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Hey there, lovelies! My living room reveal is finally here! I’ve had requests for this post for months and months and I’m so excited to finally be sharing it! 🙂

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has found home decor to be a long-standing undertaking. There are so many retailers to mull through and even more stores to peruse to put together an aesthetic that only really exists in your mind, and maybe a few Pinterest photos that are ‘kind of’ what you’re looking to accomplish. It’s like putting a huge 1,000 piece puzzle together. It’s overwhelming and, honestly, for me, it doesn’t come as ‘naturally’ to me as putting outfits together. Since starting with a clean slate of a living area back in January when I sold my large beige sectional after Kristan moved out, I knew this might be something I may need to call in reinforcements for when the planning began for my two long trips abroad. There’s no way I could have planned & put together all the blog posts I’ve shared with y’all while I was away (and since) AND researched and compiled everything you’re seeing today, so I owe a huge thank you to the amazing team at Dwell Staging & Design. They truly got this project started beautifully!

Before going to St. Thomas in July, I really hadn’t made much progress. I had this couch [which was order at the end of December & arrived in April – just as a warning if you’re interested in ordering one for yourself!] and this TV console and a few of the knick-knacks but, with their help, I came home to this amazing arched lamp, beautiful rug, matching velvet wingback chairs on either side of the TV console, an appropriately sized marble coffee table, the adorable plant [which has lavender in the leaves so it matches!], this adorable circle leopard tray, and these two quatrefoil mirrors on my wall … among so many more! It all completely transformed the space! More than anything I wanted a space that was cozy. I let them know that I tend to gravitate toward cozy with some touches of glam and edge. The contributions to the space were right on with the aesthetic I was going for and really kicked my creative juices into high gear from there! It gave me the inspiration I needed to continue it all on my own and, for that, I’m thankful!

With their interior design and decor expertise and my additional finds, here is the final result! I’ll go through by area being that the space has a few different nooks you may want a little more insight into.My hope is that you’ll find some inspiration from this space, as well! Everything is linked at the bottom of the post!

I don’t think I mentioned to the team at Dwell Staging & Design that I liked purple or wanted purple in my living room. I honestly don’t think that was the color that I would have chosen had they asked. But, when I walked in and saw that that was the complimentary color that they had found to work best in multiple pieces, starting with the rug and the chairs, I was surprised at how much I liked it! I think it pairs so well with the beige, gray, gold, white and leopard accents. I absolutely love it!

Don’t miss these fun shearling accent pillows! They’re included in the Nordstrom Sale so they’re a great price compared to some similar ones I’ve seen and come in multiple colors! This chunky knit blanket is also included in the sale and it’s one of Fish’s FAVORITES to snuggle up with when we’re hanging out on the couch!

I fell in love with this TV console immediately! It worked perfectly for the length of my wall and gave me enough room to add these beautiful chairs from Home Goods! My friends at Dwell Staging & Design are responsible for that find! If you’re wondering, my TV console is where I store all of my books, devotionals, workbooks and DVD’s. I make sure to keep a box of tissues there just in case whatever I’m chatting about with friends or whatever I’m watching on TV gets the best of me. I think it’s respectful to have tissues in your space for that reason! You never know when it could serve a guest.

My kitchen is a little more fun and glam, compared to my main living area. It’s doused with its fair share of one of my favorite shades … LIGHT PINK! I love that both my kitchen and my living room represent a side of me and my personality. The place settings have to be my absolute favorite!

Don’t miss THIS copper wine rack! It was sold out for a little bit because it’s included in the Nordstrom Sale but I saw last night that it’s currently back in stock!

These pineapple salt & pepper shakers aren’t pictured but I just ordered them! Enter SEQUINS15 for 15% off!

This might be my favorite nook in my home. This wood sign has one of my favorite song lyrics that serves as a reminder of who I am, who I belong to, what my value is and what my life should be focused on more than anything else. I store barware in this 2-door mirrored cabinet [mine was purchased from Home Goods; linked similar at bottom of post] for easy access. My kitchen cabinets are pretty tall and I am not, so it saves me from having to climb up on the counter when I have guests over for cocktails before a nice dinner or night out!

Here is a quick link to the wood sign! Be sure to check out the entire store! They have so many sign options with amazing quotes and song lyrics!

Have you heard of LAFCO candles? My friend Katey introduced me to them and they are seriously the greatest thing! Don’t get me wrong … I love me some Capri Blue Volcano, but this Champagne flavored candle by LAFCO is a really close second!

I love how this little area turned out! I wanted it to be a little more glam because the other nooks are a little more on the cozy side with small glam accents. The mirrored console is super glam and the perfect size for this space in particular. It’s honestly not the highest quality but, sometimes, when you’re living in an apartment, that minor detail doesn’t matter! At least it doesn’t to me! I also just got an Echo Dot and it’s been fun getting to know Alexa 😉

My blanket basket is HERE and will be available again August 9th. Enter your email on the product page to receive a restock alert!

If you want something super similar right away, you can order THIS one. The handles are just a little different.

I feel like the wall needs just ONE more large artificial flower …. what do you think? Also, don’t bother ordering the ‘small’ ones because I tried a couple of times and I got emails saying that they are unavailable, which is strange because it always says they’re in stock.

 I love how cozy this space is. This large floor mirror was such a steal! It’s massive, so heavy and great quality and I got it for 30% off! It’s still currently discounted so definitely take advantage if you’re in the market for something like this for your space! It also took no time at all to have it delivered! I do feel like this space needed a little bit more cohesiveness to the main living room area, though, so I just ordered this adorable lavender mongolian sheep skin rug to replace the white one I had purchased at IKEA.

I know this was, like … the longest post ever! Ha! But I hope you enjoyed getting a tour of the main area of my home. All the details are linked throughout and below! If I missed anything that you’re wanting … be sure to leave me a comment in the comment section below and I’ll get back to it as soon as possible. Please be aware that I do sometimes have to moderate comments so it might not show up right away! Don’t worry. It did go through and I’ll publish it as I check it throughout the day!

Thanks for stopping by today, lovelies! Feel free to pin any of these photos to your Pinterest boards for easy reference later on! 🙂 xo.




  1. I LOVE that couch & chairs! So beautiful! Your home looks so cozy and inviting!

    Published 8.3.17 · Reply
  2. Jess wrote:

    What a perfect, dreamy space you’ve got here girlfriend!! I don’t think I would ever leave! I kept trying to pick out my favorite thing and honestly – I just love it all! Although I think that ultra cozy entryway spot might be my fav 🙂 and I totally agree about the purple! I never gravitate toward that color but it looks so perfect here! Thanks for sharing!

    Published 8.3.17 · Reply
  3. Michael @ Mile in My Glasses wrote:

    OMG! I love how you’ve decorated your space – it’s absolutely gorgeous! Such great picks and all the decor goes so nicely! Thanks for the beautiful snaps!

    I hope you have a great Thursday!

    Published 8.3.17 · Reply
  4. Lindsay Cameron wrote:

    Absolutely stunning! Your living space is so beautiful & I just love all the intricate accents and pieces. I’m such a huge fan of decorating and you have inspired me for some future home projects! (I also agree on your new lavender rug for the little nook area, will be the perfect accent of color for that little spot!). Thanks for putting so much detail into this post and breaking it down like you did. Was nice to see each little area one by one. (As always, I enjoyed seeing Fish & Chips making their way into the post as well). One question, the little fish drawing you have on your TV console, do you know the artist or how to have those made for other pets?

    Published 8.3.17 · Reply
  5. Jennifer wrote:

    I absolutely adore your living room. This is literally my living room goals! It’s amazing!


    Published 8.3.17 · Reply
  6. Lindsey wrote:

    This is so gorgeous! I always feel like apartments are a little hard to personalize, but it’s amazing how you were able to transform yours into such a beautiful space that perfectly suits you. Now I want purple and pink in my family room and kitchen!

    Published 8.3.17 · Reply
  7. La Bijoux Bella | by mia wrote:

    Simply beautiful chic decor! Love ❤️ it! 🙂

    ????????LA BIJOUX BELLA ????????| By Mia | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

    Published 8.3.17 · Reply
  8. Danielle @ The Front Porch wrote:

    This is gorgeous! I am currently in the process of (slowly but surely) redecorating my living room so this post came at a great time. Thank you for sharing!

    Published 8.3.17 · Reply
  9. BunnyBunny wrote:

    Your apartment is so cute!! It looks like the perfect place to spend time. Love all of the decor!

    Published 8.3.17 · Reply
  10. Sam wrote:

    It looks amazing! Love how prominent the pups are in these photos and in the space. Those pictures of you with them are too cute!


    Published 8.3.17 · Reply
  11. Nicole wrote:

    WOW! I love the space! Serious #goals and inspo for me to freshen up my living space! I love how bright and light your space looks! Thanks for sharing <3

    Published 8.3.17 · Reply
  12. Tamara James wrote:

    Such a fab space! Makes me want to just curl up and read a book with puppies in my lap, candles burning and something yummy simmering on the stove. So inviting and cozy, yet bright and pretty. I just love it! <3 Thanks for sharing!

    Published 8.3.17 · Reply
  13. Kim B. wrote:

    Absolutely beautiful! I love the pop of leopard accent in the pillows and x bench. Very cozy and inviting and it all flows so well together. I wish I lived in the Jacksonville area so I could have Dwell Staging & Design come help me with my house but I’m a little farther south on 95…

    Published 8.3.17 · Reply
  14. Briana wrote:

    I love your decor! Such pretty details! They make the difference!


    Published 8.3.17 · Reply
  15. Daria wrote:

    Love this! Beautiful blog post x
    Good job on your blog. Love those photos.

    Published 8.3.17 · Reply
  16. Sara Croom wrote:

    Such a great space you’ve created! The small collage of you and the pups is perfect!

    Published 8.3.17 · Reply
  17. Beth wrote:

    Gorgeous! Your living area looks beautiful and so relaxing! My favorite part might be the family photo wall. Haha fish and chips sure are cute! : )

    Published 8.3.17 · Reply
  18. kathy wrote:

    Looks very nice, but I have to say my favorite part is how you incorporated your love for your puppies! Love that, probably because I’ve done the same thing in my home! xoxo

    Published 8.3.17 · Reply
  19. Brooke wrote:

    I literally love everything. I loved it enough that I just pressed “order” on that couch and don’t regret that for one second. You had me at velvet! It looks gorgeous and I’m so excited to get it in November (haha)! My next purchase will be those hanging roses! Thank you for sharing Haley!

    Published 8.3.17 · Reply
  20. Katie wrote:

    This is the living room of my dreams. I am also redecorating our house at the moment cause as you say it is a slow process but finally we are getting everything together. Thanks for sharing. I might order some of the pieces you showed.
    Greetings Katie


    Published 8.4.17 · Reply
  21. Liza wrote:

    That mirror! Oh my gosh! Love! But i think they went up on the price. You mentioned it was on sale for $440 and website now says $629. 🙁 Still may get it. Just need to get the green light from the hubs 🙂

    Published 8.4.17 · Reply
  22. Wow! I am in love with everything! It is beyond beautiful. I love how light and airy it looks. The colors are simply gorgeous! In one of your photos, there is an ottoman with two leopard pillows on it beneath a window. I don’t see anything about that ottoman. Where is that from?

    Published 8.7.17 · Reply
  23. Brittany Farrow wrote:

    First I love this post. This is my home decor inspiration—the one I follow I know you live in a new place! But I did want to know why you changed your name from sequins and things!?

    Published 7.12.18 · Reply