Bundled In Classic Burberry London

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One of the words that comes to my mind when I think of London is classic. Although it is modern in many ways, you will look around this beautiful place and find the old pubs, the iconic sites, the red telephone booths, and the way Londoners dress to have remained the same way it’s been for years and year, and thus have a very classic London feel.

If there is one brand that embodies that classic London feel, it is … hands downBurberry. Like London, it has grown and modernized, incorporating other colors and patterns into its handbags, coats and shoes, but there is just nothing better than what they are famous for: their trench coat and heritage check cashmere scarf. Y’all know I have a slight obsession with cashmere so, on a recent shopping trip down Regent Street with my girl friend, Sarah, I decided to treat myself to the scarf as a sweet way to remember this experience here in London. I’ve loved popping it on to bring my very classically neutral London looks to life!

While I realize you’re reading this and you’re like ‘well, I don’t have the luxury of strolling through London to pop in to Burberry really quick‘. I have great news! Our good friend Nordstrom carries Burberry and has a pretty extensive selection of this classic London brand! I’ve rounded up a small bunch of my favorites here:


Also, many of you have asked me about this quilted black jacket and I highly recommend it if you’re looking to invest in a good piece of outerwear from Burberry.

Happy Tuesday, friends! Make it a great one! xo.



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  1. Ann wrote:

    I know this post is super old, but what brand is the duffle coat in this post? Thank you!!!

    Published 8.3.18 · Reply