Pretty Pink Dress Under $100 in London

Hi friends! Happy Monday!

It feels good to be home and sitting down to write this post. I always miss writing when I’m traveling, as much as I love that aspect of what I do so much, as well. Putting together these blog posts will always be my first love. This is the first of the five outfits I will be sharing from my recent London visit!

I always leave London with a huge smile on my face and a deep longing for the next visit. However, this time, my trip had an extra special surprise that left me even more excited for the next trip. Hope to share more soon! 🙂

But, for now, let’s get to today’s outfit …

I bought this cute pink dress literally right before my trip and was so happy it came in time to bring it with me! It’s still quite chilly in London so you may not need it for your trip there, and it’s a little dressy for exploring the city but, if you have a special occasion coming up, like Easter or a baby shower, I’d recommend considering it! I got a petite 00 and it fits perfect! Sadly, a lot of the petite sizing has sold out but there are plenty of regular sizes still available. If you do need a petite size, I’d recommend getting your size in regular and taking it to your local tailor to make the size adjustments. While I know that’s not ideal, you are saving quite a bit on this dress being that it’s 50% off [plus, free shipping with code CYBER] and the adjustments shouldn’t cost you much so you’ll technically still be spending much less than $100 on this gem!

If you’re looking for more Spring dress ideas, or ideas on what to wear to special occasions, I’ve already shared a few posts that could help you this year so far!

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I’ll be adding this coffee shop, Saint Aymes, to my list of Most Instagrammable Spots in London at some point this week. If you are heading to London soon and want some cute pictures, there’s a complete list of spots for you in that post so don’t miss it!

Today’s a busy one for me! I’m leaving tomorrow for Whitney’s birthday trip and, while I’m excited, I’m slightly freaking out being that I just got back from this last trip on Saturday night, ha! Wish me luck on this super long to do list! Make it a great day, y’all! xo.


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  1. Anita wrote:

    Heading to London this afternoon. My first trip. Any tips? We have five days thanks

    Published 4.1.19 · Reply
    • AlysonHaley wrote:

      This might be cliche … but, have fun! You’ve probably done tons of research on what to do, what to see, etc! Now, it’s time to just enjoy it and have fun. Use the CityMapper app to get around. It’ll be your best friend! 🙂 xo.

      Published 4.1.19 ·
  2. Roses for Fridays | by mia wrote:

    Lovely ♥️in pink … Love this look!

    ??ROSES FOR FRIDAYS ??| by mia | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

    Published 4.1.19 · Reply
    • AlysonHaley wrote:

      Thanks, Mia!

      Published 4.1.19 ·
  3. Jennifer wrote:

    This dress is so pretty!!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

    Published 4.1.19 · Reply
  4. Marta wrote:

    That’s a stunning dress! I can’t buy any more pink pieces as I have a wardrobe full of them as I noticed when I did a spring cleaning this past weekend so I’m gonna have to pass on this dress but it is beautiful and the fabric looks really nice as well.

    Published 4.1.19 · Reply
  5. AnnDee B wrote:

    That dress is ADORABLE! And that scenery just makes it come alive. Beautiful pictures as usual. Thanks for sharing!

    Published 4.1.19 · Reply
    • AlysonHaley wrote:

      Thanks, AnnDee! Appreciate it! 🙂 xo.

      Published 4.1.19 ·
  6. Love the colors and ruffles of the dress- so romantic!

    Published 4.1.19 · Reply
    • AlysonHaley wrote:

      Thanks, Cecilia! xo.

      Published 4.1.19 ·
  7. Rach wrote:

    That pink dress is adorable!

    Published 4.1.19 · Reply
    • AlysonHaley wrote:

      Thanks, Rach! xo.

      Published 4.1.19 ·
  8. Arianna wrote:

    This dress is stunning! I love the color ❤️

    Arianna |

    Published 4.1.19 · Reply
  9. Nicci wrote:

    Love the pictures! This place looks like it was made for instagram.

    Published 4.4.19 · Reply
  10. what a cute pink dress! You look adorable!

    Published 4.7.19 · Reply