Monthly Favorites: Mine + Your Top 10 For April

Happy Monday, everyone! I’m kicking off May today with all your favorites from April + some favorites of mine [products or otherwise]. In case you’ve missed it, I started adding a section at the end of these posts to share a quick list of things I’m loving from that month with y’all. My list ranges from IG accounts I’m loving, articles I’ve read to style-related items. Hopefully you’re like it so far! But let’s dive in, shall we?!

Your 10 Monthly Favorites For March

10. H&M Wide Leg Pull-On Pants

So glad we’re all on the same page that comfortable pants with elastic waistbands are the thing to be wearing right now, hah!

9. H&M Wide-Cut Jumpsuit

So glad you girls are loving this jumpsuit as much as me! It was probably my favorite find from my recent H&M haul and I cannot wait to wear it on repeat this Spring and Summer!

8. Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom & Honey Cologne

I’m thinking a lot of you grabbed this from the Sephora Sale, which makes my heart so happy because the scent is amazing!! It also makes a great Mother’s Day gift if you need something last minute.

7. Reebok Classic Leather Sneaker

If I leave the house these days, nine times out of 10 I’m wearing a pair of sneakers and these are such a great neutral pair, plus the price point is pretty great.

6. Universal Thread Sleeveless Cropped Jumpsuit

We’re all just really on the same page when it comes to loose-fitting jumpsuits. I stumbled across this $30 one from Target and I wish so badly that I could order it!! Enjoy it for me, please!

5. Dermapore Ultrasonic Pore Extractor & Serum Infuser

Another popular item from the Sephora Sale! This little tool is a pore extractor and serum infuser and I could not recommend it more!

4. A New Day Crossband Slide Sandals

Another Target find that I believe was in the top 10 favorites last month too and I completely see why! So cute and only $15!

3. Elite Mirror Oval 8 Brush

Artis brushes are the best, so I’m very happy to see several of you picked up this favorite of mine during the Sephora Sale!

2. Babybjorn Mesh Baby Carrier

Hopefully this baby carrier coming in at the number two spot for the month means you guys are loving all the baby / motherhood content!

1. Nordstrom Lingerie Moonlight Pajamas

Last but certainly not least, the best pair of pajamas! They have been so, so comfortable to wear 24/ 7 this last month!

My Personal Monthly Favorites

And now for my monthly favorites – the new section to these posts I mentioned above!

Yeti Rambler – This guy has been my best friend, next to Louie and John, this past month. Drinking so much water after birth helps with healing but also was good for breastfeeding.

Babybjorn Carrier One Mini – THis is my preferred way to babywear Louie when we’re out. It’s super easy to put together as well as put on. Louie feels supported and usually falls asleep when we’re walking.

• Sollybaby Wraps – This has been fantastic for around the house – highly recommend to any new moms.

Drunk Elephant Baby Facial Mask – An oldie but a goodie! Now that I’m not breastfeeding I can use this product again and I’m so excited about it! It leaves your skin looking more vibrant and clearer thanks to AHA and glycolic acid.

THIS Post on Instagram Ever since spending time in London in 2016, I’ve had a love / hate relationship with the industry I work in. That time taught me the beauty in the saying ‘work to live, don’t live to work’. I had spent so much time from 2013-2016 hustling and working non-stop to the point that I was running myself ragged and missing out on LIFE. Sure, it did a lot for my career but the cost was high. I didn’t feel like I had nurtured my own mental health, my friendships, I rarely went on dates or spent time with family, etc. I prioritized work over everything. This industry – with its constant introduction of new verticals of content creation that demand your attention in order to stay relevant [i.e. TikTok, IGTV, Reels, IG stories, podcasts, etc] – can very easily become an obsession and distract you from life. While I could be very wrong, and I hope I am, I see this industry becoming a bit of an unhealthy obsession for those in it. This past year – with pregnancy and our multiple lockdowns – has made me both miss the job I love [and being able to do it in the way I have in the past] but also challenged me to ask myself a lot of questions, many of which are very similar to ones in this post, especially the question of ‘what if you redefined what success looks like to you?’ I don’t want to go back to working non-stop and leaving no room for other areas of my life to flourish, most especially now that Louie is here. I feel like I’m at a bit of a crossroads right now. I am working with a professional + life coach at the moment and will be for the next six months, so I really look forward to the work we do together. My hope is that she helps me with boundaries to make better use of my time as well as nail down exactly what I want to do moving forward with my platform. So, anyway, I really enjoyed coming across that post.

H&M Jumpsuit – After you have a baby, you crave wearing things that make you feel like your old self and this does just that for me.

Babybrezza Formula Machine – This is a life-giving product as it gives you more sleep and makes Louie’s bottles in 15 seconds at the perfect temperature. Think of it as a Nespresso machine for babies, lol.

The Book ‘Signs’ – I shared some of the interesting experiences I’ve had over the last few years with the coach I’m working with and she recommended I listen to the Audible version of this book. It’s wild and makes me feel way less crazy! It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I’ve never believed in coincidences and this book completely validates why.

The News of Downton Abbey 2 – I was already excited for Louie’s first Christmas but now I’m selfishly even more excited because I love this show so much! Can’t wait to see what’s new with the Crawleys! I miss them!

THIS Video on IG: I just had to include something funny. I could not stop laughing at this video. John and I are constantly calling each other Rachel or saying ‘it’s ALL YOUR FAULT’ when things don’t go our way, hah!

I always really love putting these posts together, so I hope you girls enjoy them. It kind of holds me accountable to find some good – even though I do have so much good in my life and plenty to be grateful for, it’s nice to have some time set aside to sort of reflect on some of the things that really brought me joy this month, and now you too, hopefully! I hope your week and month are off to a great start! xo.




  1. Sonya wrote:

    Hi Haley,

    Thanks for including your links at the bottom, I like that part! Are you thinking of writing a future post about some of the work you’re doing with the life coach you’ve hired? Not all of the details, as that is pretty personal, but it would be an interesting post. I’ve always kind of wondered what life coaches do.


    Published 5.3.21 · Reply
  2. The number 9 H & M hooked my heart. Thank you for sharing this!

    Published 5.6.21 · Reply
  3. Zundria wrote:

    I agree with the other poster, Sonya. I would live to know about your experience with your life coach—not too personal. But, I love all your content.

    Published 5.8.21 · Reply