Holiday Gift Guide: For The Beauty Queen

Hey there, beauties! The second volume in this holiday season’s gift guide series is here, just as promised! These gift ideas are for the gals in your life who are always picking up a new lip gloss or nail polish, whether you’re at Nordstrom or CVS, and constantly trying out and recommending her latest beauty buys!

• I’ve included a lot of personal favorites, like this Better Than Sex mascara and this neutral and berry tone eyeshadow palette! The mascara’s brush shape helps to separate your lashes so that they are perfectly fanned out and the even consistency of the mascara makes it really easy to apply. The eyeshadow palette colors have so much pigment to them making it super easy to make it go a long way. Just remember: a little goes a long way! Enjoy 15-20% off both of these products right now with one of the following codes as long as you are eligible as a Sephora Beauty Insider Member:

20% off with code 20FORROUGE or 20FORVIB

15% off with code INSIDER15

I stopped in to Sephora yesterday to grab some goodies. I’ll be trying out some of them this morning and sharing my picks later today. Be sure to come back if you were curious what I restocked and am excited to try!

• Every girl needs a stellar curling wand and I shared a couple of months ago that the one I personally love and have been using for a little bit now is by L’ange. I have the ONDULE Titanium Blush Wand 1.25” wand. Right now, you can enjoy 40% off everything on L’ange’s website so head HERE to shop and the discount will be taken at checkout for you! I promise – you will love their products! And yes … 40% …. I know, that’s extremely generous! Definitely take advantage!

• For any of your girlfriends who needs some help in the organizing product department, I’d highly recommend you get together with your group of friends to pitch in on a Glambox for her. This has been a game changer for me. It keeps everything tucked away neatly, which makes me a very happy girl 🙂 I hate clutter. And, if you like saving a little money, enjoy 20% off with code S&Q. You’ll also receive a free lipstick holder and GLAM-on-the-go makeup bag! 

• If you or a friend is struggling with consistent skin issues, I cannot recommend trying out my favorite skincare line, TULA! They are offering a few different holiday kits and, if I had to choose, I’d say THIS is the one I’d recommend. It has all of the products that I consider an absolute necessity in my skincare routine and would recommend you buy. You’re getting quite a good deal here as it has a value of $121 and the holiday kit price is $79 ANDDD I hope you enjoy 20% off and free shipping on order over $30 with code SEQUINS20

• If you’re looking for a sweet gift for a friend who has either gone through a rough year or couple of months OR a friend who has been taking on A LOT at work and needs some rest and relaxation time … I’ve got a great gift idea for you to give to them. This lavender bubble bath smells absolutely divine and if you pair that with this silky eye mask and pillowcase to snuggle into afterwards … I can bet that your friend will get the absolute BEST night sleep! Maybe team up with another friend to spoil her with a cozy pajama set and top it off with a $10 Starbucks gift card. Just an idea! 🙂

I hope this guide was helpful for you! Be sure to check back later today! I’ll have my Sephora picks for you guys and will be reviewing a couple of new eyeshadow palettes on Insta-stories over the next couple of days if you’re in the market for one! Have a great Saturday, lovelies! I’ll be decorating my home today for the Christmas season … I know it seems a little early being that we have Thanksgiving to look forward to but I want to make sure it’s complete a little early so I can photograph it and share it on the blog for you guys! 🙂 xo.

outfit details


eyeshadow pencil is HERE | the color i use is SABLE

blush color – tigerlily | highlighter: global glow | lip color: skinny dip | lip pencil: 1993

other makeup products mentioned

nars blush: impassioned | eyeshadow palette: warm & berry tones

face brushes

eyeshadow brushes

everyday hair products

sephora, sephora vib sale, vib sale, sephora rouge sale

Enjoy 15-20% off both of these products right now with one of the following codes as long as you are eligible as a Sephora Beauty Insider Member:

20% off with code 20FORROUGE or 20FORVIB

15% off with code INSIDER15

Simply enter one of the above codes at checkout to see if you’re eligible for the discount.

These are the products that are currently in my shopping cart. Any experience with any of them? Please let me know which are a YAY and / or NAY. 🙂 Thanks!





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    Plenty nice choices here.

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    Thank you so much for doing the IG live on your makeup routine! Been hoping you would do that!!!! So helpful! Thank you!

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    Your discount codes will come in handy! I shop Sephora and Ulta. Amoung a few other places. I been wanting to try the WaterMelon Sleeping pack from Sephora that keeps selling out. Must be pretty good! I’ll stop by your IG too for more ideas!

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