Versatile and Affordable Fall Basics Under $100

Hey there, friends! If you know me at all, you know I’m not above a budget find, especially if it boasts versatility. In fact, finding quality basics for a decent price actually makes me kinda giddy. It doesn’t happen too often … and, to be honest, I’m pretty picky about quality … so, when I find something good, I definitely want to share with y’all! In case you missed it, I linked some favorite fall basics in The Friday Five last week but wanted to take that one step further [because five picks is so limiting!]. With that, I bring you a bunch of amazing Fall basics, all for under 100 bucks!

I’m all about stocking up on some versatile basics each season, and quite a few of these will even last you ’til Fall next year, and can work them into other seasons obviously. I know I’ll live in this knit blanket scarf through April, especially if London is in my future. Same goes with these sneakers that I’ll definitely get my wear out of year-round. They give a real ‘cool girl’ vibe to midi dress or mom-jeans’ looks! Don’t miss this black and white stripe turtleneck top. I have owned it for three years now and you will get so much use out of it! It’s one of my favorite basics this time of year and has held up well over time, too! If you like to add some edge to your outfits, try this skirt! I styled it here! And, you know I gotta mention a beauty product or two, as well. This $25 eyeshadow palette is GORG, user-friendly, and I love warm hues this time of year [especially as tans fade, ha!].

If you’re looking to extend some basics in your closet, click around below! xo.



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  1. Christine wrote:

    Love this post! I’ve been following your blog for years and I love that you are picky about items you share. I know that if I purchase something from your blog/IG that you have tested it out and that it’s great quality. I can’t always afford the items you share (I am a SAHM) so I enjoy these more budget friendly posts (I enjoy the other ones too and read each one!). Thank you for being unique and thoughtful in the blogging world and also being a light for Jesus! XO

    Published 10.17.19 · Reply