Meet … ME!

I’m sure over time,
if you choose to follow my blog,
you will come to your own conclusions about
what type of person I am.
And, usually,
 I’d much rather someone ELSE tell me about myself
than me tell you about myself.
BUT … I like reading other people’s “Top 10 Facts About ME”
so I’m going to do a similar list just to get the ball rolling:
10. I switched my major in college FOUR times and was in school for SIX years,
which really validated my university’s other name “U. Never. Finish.” 
(I went to the University of North Florida. Make sense, now?)
But that, I admit, was more my fault than theirs.
9. I have a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Nursing,
which, I’m almost certain,
 took two years off of my life due to lack of sleep
and loss of brain cells while trying to fill others. 
The amount of caffeine intake probably wasn’t healthy either.
8. Who am I kidding? I drink coffee everyday. 
“Starbucks grande iced coffee with 2% milk & no Classic, please!”
7. I sleep on my stomach. 
Without a pillow.
At the edge of the bed
There is no other way.
6. My Mom is a 7th grade Civics teacher, 
but is really a history genius. 
(Can’t explain how thankful I am 
that she was the person I saw the movie “Lincoln” with.)
And I just can’t get enough of her silly self!
5. My Dad is a small business owner,
and the most hardworking & dedicated person I know.
I’m forever grateful to have acquired his
endless positivity 
that everything will work out in the end.  
4. I am the oldest of three. 
I have two younger brothers,
who are hil-arious.
3. I was really shy growing up.
I always hated being called on in class,
and having to correct the teacher on the first day of school:
“I go by Haley, not Alyson”
It’s funny to think about the things we used to think were a big deal…
… because they’re totally NOT a big deal.
I grew out of that, thankfully.
2. I am EXTREMELY near-sighted. 
My optometrist told me one time, 
“You’re in the Top 100 of my blindest patients”
“And you’re not a candidate for Lasik”
Even better.
1. My best friend is a dog named Fish. 
He is my sweetest blessing,
and proof that God always brings you 
the people and things that you NEED.
(you will learn more about Fish and I’s story at some point or another)
Everything else will come out in time, I’m sure 
(i.e. my love for Dolly Parton, country music, 
summer storms, spontaneous ANYTHING, traveling,
and a good quote), but this is it for now.
With LOVE & sequins,
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  1. Jessica Jones wrote:

    You started a BLOG?!?! Best day ever! Congrats and happy belated birthday girlfran! 🙂

    Published 2.26.13 · Reply
  2. Leslie Virginia wrote:

    <3 it Haley! So excited for you and your blog!

    Published 2.25.13 · Reply