Home Decor Trends I’m Loving for Our New Place

Hey y’all, happy Thursday! Today, we’re talking home decor trends I’m loving for our new flat but first, I have to admit, I actually had to look at what day of the week it was before writing that as things have been a bit of a blur around here. Between the move to the UK, the pandemic, finding a place in London with John, and getting the boys over here, 2020 has been full [and unique!], to say the least. I can’t tell y’all how grateful and happy I feel to be in our new home with the boys and to start what feels like a chapter I’ve been waiting on for … forever. I know the world is far from resolved right now, and I definitely have ‘off days’ where I am still wrestling with lots of weird emotions, but I do feel a contentment that I haven’t felt in months … which feels nice. I hope you’re finding a sense of contentment wherever you may be, too!

Alright, but enough about my feelings 🙂 Let’s get into today’s post! As you can imagine, I’m quite excited to start decorating John and I’s new flat [alongside John, of course!]. We might have some very different design tastes but one thing we can agree on is that we want our home to feel cozy with a vintage feel. We both want a place that feels like home to us and that serves purpose / function alongside looking aesthetically pleasing.

As we’re going through Pinterest images together [a tip I shared a while back in Do’s and Don’ts of Moving In Together], we’re noticing repeat images of certain trends that I’m sharing today. From cozy fabrics to rattan and wicker to other accents, here are the trends we’ve been drawn to so far. Oh, and I loved this article for inspiration if you have similar style!

Do y’all have certain home decor trends you’ve been gravitating towards lately? What do you always look for when decorating a place? Please let me know so I can cross off anything I might have forgotten as we’re doing our shopping. Thank you! xo.


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  1. Sue Sue wrote:

    hi! love this post, love your content and I’m just generally a big fan. However, I need to share a comment and I hope you know it’s because I care and enjoy following you (not trying to trash talk).

    “I’s” is not a word. If there is confusion on when to use “and I” vs “and me” I suggest this easy trick: remove the “John and” from the sentence and then use I/me/my depending on what grammatically makes sense. In this case, it doesn’t make sense to say “decorating I flat” you’d say “decorating my flat”… so adding John back in it would be “decorating John’s and my flat” or keep it simple with “decorating our flat”

    Again, not a troll! Just a caring friend who is trying to help. I know we’re not perfect (hey-there might be grammatical mistakes in my comment above!) but, if we see an opportunity to constructively help each other I say let’s take it.

    Published 7.16.20 · Reply