Bump-Friendly Finds Rocking My World

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Hi, friends and happy Friday!! I feel like today’s post is a long time coming and I’m excited to share it with you. Dressing my bump has been a very welcome challenge over the past couple months as it really started to “pop”. I’ve reached for a variety of items – some specifically maternity while other items I’ve just been able to size up. At this point, I’m trying to go more for bump-friendly vs maternity so I can get more wear out of things when I enter the postpartum phase. I’ve gotten quite a few questions since my last bumpdate about what I’m wearing so I thought I’d round up some favorites and share details!

If you’re expecting and looking for the best basic white tee that will accommodate your bump, look no further than this one! It’s under $15 and comes in a few other colors. I am wearing a small.

Another one of my favorite bump-friendly finds recently is this oversized graphic tee. It’s so comfortable and provides plenty of extra room for my bump without formally being maternity, which is very much appreciated. It’ll be great to wear post-bump to bed or casually with leggings too! Also, you cannot beat the $18 price tag!

I wore this outfit yesterday with these Comrad compression socks that I have been sporting behind-the-scenes lately. I wanted to talk about the importance of compression socks in this post because I’m definitely a little late in mentioning them and wearing them myself. They’re something that I would have been quicker to snag had we had the opportunity to travel more during this time but, since we’ve just been home, I put it off. The truth is, though, compression socks are good to wear throughout your pregnancy whether you leave home a lot or not. Why, you ask? Well, when you’re pregnant, you have more volume in your body and the increase in hormones can make your blood more likely to clot or pool in your lower body [thanks a lot, progesterone]. As your baby grows, the weight of your uterus can put more pressure on your veins than usual and lead to serious issues from these clots, like deep vein thrombosis [DVT]. Not to mention, as you get into your second and third trimester, you also have the potential of experiencing swelling in your feet and varicose veins in your legs, both of which can be quite painful.

While these symptoms might not go away completely until after baby is born, one of the ways to keep your circulation in good shape, improve leg and foot discomfort, and reduce swelling and inflammation is to put on a pair of compression socks at the start of the day!  I recently got this great pair of compression socks from Comrad [kindly gifted] and have been loving them so far. With compression socks, you want them to be firm but not uncomfortable and they come in varying levels of compression. Mine at 15-25mmHg which is moderately firm and personally feel like they’re the best for me. On Comrad’s website, they make it easy to see the level of compression of each sock on the product page.

I definitely recommend these if you work long hours on your feet, like nurses or respiratory therapists, or sitting for long periods of time. Make sure if you’re sitting for long periods of time, you’re getting up and walking at least once an hour. Keeping your legs elevated when sitting is also helpful if you’re struggling with swelling and varicose veins. Alright, nurse Haley is going to move on now but I hope this was helpful and insightful!

Another favorite right now is this pair of leggings. They’re quite possibly the softest pair of leggings I’ve ever worn and for only $25!! I wear it with this oversized long white tunic tee that I got last year all the time [as seen above]. It’s truly the most bump-friendly tunic top you’ll find out there right now! I layer it under sweaters all the time.

I had to include a few bras in this roundup, as well, because the girls have been on their own journey the last seven months [ha!] and I know it’s only about to get 100x more interesting with breastfeeding. Because of this, I’ve picked up quite a few nursing-friendly bra’s. I’ll be doing a proper roundup of the ones I actually like the feel of before birth, because I know there are a few of you who are also looking – but, for now, I’ll just highlight two: this one that’s a bit pricier and this one that’s under $30. And while I’m on the topic of intimates, the stretch on these hipster panties is so comfortable and I’d highly recommend them pregnant or not!

If you needed a little more clarity on the maternity tank I shared on IG stories yesterday, I thought I’d link them all here for you! Okay, so the one I wore on stories is HERE. It’s from a UK department store but DOES offer shipping to the States. If you’re not down with that, I have been recommended THIS maternity seamless cami COUNTLESS times by friends. It’s a little pricier but supposedly amazing and maybe you’ll get enough use out of it to make the price worth it — especially if you think you’ll have more kids in the future. And, finally, THIS is the seamless tank I’ve been loving since before finding out I was pregnant. It did work as a bump-friendly tank up until my third trimester and I will obviously continue to wear them after pregnancy, as well. It is available in the States HERE and the UK HERE.

Any moms or mommas-to-be have any other bump-friendly clothing recommendations? You guys have been such an amazing resource for me and I’d love to hear about any of the ride-or-die items that kept you comfortable during the final months of pregnancy. Be sure to head to my IG stories today to see a few more of things I featured in the style board at the top of the post, like this tunic sweater!

That’s it from me today! Have a great weekend, everyone! xo.




  1. Rach wrote:

    OO yay thanks for sharing this! I’m going to check out all your recs! My all time favorite maternity piece are the maternity dungarees from Mango. I didn’t expect to love it so much but I do and wear it all the time during my pregnancy!


    Published 1.22.21 · Reply
  2. Maureen wrote:

    These are great recommendations! I am not a new mom but after experiencing a pregnancy I can agree with all of your picks! I would add a BE band to the list if you ever find yourself not being able to fit in your jeans or denim. They were a game changer for me. You look great btw. Excited to meet your little one when that time comes.

    Maureen | http://www.littlemisscasual.com

    Published 1.25.21 · Reply