Amazon Prime Day + My Favorite Purchases From Amazon

* DISCLOSURE: I am a part of Amazon’s Affiliate program, therefore, I make a small commission on sales generated from the affiliate links within this blog post.

Hi friends! Happy Amazon Prime Day! Today, I thought I’d share some of my favorite Amazon purchases in honor of the big sale day! There are tons of great deals that I know y’all can’t wait to take advantage of. All of the items you see in today’s post [and more of my favorites!] are linked in my Amazon storefront! There are quite a few categories, with products within each, to make shopping a little easier, including one with some of my favorite Amazon Prime Day deals!

Nespresso Machine, Milk Frother + Favorite Espresso Pods

I bought my Nespresso machine a few years ago during Black Friday and it is one of my favorite home purchases to date! I don’t waste time going to Starbucks in the morning anymore because I actually love the coffee that I make with it. I use THESE espresso pods to make my coffee then froth some milk using my milk frother [purchased separately] and voila! A latte! It is so good, y’all. My Nespresso machine is included in Prime Day deals so get excited to get this amazing machine for less!

Coffee Table Books

I’ve followed the Instagram account’s @prettycitylondon and @georgiannalane for a long time. I love the content they share as London vignettes and the Spring season are two of my favorite things. It was a natural draw when I saw that both of their books were available on Amazon. I snagged those and discovered these two about peonies and dahlias to add to my coffee table book collection. I use these to add height to vases or other decor pieces around my home. They’re also just nice to have when you want to do some mindless page-turning.

These books are located in my AROUND THE HOUSE boutique in my Amazon storefront!

Ruffle Neck Blouse

I try to be very selective as to what I purchase from Amazon as a lot of their vendors are really questionable in my opinion. Their product photos are clearly stolen from influencers and they alter the image to “kind of” portray the product their selling. That’s fraud in my book so I’m always a little weary. I have tried a few things and been disappointed but, similarly, have tried others and been satisfied. I just try to limit the budget buys as I want my wardrobe to last years. This ruffle neck blouse is really cute and comes in quite a few colors and sizes. I would go one size down as the X-Small is quite large on me. I think it’s really cute and I’d wear it tucked in with a nice pair of pants but I likely wouldn’t wear it out the way I have it styled here. It’s just a little too long.

For more of my Amazon Fashion picks, check out the FASHION PURCHASES on my Amazon storefront!

Apple Air Pods + Carrying Case

amazon prime day purchases

Apple Air Pods have been one of my favorite purchases of 2019. Y’all told me I needed to make the switch at the end of last year, and I was so resistant to the idea. However, I decided to gift them to myself for Christmas and I have been a mega fan ever since! I can video chat with John without having to be attached to my phone. I simply prop him up and can cook, put clothes away, etc. While I’m cleaning, I can listen to a podcast or music without cords getting in the way. I can’t recommend them enough if you haven’t made the switch. I’ve been loving this little silicone carrying case, as well. I have it hooked to the inside of my purse so I never forget to bring them with me. I promise – when you’re grocery shopping and you get a phone call, you’ll be happy you snagged that little guy!

Wireless Charging Pad

This wireless charging pad is another one of those purchases that has made life – in the simplest of ways – so much easier. You literally just sit your phone down on it and it starts charging your phone. Of course, the alternative doesn’t take that much more time but I get some weird satisfaction that I don’t have to plug it in and the device, when the phone is set on it correctly, makes a pretty little ‘ding’ to let you know it’s charging. I’m obsessed!

This is linked in my TECH + PHOTO GEAR boutique in my Amazon storefront!

Canon 5d Mark iii + More Camera / Photography Gear

I invested in a Canon 5D Mark iii after seeing how beautifully it takes photos – as long as you know how to use it – by all of my photographer colleagues. I bought mine on Amazon as well as my 24-70mm zoom lens [best for travel!], 85mm lens [great for outfit photos for the blog], and a 50mm lens [great for detail shots] for a multitude of needs for work and travel. My travel backpack that fits all of my camera gear is also available on Amazon.

All of my photography gear that would be great for bloggers who are just starting out is in the TECH + PHOTO GEAR boutique on my Amazon storefront!

Toiletry Case

This toiletry case has gotten my through every single trip I’ve been on this year. It is incredibly affordable but, moreover, and more importantly, so spacious! It holds so many things like my silicone liquid containers, my travel razor, a plethora of skincare and shower products. I also always bring my satin scrunchies [in the BEAUTY BOUTIQUE boutique] and this cute bow headband to keep my hair back while I’m washing my face at night … and they’re all from Amazon!

Everything is linked in my TRAVEL NECESSITIES boutique on my Amazon storefront!

Travel Makeup Case

I bought this travel makeup case back in January after hearing from my friend, Ashley, that is was an amazing buy! Y’all … she wasn’t lying. It’s large, I know, but you could technically fit your makeup and skincare products in here if you needed to. I love that you can customize how the inside is organized by moving the little inserts around to suit your products in particular. I can’t recommend this enough for travel!

This travel makeup case is located in my BEAUTY BUYS boutique in my Amazon storefront!

Summer Kimonos

I snagged these two cute kimonos for my trip to Barbados because they were a total steal! I love the colorful print of this one and the sultry and sophisticated feel of this lace kimono.

Silicone Reusable Straws

I’m trying to reduce my single-use plastic consumption throughout the week. One of the ways I’m doing that is by using metal straws, portable silicone straws [seen above], and these stainless steel tumbler mug. The mugs help me from purchasing a water bottle. I also give it to my local coffee shop barista’s to make my coffee in. I like it for when I’m out and about because it fits in my tote a little bit better than my tried-and-true Yeti mugs. Similar dress is available on Amazon HERE.

All of these are linked either in my AROUND THE HOUSE or LATEST AMAZON PURCHASES boutiques in my Amazon storefront!

Cam Pix Bluetooth Remote Control

This little contraption is so helpful for when you want to take a photo, either of yourself or with someone else, but you don’t have anyone to take it! I kind of know all about this as I don’t live with anyone and my assistant’s are only with me so much. Sometimes I need help in this department so I rely on this bluetooth remote control to help me! Highly recommend for solo travel as well as trips with your significant other. John and I have used it to take photos of us a bunch!

Y’all, I could go on and on all day. There are so many more favorites like these fuzzy slippers. Fish and Chips also have quite a few favorites in there, as well, like their Puppia harnesses! What are some of your favorite Amazon purchases? What are you buying today? I’m eyeing this Apple watch! Such a good deal!



  1. anna wrote:

    can you please share the link to the see through pouch? thanks!

    Published 7.15.19 · Reply
  2. Carolyn wrote:

    Alyson, you have the ring light in your photo board on Amazon…do you use it? A bunch of the reviews talk about a halo or cloudiness around the edges that I saw in their videos, but that I never notice in yours. I’d love your feedback!

    Published 7.15.19 · Reply
  3. Amy wrote:

    Where is the clear pouch from?

    Published 7.15.19 · Reply