Three Wardrobe Additions I Recommend For Spring

Hi, friends!

I am incredibly humbled by your response to the new brand name, website redesign and the contents within yesterday’s post. I truly did not expect it to resonate with you the way that it did. Thank you for taking the time to read it and comment. I’m really excited about the giveaway we are doing to thank you for the love you have shown me over the course of the last five years. I am so very excited to see what’s in store over the next five!

So, I understand that there is snow falling in the northeast this week. That is so brutal and I wish I could blow some of the heat we’re getting down here up to you guys! I hope it starts feeling like Spring very soon! In the mean time, I’m excited to share a few of the Spring wardrobe additions I’d recommend for this season based on of the trends I’ve been seeing!

Floral Rompers

I know what you’re thinking: ‘Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking’

floral romper, nordstrom, gucci belt, clare v peyton bag, straw bag


It may seem a little unoriginal, however, we’re seeing the 90’s make a comeback and florals were one of the ‘it’ prints during that time! So, let’s just go with it. Okay, guys?

I recently came across this adorable floral romper with some of the prettiest colors I’ve seen, a flattering cinched waist and romantic ruffle detailing. Personally, I think it was the price that sold me! It’s only $55. Quite a few sizes have gone in and out of stock since I purchased it. I’ve been a little nervous about shooting it for the blog as I wasn’t sure if it would still be available by the time I shared it with you. Thankfully, I just checked and it’s fully in stock so be quick to grab your size! This would be such a great little date night outfit this season leading up to the warmer summer months.


I did a little more searching and found a few other options that are really cute, as well! These are all under $100.

White Accessories

From designer belts to affordable wedges, white accessories seem to be a huge trend this season!

 platform wedges, white accessories, white wedges, wedgesI picked up this Gucci belt last year from Nordstrom and, despite my concern that maybe it wouldn’t get enough wear, I actually opt for it more than I thought I would! It’s such a great staple in my wardrobe. It complimented the cinched waist of this floral romper so well.

If white belts aren’t your thing, I have been really loving the outfits I’ve seen with white sandals and flats. This pair is super comfortable and under $80. I have the cognac pair.

I have picked out some other options for you to consider adding to your wardrobe if you’re looking for other white accessories. All but one are under $100!

Straw Bags

It’s easy to attribute straw bags to being a summer necessity but I’m finding myself pulling out my straw handbags earlier and earlier each year! Don’t be afraid to do the same.

sea grass tote, straw tote, nordstrom, spring trends

I purchased my Clare V. straw handbag in January because it was [1] so adorable and [2] I knew it was going to be a hit so there was no time to wait. I apologize that I can’t link my exact one but I did find this one that is somewhat similar under $50!

I will let you know if I see it back in stock somewhere!

I am contemplating gifting this new straw tote I found on Nordstrom’s website with cute white stars sewn on it and blue & white striped cloth on the inside. It’s so fun and I think it’d be a great gift for one of my sun-loving besties!


Some of the other cuties that have caught my eye can be found below!

What Spring trends are you loving this year?

Nordstrom always does such a good job of updating their trends page each season so you can see for yourself how the runway trends are translating to online retailers. Trying out trends can be a little scary because it may not suit your style after you’ve had a chance to try it on. Nordstrom always provides it’s customers with exceptional care, attention and service so they always provide free shipping and free returns. So, it quite literally costs you absolutely nothing extra and it’s so easy to send returns back.

Have you entered the giveaway yet? Be sure to check out yesterday’s pots to enter! Winner will be announced on Friday morning in the blog post.

Thanks for stopping by today, friends! xo


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  1. Rach wrote:

    Florals and straw bags are top of my list to wear for Spring!

    Published 4.3.18 · Reply
  2. Michael @ Mile in My Glasses wrote:

    That floral romper is so cute!!

    I hope you have a lovely Tuesday,

    Published 4.3.18 · Reply
  3. Ashley Baca wrote:

    I do need all 3 of these trends!!

    Published 4.3.18 · Reply
  4. La Bijoux Bella | by mia wrote:

    Such a pretty floral dress look for Spring! ????

    ??LA BIJOUX BELLA ??| By Mia | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

    Published 4.3.18 · Reply
  5. Allie wrote:

    Love Nordstrom! The return policy is so great, I actually feel like a valued customer when I shop there lol. Love that canteen bag too, it’s so unique! xAllie

    Published 4.3.18 · Reply
  6. Natali wrote:

    Something floral, something white and definitely a basket bag are something I’m agreeing are def. big 3 Spring trends. 🙂

    Published 4.3.18 · Reply
  7. ExcuseMuahh wrote:

    I love the light pink on your redesign of your blog. It’s very soft and comforting. I think the colors are amazing you picked.

    I am waiting for spring to come. I live up north in Canada so it is so cold here the last few days. Literally today in the morning it was -21. I am waiting for good weather. I think what I like about spring is the new colors that come out and been wanting to try out kimono’s similar to what you are wearing in your last blog post 🙂

    Published 4.3.18 · Reply
  8. Jennifer wrote:

    Your romper is so cute!!! I also need a straw bag asap!! And agree with white for spring. Just wish spring would come to Michigan!!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

    Published 4.3.18 · Reply
  9. Nicci wrote:

    That romper is really pretty! I typically don’t care for the style, but I like that it has long sleeves and looks flowy and light. 🙂

    Published 4.3.18 · Reply
  10. Kasey wrote:

    love all these picks! and the quote is my favorite every spring ?

    Published 4.3.18 · Reply
  11. judy yates wrote:

    I love the romper and earrings they are super cute and look comfortable.

    Published 4.3.18 · Reply
  12. Dani wrote:

    I love getting trend reports from you!! 🙂

    Published 4.3.18 · Reply
  13. Shannon wrote:

    Darn, I just looked and the only sizes available are X-Large and XX-Large. Any ideas? Thanks, Shannon

    Published 4.3.18 · Reply
  14. Very chic look! 🙂

    Love the wedges! 🙂

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    Published 4.3.18 · Reply
  15. Amy wrote:

    Always love a good floral print for spring! Love the new website!


    Published 4.3.18 · Reply
  16. Alice Rivera wrote:

    Love it!!

    Published 4.3.18 · Reply
  17. Anna D'Amico wrote:

    Oh my goodness that floral romper is absolutely gorgeous! I think I’ll be adding rompers to my spring/summer wardrobe this year 🙂

    Published 4.4.18 · Reply
    • AlysonHaley wrote:

      I’m obsessed with the colors and the details for it! It’s so cute!

      Published 4.4.18 ·
  18. Brandon wrote:

    That romper is so adorable!

    Published 4.5.18 · Reply
  19. Katie wrote:

    “Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.” ???

    Published 4.6.18 · Reply
  20. Kimberly kinman wrote:

    Love your spring posts! The website update is AMAZING! Love all you do and love that you are making this easier on us. Your fans!❤️

    Published 4.7.18 · Reply