Decor Picks That’ll Freshen Up Your Space For Spring

Happy Monday, friends! I’m really excited about today’s post because it’s been awhile since I’ve shared a home decor post. Since moving in with John, it has been really fun finding pieces that will make his / our flat feel more like a home for us both. I love a cohesive, complete space that feels cozy and welcoming. He has quite a few pieces of furniture and, while I don’t love it all, I am trying not to come in, guns blazing, and changing everything. Baby steps! [Oh, and compromise!] So, I’ve been doing my best to choose pieces that compliment his decor style and what he likes with mine. You have always been very kind about my decor style so, I thought I’d give you some inspiration being that I’ve been falling down countless rabbit holes on decor retailers lately.

While we have been looking for things to make our flat feel complete, I’d be lying if I didn’t also have my eye on things that I might like to see in our future home. While we love this little flat, it is becoming more and more clear what we would prefer to be in as a little family, especially after the boys get here. So, I’m almost in a planning phase at the moment as I dream up how we will decorate a new space with more room. Being that the weather has been so nice lately, I keep thinking how lovely it would be to decorate with more neutral tones, wicker or rattan, and gold as it just suits the Spring season! I’d love to include a few bigger swaps, are definitely more ‘me’, like this beautiful rug or this gold mirror, and then several smaller pieces that are easy to store if you like to switch things up seasonally. We have already incorporated this round tray into our decor. It sits on the coffee table with a couple of coffee table books and a few other decorative pieces like this candle and these agate coasters. Something as minor as a new jewelry tray or jute placemats can make such a difference!

Everything below makes me feel happy and like spring is here, so I hope it does the same for you!

I’d love to hear if y’all are someone who changes decor out per season? Or do you kind of do big hauls of new decor every so often? Hope you have a wonderful week ahead! xo.


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  1. Rach wrote:

    Quarantine has made me in the mood to redecorate my home! Loving all of your recommendations!

    Published 4.27.20 · Reply