?

TULA’s Eye Brightening Balm is a luminous balm that is applied to your under eye to cool, hydrate, and brighten the appearance of dark under eye circles. It can be applied before or after makeup application and also tightens the look of lines and wrinkles.

Why Do You Need It?

1. This product is based on science.

So, I love delving into the scientific side of skincare. Your skin is your body’s largest organ and it needs skincare products comprised of ingredients that science has proven will yield positive results for our skins’ greatest challenges. As with all of TULA’s products, there is probiotic technology within it which aims to help keep the skin in a balanced state. The active strain is called Lactococcus Ferment Lysate, which hydrates and locks moisture into the skin that it is applied to. Other ingredients that helps with hydrating the area, ensuring your under eye area will plump up giving your eyes that life you want, is hyaluronic acid, apple, aloe vera, and watermelon!

One of the not-so-secret ingredients to make you look more awake is caffeine! Caffeine, in this product, is what will help to tighten and firm up the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Blueberry has been added because it’s rich in antioxidants and protects the skin!

With so many ingredients working together to do so many great things for your skin makes the success of this product completely understandable!

2. It will last you awhile!

One thing I love about this product is that it will last you awhile! I don’t use mine everyday [as I don’t wear makeup everyday] and you may not need to, either. However, I use it most days I wear makeup and am still working my way through my first tube. I got mine back in December or early January so, the fact that we’re almost to April and I still haven’t run out makes me believe that you truly will get a lot of bang for your buck!

3. Speaking of bucks … it’s very affordable.

Let’s be real! We’re all trying to cut corners here and there. Everyone’s on a budget and saving for different things, which is why I love that this product is so affordable. It’s $28 plus 20% off with code ALYSONHALEY! And, being that it lasts you about three months, depending on how much you use it, that’s a $100/year investment, which I think is doable for most people!

4. Girllll! It’s gonna make you look ALIVE!

I showed y’all a little tutorial of me using this product on Instagram [see the Skincare highlight] and I feel like that’s the easiest way to prove that you need this product. So, be sure to take a look! But, I promise, this product gives your skin a really soothing, cooling feel, fills in lines with hydration, and illuminates your under eye making you look alive and awake, like you didn’t loose any sleep last night whatsoever! Don’t miss out while it’s in stock this time!

With the re-release of the Eye Brightening & Cooling Balm, TULA has also released a Glow For It Kit comprised of the Eye Brightening & Cooling Balm, their Purifying Cleanser [one of my holy grail beauty products] and the Aqua Infusion Oil-Free Gel Cream. This trio will give your skin a dewy, highlighted glow! It’s valued at $104 but is being sold for $84 right now! You can also enjoy 20% off with code ALYSONHALEY!

Please be sure to leave any comments or questions below and I’ll get back to them as quickly as I can! Have a great rest of your weekend, beautiful! xo.


Editor's Notes

Enjoy 20% off your TULA purchase with code ALYSONHALEY!





  1. Jenny wrote:

    I ordered this with your code! Thank you for introducing me to Tula!

    Jenny @herbestalways

    Published 3.17.19 · Reply
  2. Ashley wrote:

    Ordered this and am excited because I have pretty significant dark circles! I know it says you can apply under or over makeup but which would you recommend? Apply first before concealer, or after concealer?

    Published 3.17.19 · Reply
  3. Lauren wrote:

    Thank you for introducing me to Tula! I’m loving their products. I missed the eye balm last time and was so disappointed. So this time I bought two with your code!

    Published 3.17.19 · Reply
  4. Rosi wrote:

    I never wear make up. Could I just wear this? Or does it have to be covered up after it’s applied?

    Published 3.17.19 · Reply
  5. Nicole wrote:

    I ordered my first ever Tula purchase with your code! I’ve only tried the cleanser (got it with the fabfitfun box and I’m obsessed) so I’m really looking forward to try out all the goodies including the Eye Balm. Thank you so much for introducing me to it and for always giving your open and honest opinions about all your products. 🙂

    Published 3.20.19 · Reply
    • AlysonHaley wrote:

      You’re welcome! Excited for you to discover new TULA goodies! 🙂

      Published 3.20.19 ·
  6. Elana wrote:

    Have u tried the “Rose Brightening Balm”? Would you recommend one over the other? Thx kindly!

    Published 1.7.20 · Reply