Early Fall Finds At Affordable Prices

this outfit is linked in this post from last year!

We’re officially one day away from September which means we’re officially one day away from the month that brings Fall! Can you tell I’m a little excited?! I’m even more excited now that I live in a climate that actually sees seasons change and where I’ll be able to feel Fall, see leaves falling on walks, and all that. Back in Florida, it would be in the 90s through November and I missed that true sense of Fall [or Autumn, here in the UK] unless I went on a trip up to the Northeast or something. So yeah, you could say I’m a tad thrilled to experience the fall season here in London!

And since it’ll be chilly enough to actually wear Fall things without sweating through them, shopping is more appealing as well! I’m definitely taking into account that we probably won’t be doing all the normal fall things this year, but I definitely plan on snagging some new fall fashion!

If you’re unsure about how to treat Fall this year, with the uncertainty of many events and social gatherings, what I suggest is sticking within a reasonable budget. Unless it’s a very classic piece that you’ll wear for years [which is luckily the case for a lot of fall clothing like trench coats, boots, sweaters, etc] it might feel safer to save on things like fall trends and accessories.

So, if you’re in the market for more affordable Fall finds, you’re going to love this post! I’ve partnered up with Walmart again to bring y’all the best of fall fashion at an affordable price! You know I love everything Walmart Fashion has been doing lately, especially in the last year or so, and they carry several amazing brands, not to mention their 2-day shipping on tons of items. Whether you’re looking for a more reasonably-priced trending item, like this square neck plaid dress, or want comfy basics to pair with your loungewear, like this buffalo check flannel, they’ve got you covered! Keep scrolling for my affordable fall finds, friends!

Here are some outfits I’ve styled from Walmart during the Fall season over the past couple of years:

affordable style from walmart

Are y’all into seeing me call out some specific fall trends this year? Are y’all sticking to more of the basics? Let me know how I can best be of service for the upcoming season, please. I’d really appreciate it! xo.


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