Travel Diary: A Day Trip To Procida, Italy

Hi friends!

In 2017, I went on a trip to Italy, specifically the Amalfi Coast, with my stepmom, my best friend, and her mom! There are so many things you can do along the Amalfi Coast and I’ll be working on getting a full blog post out to y’all with a full list of ideas but, for now, I am highlighting one of my favorites … take a day trip to the colorful island of Procida … by sharing some photos from my time there!

Y’all know I am drawn to colorful places so are you really surprised? Last year, during my trip back to the Amalfi Coast with my friend, Victoria, we went again because, like me, Victoria, loves colorful places. She said it was probably one of her favorite things we did because it was a little atypical compared to lists of other things you hear about doing in the area! There’s not much to do here so it might not be for everyone but I just had to tick it off the list as we were in the area for a week!

How To Get To Procida

The only way to get to Procida is by boat! There are two types of boats you can take and both have their pro’s and con’s:


The first time I went to Procida, my best friend and our mom’s chartered a boat for the day and chose a few places to venture to. We picked Procida as our first stop for a little walk around, Ischia for lunch [Ristorante Il Giardino Eden] and then ending the day on the boat by sunbathing & swimming around Capri. Typically, you can customize your boat day. I didn’t make the boat reservation that day, as I can’t find any receipt in my email. However, the week before I was with my stepmom, best friend and her mom, I was with one of my good friends’ – who was getting married in Sorrento – family and we went out on a boat, chartered through Premium Boat Charter. I would definitely shop around for the best price, though, and make sure that the boat company picks up near where you are staying.


Obviously, the pro to this route is that – with a lot of companies – you can customize the route in which you take for the day. Some companies stay within a strict route or to certain places so you’ll have to do a bit of searching to find one that works for you. Another pro is that you can determine how long you stay somewhere. If you just want to stay on Procida for an hour then hop over to Ischia, you can!


This is definitely a pricey option so it would likely work best with groups!


Taking the ferry SOMEWHERE is a must almost inevitable when you’re visiting the Amalfi Coast! This was how Victoria and I got to Procida when we went last year!


Well, it’s certainly much more affordable than a private charter!


Taking the ferry to Procida takes some planning and coordination! I highly recommend using this website to figure out ferry times based on your port of departure and the day of the week you’re going. From Positano, where we were staying, there wasn’t an option to take a ferry directly to Procida. If you’re also staying in Positano, you can take a ferry to Ischia, the island just next to Procida, but you’ll need a ferry to then take you to Procida OR you can take a cab to Sorrento [about 80 Euro’s] and take a ferry directly to Procida [on M,W, F’s] or to Ischia then Procida.

It can be quite the to-do, especially if you have to go to Ischia, so maybe give this task to the most detail oriented person, or the planner of the group … and don’t try and figure it out last minute! If you go to Ischia and then have to go to Procida, you have to then find the ticket office, which was a bit of a walk from the dock, and then make it back before the ferry leaves. There was a tight turn-around time on one of ours. It really helped that Victoria speaks Italian. So, I would definitely have Google Translate up on your phone to maybe ask a local barista or fisherman to point you in the right direction.

Again, since there are countless places you could be staying along the Amalfi Coast, it is really important you map out what makes the most sense for you using this website.

HEADS UP! Ferry times and route options change depending on the time of year in which you go. If you go early in the season, like we did last year, there aren’t as many ferry options. The busiest time for the Amalfi Coast is June-September.

Do, Eat, Sleep

There is probably where I won’t be that much help as I have only spent a few hours on Procida both times I was there. No matter how you get to Procida, you’ll be dropped off at the Marina di Procida or right next to it.

It’s a really cute little strip but I’d suggest walking through town over to the Marina de Corricella to find the little colorful area that you see in a lot of these photos. If you find paths that lead ‘up’, like toward the prison, while you’re en route to the marina, you’ll find little spots where you can get those ‘from above’ views that you see in the photos, as well.

Victoria and I ate at Ristorante Il Maestrale  down by the marina. We enjoyed fresh seafood pasta dishes and bruschetta! I don’t remember the exact one we went to, I apologize!

I’m pretty sure there are some Airbnb’s and hotel’s in Procida but they likely aren’t as plentiful as other options in the Amalfi Coast area. I also don’t know what that experience would be like for multiple days. I haven’t explored the entire island but I’m not sure how much there would be to do here in Procida for multiple days. You’d be spending a lot of time and energy, not-to-mention money, getting to the mainland where a lot of the action is. However, if you did want to stay the night, there are options!

If you’re heading to the Amalfi Coast, don’t miss the Amalfi Coast FAQ post and Where To Eat In Positano. You can also head to the Italy Travel Guide for more insight into one of my favorite countries in the world! Stay tuned for a guide on what to do along the Amalfi Coast before the Summer comes! xo.




  1. Rach wrote:

    I never heard of this town but it looks incredible! And thank you for sharing the transportation. So helpful!!

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  2. Oh my goodness, Procida looks like such a beautiful place! I love Italy so much!

    I hope you have a great Tuesday!

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  3. Marta wrote:

    That looks like a beautiful place to visit! The pictures are gorgeous, all the colours and the warm weather, it seems like a very dreamy vacation.

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  4. Roses for Fridays | by mia wrote:

    Love ♥️this beautiful post. The place is so rich in history and so beautiful of a view, makes the trip all the more worthwhile.

    ??ROSES FOR FRIDAYS ??| by mia | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

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  5. Arianna wrote:

    Italy is beyond gorgeous! Definitely on my bucket list to go! Love the photos ❤️

    Arianna |

    Published 3.19.19 · Reply
  6. danielle wrote:

    Hey girl! I read your Rome travel guide and I am heading there in May. EEK! SO excited. Is this close enough from Rome to visit as well or a totally separate trip?

    Published 3.19.19 · Reply
    • AlysonHaley wrote:

      Hi Danielle! Aw, Rome is one of the best cities! Sadly, Procida is quite a hike from Rome. It’s located just off the coast of Naples, which is a few hours south. It’s just, honestly, too much commuting for one day. You’d have to take a train down to Rome, then coordinate that with ferry times to Procida and it might just be too much effort than what it’s worth. If you were spending a lot of time in the Amalfi Coast area, I’d recommend it but, Rome, no – it just wouldn’t work well. xo!

      Published 3.20.19 ·
  7. Sharon Morelli wrote:

    Many times I have been to Ischia with my husband. His sister and her husband have a beautiful villa there. It is so elaborate and welcoming. the yard looks across toNapoli and the bay. The villa is surrounded with Jasmine and hydrangea, the fragrance is astonishing. The tiny streets up and down are like a small Driveways. Cappuccino, espresso and biscotti for breakfast, vongole and spaghetti for dinner, fresh from the sea. The island is Another world. I was blessed to go as many times as I did . Upon entering you open the gate there is a sign “”carpe diem” catch the day enjoy every minute

    Published 10.14.19 · Reply