6 Autumn Trends I’m Embracing This Year

It’s taken me a couple months to get truly excited for Autumn … or should I say, to have enough energy to get into shopping and trend searching … ha … but here I am and I’m super excited to talk Autumn Trends today!

I obviously love Autumn, or Fall as I’m used to calling it, and always find it the most inspiring season, but usually, a big chunk of that inspo comes from online browsing and Instagram [since mine have all previously been spent in Florida, where Autumn weather is basically 75-80 degrees out still]. But, here in London, I’m getting all the Autumn inspo in person, which has been SO fun!

Trends are so much more noticeable to me here for some reason, and again, maybe it partially has to do with the weather and more city-vibes. But style here is so different, as well. Gals are much more fashion-forward and I absolutely love it. It challenges you to keep your style evolving.

Now that I’ve regained my energy, I have gotten straight back to seeing what’s out there on my favorite online retailers and, based on my orders, I am fully embracing some of this Autumn / Winter’s biggest trends. So, without further adieu, here are the 6 trends I’m fully embracing this year, bump and all! QUICK NOTE: I would have loved to of styled a look for each trend for you guys but, you know, I’m just getting my energy back so I could only manage one, ha! But, these are trends you will absolutely be seeing in upcoming blog posts and IG styled looks!

Pleated Midi Skirt

This first trend is an oldie but a goodie and I’m actually seeing a ton of this style skirt here in London. I think I’ll be living in these as the bump grows since they’re easy to style as the weather becomes more crisp with booties or sneakers but absolutely love styling them with cozy boot socks and over the knee boots for an elevated, chic look! Here’s an affordable favorite [UK link] that comes in several pretty colors. I’m drawn to shades of white and creams this year, personally, but I do tend to wear black more this time of year [as you can see in this look above!].

Large Collars

I was skeptical at first but shirts like this started to grow on me the more I saw them. We’re not talking about collared shirts here. We’re moreso seeing it in blouses and sweaters alike. I recently ordered this white baby-collar blouse, which I can’t wait to try on! I will share it on Stories soon!

Button-up Sweaters

This is one of the very wearable trends for late 2020 that I think a lot of you girls will enjoy. Easy to wear and can’t be more comfortable! For a cool-girl look, I like them with high-waisted jeans and moto boots, or you can pair it with a midi skirt for something more feminine. Seeing these everywhere, especially in H&M and & Other Stories [a favorite here]. Mango has a bunch, as well.

Combat Boots

These are everywhere this season and definitely the ‘boot of the year’. I didn’t think I could pull these off but you guys sent in some amazing words of encouragement so I’m going for it! I found that buying a girlier pair [these to be exact] helped make them feel more like Haley, all while trying the trend. My pair were a little pricey so I’m sharing some affordable ones under $200 below for you:

Shackets [aka The Shirt Jacket]

Another trend I was a little nervous about but then I saw this one on & Other Stories website and instantly was like ‘YES, I’m going for it!’. I typically cringe when influencers say this but here we are … I got it in both colors ha! I actually already got it in and love how warm it is and think they were a good purchase for the cold months. There are tons of variety to these [see widget below] and you can wear them in a lot of different ways. I’ll try and play with the trend and share more styling options for y’all over the next month or so.

Wide-Leg Trousers / Pants

This might be my biggest trend crush [you guys already know I love me some culottes] and my bump may prevent me from being able to style A TON of looks for you guys while they’re trending BUT … I’ll do my best. I shot a look the other day embracing this trend so let’s see how many more I can squeeze in! Be sure to wear a more fitted top with these to even everything out!

Ahhh, this post made me so happy to write and shoot! Now I’m just ready for the London weather to cool down a bit so I can style these trends even more. Stay tuned for that … and how I navigate dressing the bump while incorporating these new Autumn trends. Here’s a quick little round up of some of my top trend picks:

What trend are you most excited about this season? Any you’re not into? I’d love to hear! xo.


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  1. Rach wrote:

    I’m loving all these trends for Fall especially the pleated skirt and button sweaters. So cute!


    Published 9.18.20 · Reply
  2. Liza wrote:

    I’m loving combat boots, especially with all the floral mini dresses! Personally I don’t think midi skirts and high-waisted pants work for my short-waisted shape so thank goodness for other trends!

    Published 9.18.20 · Reply
  3. Torri wrote:

    I love the idea of a cropped cardigan to wear as a sweater, and I love the one you’re wearing in stories today! I also love the idea of a pleated skirt. I think pleated skirts are pretty popular here in the US. I’ve seen many people wear them. I own a dress with a pleated skirt that I’ve gotten lots of compliments on. Combat boots have been pretty popular here in years past, not really my style though, and not sure I get do wide legged trousers with my petite curvy frame. The wide collar and the cardigan sweater I could see becoming a trend over here.

    Published 9.18.20 · Reply
  4. Cathy wrote:

    Without even knowing these were trending, I’ve bought a pleated skirt and the button up sweater. I feel both are classic enough for someone who doesn’t necessarily follow the trends. I agree 100% that women in the UK/Ireland are way more fashion forward than most places in the US. People watching is so fun in European cities for that reason! Loads of street style inspiration every where you go. It does mean that your wardrobe can feel a bit dated if you don’t refresh though!

    Published 9.18.20 · Reply
  5. Anna wrote:

    I’m always a sucker for big chunky sweaters! I’ve been seeing a lot of the button-up sweaters, even ones with the buttons on the back and I think they’re so cute! Can’t wait to go shopping and try some of these out. 🙂

    Published 9.18.20 · Reply
  6. Clara wrote:

    Love these! I think cardigans as tops are great for winter and look very cute. I got my first pair of combat boots two years ago. There are burgundy and lined with fur on the inside; they’re so comfy and warm. I love wearing them with short dresses or skinny jeans/leggings.

    Published 9.18.20 · Reply
  7. Kimber wrote:

    Love the faux leather leggings – would love to see them styled in a monochromatic way.

    Published 9.18.20 · Reply
  8. Anouk wrote:

    Fabulous look! All the items fit perfectly together.


    Published 9.19.20 · Reply
  9. Beautiful outfit!

    Published 10.2.20 · Reply