10 Things To Pack For A Fall Trip To London

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Well, hey there! Heading on a Fall trip to London this year? Let me help you figure out what to pack.

But first … if you’re new around here, let me start by telling you a little bit about myself. My name is Haley and I love London. Last year, I was dating an Englishman and it took me on a five month adventure as a resident of Earl’s Court from August to December. While the romantic relationship between this Englishman and me did not last, the experience was one I will never forget and / or regret. 

London is one of those cities that you can literally visit year round. I’ve been fortunate enough to have experienced all seasons in this beautiful city, thanks to living there and my frequent visits over the past couple of years. And, while some complain that the weather is less than ideal most of the time, I beg to differ.

During my five months in London, there were MAYBE two weeks worth of rain … and not consecutively. Sure, it gets pretty hot in the month of August and with no air conditioning [or ‘air-con’ as the Brits call it] in most flats, I still found the heat to much more pleasant that the sweltering sauna I was born and raised in, also known as Florida. January and February are probably the harshest months, weather-wise, but I think it’s quite impressive that even during my time there in December / January one year … the temperature during the day never went below 50. There are some other places in London that are bone-chilling at that time! 

But, if I could choose a favorite time of year to visit London … it’s literally an even tie between Spring and Fall. You can’t go wrong either way. In the Spring, you’ll find cherry blossoms and wisteria everywhere, which adorn the colorful homes of Notting Hill and the pristine white facades of Kensington and Belgravia quite nicely. And, in the Fall, a stroll through Regent’s Park with orange leaves surrounding you on all fronts, is quite literally one of the dreamiest things you’ll ever experience. The weather … during both times of year … is so enjoyable 🙂 

I’m currently en route back to this magical city and I thought I’d put together a little list of the 10 items you should pack for a Fall getaway to London + some things that I’ve brought along with me on this trip! 

My biggest piece of advice is to pack layers because you may be cold walking around London but once you get inside a pub or down into the underground, you will likely get hot so make sure you can add and subtract things based on the changes you’ll experience throughout your day.

Cashmere Scarf

london packing list, fall trip

Okay, so I’m not trying to be bougie by indicating that a cashmere is the only kind of scarf you should pack. I’m sure you would be fine with a regular blanket scarf. I’m positive you would … but, when I am in London, I am a walking FIEND! I think it’s the best way to see the city. Plus, a lot of the neighborhoods that have tube stops are a lot closer together than you would think. [i.e. South Kensington and Knightsbridge is literally a 15-minute walk from one station to another. By the time you get down into the underground and board a tube, you’d be there already!] So, if it’s chilly out … I think the best thing you can do to keep you doing is to bring items that you KNOW will keep you warm. Cashmere and wool are materials that will do just that!

Personally, I think Shopbop has the best cashmere scarf options. I have multiple by White + Warren.

[UPDATE: 10.18.17] THIS is the gray one I have been wearing a lot on this trip and THIS is the light brown one I wore yesterday. There’s only one left of the light brown one so I’d go with the camel color as you’re next best option. It’ll go with a ton of stuff!

Comfortable Flats

If you’re a first timer in London, you have a lot of ground to cover so don’t limit yourself by thinking you’ll be ‘fine’ in booties. No, no, sister! I promise … there are some other cute shoe options out there for you. Thankfully, it’s not TOO cold this time of year during the day to need socks just yet so get by with comfortable flats and / or sneakers:

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PRO TIP: Purchase the flats / sneakers of your choice a month before your trip so you have time to break them in / try them out yourself before walking all over a big city with them. Nothing makes exploring less fun than blisters! If you do happen to need band-aids in London, they are available in Boots locations throughout the city and they’re referred to as ‘plasters’.

london packing list, fall trip

Lightweight Parka or Cardigan

Packing for really cold weather is tough because heavy coats and down jackets are thick and take up a lot of room in your suitcase, which is another reason why venturing to London in the Fall is ideal. A lightweight parka or cardigan can be thrown over so many neutral, basic outfits making it one of the absolute necessities you need to consider bringing along! Here are a few ideas:

Lightweight Coat

When you have a layer or two underneath a lightweight coat and a scarf, as I mentioned, you should be pretty comfortable walking around the city. Here are a few that have caught my eye, that I think would work:

Warm Basics

On the colder days, especially if there is wind and rain involved in the forecast, I’d say a neutral colored wool or cashmere turtleneck might be a great option to have. This will make your day in the city so much more comfortable. Add a trench on top, and throw an umbrella in your purse, and you should be all set!

Lightweight Basics

This is kind of a given. Stick with white, striped, gray and black long sleeve tops. While cotton isn’t always ideal in cooler climates, you’ll be okay with your cashmere scarf and coat, especially with all the walking you’ll do. If you think you need another layer, add a cardigan underneath you jacket.


london packing list, fall trip
outfit linked in THIS post! similar hat HERE and newer version of puffer vest can be found HERE!

Hats are a really fun way to play up your outfit and I don’t think you should shy away from them just because you’re traveling. Some of the trendiest ones right now are way easier to pack in your suitcase than the floppy wool ones that have been the ‘it’ hat for a couple of years. I’ve packed a couple of fiddler hats and beret’s in my bag for this trip! Can’t wait to try something new 🙂

Charging iPhone Case + Portable Battery

London is MASSIVE and, if you only have a few days in the city, it’s highly likely that you will be out ALL DAY with a potential quick stop back to wherever you’re staying to change for dinner. I’d suggest purchasing a charging phone case, which usually will provide you will double the battery life you would have without one. In addition to that – just to be safe – I would suggest buying a portable charger. I use this one and absolutely love it! It’s super lightweight! 

Travel Smart Handbag

london packing list, fall trip

I personally have never fallen victim to pick-pocketers in London but they are around, especially in central London, so I always caution travelers to choose their handbags carefully. Don’t wear open totes around where someone can just reach in it. Choose one that has a clasp on it that you need to click to get into it or a zipper! I recommend Longchamp because their large Le Pliage tote has a lot of room, zip-closure, is durable and weather resistant. I’d also recommend leaving your more expensive bags at home as it could make you more of a target. [I don’t always follow that advice but it is smart.]


So, it rains in London from time to time [some argue it rains more here than in most places] so why not come prepared? Bring an umbrella for those wet days. You can always buy a cheap one here in a Boots convenient store.

Alright, lovelies! I hope this helps you get ready for your trip. I actually just arrived back in London today before scooting off to Paris on Saturday so I’m off to get my nails done then meet up with Victoria for a catch up! Thanks for stopping by! xo.




  1. Taylor wrote:

    Hi! Thank you for this packing list, I hope to be using your guide here in the next couple of years. I’ve been to London in November and I fell in love with it! Can’t wait to go back.

    I was wondering if you could tweak your Charging iPhone Case portion a bit? I think you left out a few links you intended to put in where you usually link the word “THIS” and where it says _____. I’m looking for a new charging case so I’m just curious!

    Thank you so much! Enjoy your travels!

    Published 10.12.17 · Reply
    • AlysonHaley wrote:

      Yes, I will. Sorry about that! It’s been a crazy week and my sleep deprivation is showing. I’ll update it shortly.

      Published 10.12.17 ·
  2. Nicole wrote:

    This post is extremely helpful! I’ll be traveling to London in December and I’m starting to think about items I need to pack. Could you do a post with cute layer outfits/ideas? I know the key to packing for a winter trip is to layer but I don’t typically layer in my day-to-day wardrobe.

    Published 10.12.17 · Reply
    • AlysonHaley wrote:

      Hey Nicole! Glad this was helpful for you. I lived in London last year and shared lots of outfits between August and December with lots of layers. Play with the search bar and type in ‘London’ and check out those posts and then see if you can type in ‘London layers’ and see what pops up. That should be helpful as I know I showcased quite a few. I’ll also be sharing what I wear while I’m here now and in Paris on Instagram so stay tuned to my LTK posts for those details, as well, to help you with some layering ideas and current in stock items! xo.

      Published 10.12.17 ·
  3. Jennifer wrote:

    This is a great packing list! A cashmere scarf is always a must!!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

    Published 10.12.17 · Reply
  4. Brittany McQuhae wrote:

    Are the black sneakers your wearing the women’s Nike free rn commuters you have linked?

    Published 10.12.17 · Reply
    • AlysonHaley wrote:

      I wear the Nike Juvenate mostly! I think that’s the style I’m wearing in these photos!

      Published 10.16.17 ·
  5. Annie wrote:

    The Anker portable charger is AWESOME! I’m heading to London On Sunday!

    Published 10.13.17 · Reply
    • AlysonHaley wrote:

      Hope you’re having a great time, although I have seen some crazy photos of the sky because of the hurricane that’s heading toward Ireland! Hopefully it clears up quickly!

      Published 10.16.17 ·
  6. Would love to travel to London someday. I never gave it much thought years ago but after seeing all your dreamy pics, I’ve added it to my list of travels.

    Published 10.13.17 · Reply
    • AlysonHaley wrote:

      London is a gem! So much to do! Lots of beautiful things to see 🙂

      Published 10.16.17 ·
  7. Kristjaana wrote:

    Great tips! Somehow every time I’ve visited London, even if it’s in the middle of summer, it has always been so cold and rainy, so all your suggestions on what to pack come right in handy!

    x Kristjaana

    Published 10.18.17 · Reply
  8. Andrea wrote:

    Hi! So I’m going to London at the beginning of June. Any tips you have on what to wear to prepare for weather? I’m also going to Ireland and Scotland and plan on only using a carry on for the two weeks.

    Published 1.21.19 · Reply
  9. Simone wrote:

    Hi! Thanks so much for the packing list. I was on the right track and your article reaffirmed. Heading to Manchester and down to London for the first time in a week. Can’t wait to get there. Love reading your stories. Thank you.

    Published 10.23.19 · Reply
    • AlysonHaley wrote:

      You’re welcome! Happy to help! xo.

      Published 10.23.19 ·