What I’ve Bought to Decorate Our Flat So Far

Hey there! How was your weekend? Ours was pretty low-key, as to be expected. John worked and I did a lot of digging around home decor websites to continue to decorate our space here. I feel relaxed, rested and less stressed so I’m excited for a fresh week and to bring a lot of exciting and new pieces of content your way. I hope you’re feeling refreshed, as well!

As I mentioned in last week’s FAQ post, our living situation is a bit up in the air. We’re hoping to move closer to London this summer but that will obviously very much depend on the state of our country. As we try to figure out our situation, we’ve been making small adjustments to John’s flat [where we live] for now.

Since we’re living here together, we have wanted to make it feel more like ‘us’ as a couple, all while keeping the future in mind. So while I’m buying things here and there for this flat, I’m being very intentional about those purchases. Instead of snagging things to fill space, I’m thinking about items that have lasting power whether in this home or our future one. Think quality over quantity and lots of neutral items, like these pillows in white and this blanket basket.

I still have a list of things I’d like to add to the different spaces, as well. I’d really like something these gallery frames for above the couch, although I know John wants black frames, and this stunning wall mirror to go above the sideboard that’s in our entryway. Since it takes 1 to 12 weeks to be delivered, I don’t feel comfortable pulling the trigger on that one yet! I did, however, purchase an over-mantle mirror, similar to THIS ONE, to go on our desk to fill that space with something. Since I typically do my makeup in the long gold mirror in the office, I felt like doing it at the desk, and making it also work as a vanity, might be more comfortable. I thought that might also be a good spot for me to share more makeup tutorials for you guys. Right now, there’s not really a good space for that.

Since I’m assuming that most of us are being more intentional with our spending these days, I think y’all will like these items, as well. Whether you’re looking for a few new items to facelift your space or are also new to living with a guy, here’s what I’ve bought so far. P.S. I have more items specific to Spring home decor here 🙂

Also, I hear Target is killing it in the home decor department if you’re looking for some cute, affordable options, as well! What’s one item y’all have snagged for your space lately? Let me know in the comments below! Have a great week! xo.


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  1. Jesse McDonald wrote:

    Where did you get your bed? My wife loves it!

    Published 10.23.20 · Reply