5 Fall Basics That I Basically Live In

Hey y’all, hope you’re doing well! I thought it would be useful if I started covering BASICS each season. Since I definitely live in what you would refer to as ‘basics’, and I know a lot of y’all do as well, I figured I could look at each season and then cover the top basics I wear. I don’t want to complicate these and I’ll be sticking to a handful of basics, but I will provide quite a few shopping opportunities for each basic. This way you can click through to find something that might suit you!

Let’s get started with Fall basics below 🙂

Long Tops

For the last few years, I’ve worn these because they’ve allowed me to get more use out of my chunky knit sweaters that aren’t quite long enough to wear over leggings. Plus, it’s an extra [albeit thin] layer when things are chilly or I want to forgo a jacket for a certain look. Longer yet layerable tops are always a bit hard to find but I’m rounding up options below. For another combo, and like I’m wearing here *currently 30% off, you can actually layer a button-up tunic top instead. I’ve been seeing sweater vests come back in style over the last couple of weeks, so I think this will pair nicely with any I may pick up as well as with outfit you see in today’s post.


Black Leggings

These have been a staple for, gosh … over a decade? And while I tend to be drawn to a sleeker, more polished legging vs. the college days, the idea is still the same: versatile and great with chunky sweaters. I’m wearing my favorite faux leather SPANX leggings, which you’ve heard me talk about before. I hope I can get a couple more months out of some of my leggings but have linked bump-friendly choices below, as well. I also love the options by Plush at Shopbop, especially their fleece-lined ones. They get me through the Winter months. Let me know if you have any I should look into [though I did research on the ones below!].


Neutral Boots & Booties

Keeping footwear to a neutral color makes you able to wear them with more outfits, and since boots tend to be pricer, I think it’s a smart idea for versatility. The shades that are trendy change a little bit year over year but I truly don’t think you can ever really go ‘wrong’. I think I bought these Stuart Weitzman boots two years ago [similar] and I still get use out of them. Focus more on the quality and investing in a pair you’ll wear for multiple years to come and you’ll wear them enough to get a really affordable price per wear.

Tons of my old blog posts have looks where I’ve styled Stuart Weitzman boots if you’re looking for inspiration!

basic stuart weitzman boots

Warm Sweaters

I’m a sweater & leggings girl so this item is definitely on my list! I appreciate that you can layer tops under sweaters as the temps drop, or wear them on their own before things get too chilly. There are so many fun details on sweaters this year, from strong shoulders to stitched knits, so I’m sharing several below. Oh and I’m wearing this H&M Sweater in these images [TTS but has an oversize fit].

Lightweight Outerwear

We’ve already experienced cool days that turn into much cooler nights so layers are key this time of year. And I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited about Outerwear as I am this year. Similar to sweaters, the options are endless and it’s safe to say that outwear, in general, is trending. I’m especially into utility jackets, ‘shackets’, ‘coatigans’, and blazers. I’m excited to get more use out of this coatigan I snagged on sale just after moving to London in March, and the newer version is extremely similar.


I hope this post helped you in finding any particular Fall Basics that you might be in need of replacing or shopping for. I’d love to hear what your top five Fall Basics are too! Do they match mine? Let me know! xo.


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