Friday Faves & Personal Resolutions


Hi there! Happy Friday!

The images are all from my Pinterest page. In the little time I have had off this past week, I have been a pinning machine! I wanted to share these because they stood out to me, in particular, for one reason or another. Gray’s and neutrals with a little sparkle have been catching me eye, except for that one amazing pop of pink.

I’ve been looking for a lot of bedroom and home decor inspiration because my Dad and I will be moving into the new house in a few short weeks. I have been looking for furniture, which is quite the task. I decided on a white, light gray, charcoal, metallic silver and pops of pink color pallet, and it’s so hard to know for sure that everything is going to flow. I don’t want everything to match, but I want it to be mixed and matched perfectly. Makes complete sense, I know.

Needless to say, I haven’t pulled the trigger on anything yet except a paint color. I’m not the best at decision making when there are tons of choices because I am so visual. That’s why I love styling so much. I want to see it all in front of me first, so I can play around with all the options to see what looks and goes the best. But that’s not possible with all of this, so, as fun as it is … it gives me a little anxiety. Truth be told … the only way I felt truly comfortable with saying “omg, yes!” to a paint color was after I searched for the Sherwin Williams color on Pinterest and the search results showed me tons of rooms that were painted that color. Genius idea, if I do say so myself!

So, my New Year’s resolutions come in keywords this year, and they are as follows:
Focus. Do. Create. Hustle. Give. Inspire. Grace. Heal. Grow. Learn. See. Listen. Read. Laugh.
Love. Love Love.

So, I have to tell y’all something. Over the next couple months, I won’t be doing styled shoots. I’m not saying they won’t ever return. Because they will, but life is hectic right now. I know myself and, even the thought of styled shoots gives me anxiety because it takes a lot more time and energy than people realize. I wake up at 4AM sometimes before a 12-hour shift to get the blogpost put together because I have been otherwise tied up with other things on my days off. I’m happy to do that, because I absolutely love blogging and styling. But, with this move coming up, I have to spend my free time away from the hospital (I work three 12-hour shifts a week) focusing on creating this new space that is completely mine and reflects me. I need that for my sanity, honestly. I need it to make all of the New Year’s resolutions happen. I want to make big things happen this year, and that will mean that I redirect my FOCUS when it’s needed in order to DO and CREATE and INSPIRE. Ultimately, it’s all for the blog. I want to create a beautiful place for you all to come for inspiration and I want to create a beautiful place for me to generate that inspiration. So, I hope you are excited to go on this journey with me because, as y’all very well know, I am an open book and will be sharing as much as I can of the process.

My last three words are the same. Love. Love Love.

Last year, I made a resolution for the first time in quite a few years. I shared it on Instagram because I usually forget my resolutions, honestly. But it was simple. I just wanted to love other people more. As a nurse, I know good and well that people aren’t always easy to love. (Let’s be real. Don’t we all know that? I know you’re probably thinking of that one family member or friend right now, huh?) But, I know that, even with a hard shell covering, most everyone wants to feel loved and accepted. Last year, I wanted to make it a point, a focus of mine, to give love to anyone and everyone, whether they deserved it or not … based on social standards. I was introduced to a book called Love Does by Bob Goff in September, and I actually read this one. It turned out to be one of the highlights of my year. Seriously. I’m not the perfect “lover”, by any means, but it was the perfect book to go along with my resolution, to help me understand love and what it is. The way Bob Goff views love is right where my heart is. He shares stories from his life of living by loving without agenda and what Jesus taught him through these experiences. He describes a love that’s extravagant and stirs up hope in the soul. Reckless love that propels you to move. Love in action. I love this love. A love that does.

I’m such a lover of words. Maybe it’s the writer in me. Probably is. But sometimes I get caught up in the beauty of the words put together, that I forget to look at the action behind them. The truth is, there are a lot of words that can be spoken or shared but are just … empty. I want to see this purposeful love not only in the words I speak but the actions I take, as well. That always screams genuine to me, when someone shows me that kind of love. The best way to see it in others is to pay it forward and show them how it’s done. Shower them with love like it’s confetti. So, I’m going to continue to love, love, love on people and hope to see Jesus shine brighter than the sun.
I know this post is a little different than normal but feel free to share your thoughts on my keywords. What are your keywords? What are your resolutions?
What is the best way that you have found to show others that you love them?
Feel free to share and Happy Friday, sweet friends!

With love and sequins,

“Don’t be afraid of being different.
Be afraid of being just like everybody else.”



  1. Kira wrote:

    Hi Hayley!

    Because of this post I started reading Love Does…I love it so far! It's such an amazing book!! So I just wanted to thank you for sharing this!


    Published 1.14.14 · Reply
  2. Haley Shepherd wrote:

    I agree! Anything to maintain my sanity, right?? 🙂 I love it too much to stay away for too long … so be sure to check back in the next few weeks! I'll be infusing home decor into the blog slowly but surely, as well! Thanks, Amber!

    Published 1.5.14 · Reply
  3. Haley Shepherd wrote:

    Those are all great resolutions, Em! I love the one about strengthening relationships with special friends and family members. Smaller is definitely better … the ties becomes tighter 🙂 So excited I get to see you and squeeze you in a few short weeks. Love you lots!

    Published 1.5.14 · Reply
  4. Haley Shepherd wrote:

    I know, and I haven't created a personal space in quite some time so I am SO excited to do just that in this new house … and also excited to share it with you all. Don't worry, style posts will be back as soon as life is a little less hectic! I have some things lined up for Valentine's Day and I'll still post outfit photo's on Instagram as I'm able … so don't worry 🙂


    Published 1.5.14 · Reply
  5. Haley Shepherd wrote:

    Thanks, Jen! I definitely have some of those resolutions … like NAP LESS (I love to be cuddled up under a down comforter … its my favorite thing haha) and put my clothes away immediately after I take them out of the dryer. Hahah, I think we all do. But thinking about the entire year … those keywords are what I want to focus on and work toward 🙂 And, you're welcome, Jenn! Happy New Year!

    Published 1.5.14 · Reply
  6. Haley Shepherd wrote:

    Don't we all!! Pinterest is the best thing, ever!! Thank you for your sweet words about my styled posts. I will definitely still be posting outfits on Instagram here and there, as time, work and the move allow 🙂 Good luck with the resolutions!

    Published 1.5.14 · Reply
  7. Emily wrote:

    Loving your keywords. They are so simply, yet so powerful and have true meaning. I not only want to (cliche) work out more this year- but I want to do it to make myself feel more healthy. I also want to be a better friend, sister, daughter, and girlfriend. And I want to mold all of my relationships better.I'm slowly learning that it is FINE to have a smaller group of friends, if that means they are all great & uplifting and encouraging. THOSE are the relationships I want to focus on. And I want to travel more…. which I get to do with some amazing friends SOON! can't wait to see you! 🙂

    Published 1.3.14 · Reply
  8. Halle wrote:

    I love the inspiration for your new room! There's nothing like creating that special place for yourself.
    I will miss your outfit posts (I'm a big fan of this blog!) but I love that you're upfront and honest about what's going on in your life.
    Best of luck with everything!

    Published 1.3.14 · Reply
  9. Jenn wrote:

    I love how meaningful your resolution words are, not just a pledge to go to the gym or eat less chocolate, ha! 🙂

    Thank you for being an inspiration! I wish I had more friends who were as thoughtful with their words, intentions, and actions. Best wishes for an incredible 2014!

    Published 1.3.14 · Reply
  10. Bianca Roman wrote:

    i wish everything in my life could look like my pinterest boards LOL. i'm excited about your new move and i hope you're able to have everything come together like you're seeing in your head.

    i love the style posts, but completely understand the need to step away from it for a while..hope you'll still post on instagram so we can see the great outfits and messages.


    your focus words are just right. i love focus, learn and read. i feel like everyone should do that more. and i try to do it, and i'll succeed for a little while, but then it all does down hill.

    Published 1.3.14 · Reply
  11. Amber @ Fashion, Floss and Lip Gloss wrote:

    I love the idea of more love as a resolution! Yes, patients can test the most patient caretakers 😉 Best wishes as you and your Dad move and decorate – the color scheme sounds beautiful! Hope it gives you a fresh new start in this new year. As far as stepping back from style posts for awhile, it's your life, it's your blog, do what you gotta do girl!!

    ♥ Amber ♥
    Fashion, Floss and Lip Gloss

    Published 1.3.14 · Reply
  12. Leslie Ward wrote:

    Moving into your new house is definitely a good way to start your 2014. The moving part can be stressful. But once it’s done, you will all feel relieved. How was the experience, by the way?

    Leslie @ The Bolton Home Team

    Published 1.17.14 · Reply