What I Do To Reset After Hectic Days This Fall

Do y’all ever feel like you need a reset because life has been too hectic? This past Summer was probably the best I’ve ever had. I spent so much time traveling, getting outside and getting lost in new places, spending time with my favorite people, and getting as many steps in as I could! It was all go and I wouldn’t have had it any other way!

Upon returning from overseas, I thought I’d enjoy taking things a little bit slower and enjoying some down time at home with the boys. However, it’s so funny. It’s been my time spent outside since I’ve been home that has offered me a lot more mental clarity and peace. Truth is, life is still really hectic as I’ve been on-boarding someone new to the AlysonHaley.com team, organizing paperwork for my visa application, and curating content for you guys! And, I’ve found my time spent on really long walks with this cute little nugget to be so helpful. It’s on these walks that I really sort through all of the thoughts the day has left me with, slow down a little bit, and think things through. Sometimes I think we’re moving too fast and we’re not making the best decisions because we’re constantly trying to move on the next thing.

The Fall weather makes these walks even more enjoyable for us both! We finally had somewhat of a cool day last week and it was so nice to wear a sweater and not feel like I might pass out. How cute is Chips in these pics, y’all?

I have to give a little shout-out to my little baby Chips because he is my walking buddy. Fishy loves to walk but he gets over it after a few minutes. Chips will walk with me for a mile if I wanted to. It’s on these walks that I really sort through all of these thoughts. They’re so therapeutic for me, even moreso in the Fall when the weather gets a little more bearable.

If you’re also a fan of long walks or getting outside during the Fall season, I have to show you some new pieces I found from Backcountry, one of my favorite places to shop this time of year! They have anything and everything you could need for outdoor living and activities!

• This stripe sweater is super comfortable. I love the colors in mine so much but it also comes in a couple of other options. It runs true to size and is under $100.

• I found this pair of black skinnies that are super similar to mine. They were a little too big for me in the waist. They run true to size so snag them if they have yours. I would’ve kept them if they fit me in the waist!

• These New Balance sneakers are such a fun color combination. They are a really pale pink. I thought they’d be more beige but, the more I looked at them, the more I really liked them! They’re also very comfortable and great for walks.

• I also snagged this lightweight Free People sweater in the beige color.

• I love these Patagonia vests that are currently on sale right now! It’s a great time to snag this Fall staple! More Patagonia vest options here, like my all-time favorite!

• I wish I had a need for this down jacket because it looks so nice and comes in some fun colors!

Here are some other great Backcountry products that caught my eye:

Alright, y’all! That’s it for me today. Thanks for letting me be honest and share some updates on life lately with y’all, as well as share what I’ve been doing to reset! I’m excited to potentially share more fun updates soon ? If you’re new to Backcountry, don’t forget to enter ALYSONH15 at checkout to enjoy a 15% discount! Have a great day, y’all! xo.


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  1. Loved this post, Haley. Totally agree, too – going for walks with my pup is one of my favourite ways to decompress after a long day and to slow down, too!

    Happy Thursday!

    Published 9.26.19 · Reply
  2. Abby wrote:

    Loved this post! I couldn’t agree more that walks in the morning or at night keep me centered.


    Published 9.30.19 · Reply
  3. Diana wrote:

    Super cute sweater!

    xoxo, Diana ?
    The Neon Factor, fashion blog
    ? IG @TheNeonFactor

    Published 10.7.19 · Reply