Cute & Useful Spring Accessories Under $50

Spring is certainly calling here in the UK and I know a lot of you girls back in the States are already experiencing beautiful weather! Honestly, spring is my favorite season, especially late spring when things really start making a turn. It’s usually around mid-May when I begin more of my true spring / summer shopping since before then, the weather hasn’t quite gotten where we all want it yet! One of my favorite things about spring is all of the little accessories that freshen up your outfits, that are inevitably lighter, and just scream ‘Spring is here!’. Since many of these items are ones I get a lot of use out of, just not all year round, I do my best to find great ones at a more budget-friendly price. Today, I thought it’d be fun to share a few of the ones I’ve picked out from Walmart, as I feel they always have a great selection to choose from!

I always adore accessories since they tend to be a more affordable way to upgrade something you already have in your closet. A trending rattan clutch or boxy wicker handbag that feels current and fun, pink bandana scarfs or scrunchies that turn messy Day 4 hair into something cute … and so on! I appreciate Walmart‘s prices as much as I do their on-trend items. It’s always a place I turn to when I want to snag a few items for a new season. I especially wanted to call out their spring accessories this year since they have darling wicker bags, sun hats, and sunglasses, that will really help get you set for the warmer months ahead! And while bathing suits might not technically be an accessory, a few jumped out at me while browsing their spring/summer stuff so I had to share.  I mean how darling is this ruffled two-piece?! Did I mention everything included in this post is under $50?! Pretty sure we can all agree that’s a welcomed price during these times.

Shop my favorite spring accessories (and other cute items) below and don’t forget to head over to Walmart’s fashion section to peruse those areas yourself. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed 🙂

What’s the weather like where y’all live? Have you started your spring shopping yet or are you waiting a bit longer? I hope y’all are looking forward to warmer days, even if it means spending them in local parks or your own backyard.

Thanks, as always, for being here and for your support! Sending a big hug to you guys virtually. xo.


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