Nursing Bras I’ll Be Trying Out During Breastfeeding

Happy Wednesday, friends! I’m excited to finally share this highly requested post with all you mommas out there! Nursing bras isn’t a topic I was certain I’d ever cover on the blog, lol … but here we are! Things are getting wild around here, but this is motherhood I guess so I’m rolling with it. Plus, it seems like quite a few of you are finding this content helpful, which is always my goal! If you were someone who requested I share top pregnancy undergarments the other day in the IG stories Q&A, stay tuned for that on LTK next week … I haven’t forgotten! [UK links at end of post!]

Alright, let’s get into the nursing bras, shall we?!

Each one of these nursing bras has something a bit different than the others, hence why I’m trying so many. It also makes it difficult to decide on just one or two when I find so many of them intriguing for various reasons. For example, I absolutely could not resist trying this Amazon option. First, the price point is amazing at just $30 for a three-pack. Second, I like all the colors and appreciate the variety. And third, with over 20,000 [yes, you read that right!] five-star reviews how could I not give them a try?

Another budget-friendly option I’m excited to try is this two-pack for $40 from H&M. It was the lace detail that sucked me in immediately, what can I say? I’ll likely be wearing the black one during labor as I know I’ll be walking around our room, bouncing on the birthing ball, and eventually giving birth in the pool [at least that’s my hope] so I want to be covered up a bit.

Bravado is a brand that came highly recommended by many of YOU, especially their Original Nursing Bra so I made sure to snag that one. I hadn’t gotten any with the cross design in the front so I’ll be interested to see if I like that design over the drop-down clip ones.

I also recently heard about the new release of the nursing bra from Spanx and had to try it as I fell in love with this bra last Summer just before finding out I was pregnant. Turns out, I wore it the most during my first trimester because, at least for a majority of it, it accommodated the growth and was the most comfortable. The material of the nursing bra is incredibly soft and I have a feeling it’ll be a fast favorite! Also, they gave me a 10% off code for you guys – be sure to enter HALEYXSPANX at checkout!

Alright, I think that does it for today! I know this type of post is really particular and specific to my girls who are also expecting and will be breastfeeding soon so I really appreciate y’all hanging in there with me on the pregnancy and baby content! For those that this topic does apply to, I hope this was helpful! I’m sure once baby boy gets here and I have more experience actually using the bras I’ll have more to say so stay tuned for that! xo.


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