Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him & Her

valentine's day gift ideas

Hey there, friends! I hope everyone’s having a lovely day! As Valentine’s Day approaches, I wanted to make sure y’all were covered in case you’re looking to gift someone in your life [or to treat yourself, of course]. I also wanted to get y’all several gift ideas for the guys in case you have someone special to buy for. Personally, I have my eye on this handsome watch for John [hope he’s not reading this one, ha!]. I also love the idea of treating your guy to something they don’t usually buy themselves, like unique cuff links or a whiskey decanter to spruce up his kitchen decor. If you’re casually dating someone and don’t want to spend too much, this cocktail book would be perfectly appropriate!

While I was browsing Nordstrom for gift options for the guys, somehow my fingers “stumbled” and I ended up perusing some cute options for the gals, too. Funny how that always seems to happen while shopping at Nordstrom, huh? They are, without a doubt, one of the best destinations for gifts of all kinds, including Valentine’s Day presents. I love how they split up options based on your budget and just make the entire gifting process so dang easy. To make it even easier on you, I pulled out items that especially caught my eye. gifts for him, gifts for you, Nordstrom has it all and I’ve got ya below. Happy shopping!

I hope you guys enjoyed these gift ideas and that they were helpful in the gifting department. I’ve snagged this cozy robe and I’ll be opening a nice glass of wine to go along with it on February 14th. Cannot wait! xo.


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  1. sophy wrote:

    Valentine’s gifting is such a difficult task for women. I am always dumbfounded when I have to choose a gift for him. So, usually, I stick to the good old PS games but I guess I’ll give him something fashionable this time.

    Published 2.7.20 · Reply
  2. There is a great option for a gift to a man))) Wear a lace bodysuit from this article and beautiful stockings) Make the evening enjoyable! Good luck to you)))

    Published 2.14.20 · Reply