What I Gifted My Newly Engaged Friend

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It seems like every weekend I am seeing a new baby, engagement or wedding announcement on social media. However, it’s been a little while since any of them involved one of my close friends … until recently! My dear friend, Victoria, who you all know if you’ve follow me for awhile, and her longtime boyfriend, Luca, just got engaged back in April on a trip they took to Tuscany. I woke up to a text from her with a photo of her beautiful ring one morning and just couldn’t stop smiling. It was so fun to hear her gush over the story when I got to see her a couple of weeks later.

Before leaving for my last trip to London, in April prior to venturing to the Amalfi Coast, I went on Nordstrom’s website to pick out a few things to gift her and Luca as an engagement present. There were so many great options to choose from and it took me a little while to put together the package you see above! I’m a little picky when it comes to gift giving so much so that I wasn’t able to get everything together quick enough to get it to her until this most recent trip to London. So, on Sunday, after getting back from Portugal, I met with up with Victoria and Luca for a quick brunch to gift them their gifts.

Victoria is very girly and loves romantic details so I thought this heart-shaped Waterford ring holder would be a really beautiful addition to their bathroom counter. I felt confident that this would be a quality purchase mostly because it’s Waterford, but also because of all of the positive reviews the item has received on Nordstrom’s website. I also loved this beautiful gold Kate Spade New York wedding invitation frame. You can put a wedding photo on the opposite side or you can use both 5″ x 7″ slots for two images that are special to you. Regardless of what is put in each slot, I thought it was beautiful and they would love having it around the house to remember their special day. Finally, I got Victoria a pair of pink sling-back shoes that I thought embodied her personal style perfectly and would be perfect for some of the special events her & Luca will undoubtedly be the center of this year. A pair of shoes isn’t something I would normally gift someone as an engagement gift but, Victoria’s birthday is coming up in a little over a month, and I won’t be seeing her until later this year, so I thought I’d throw these in as a dual-gift, ha!

The greatest part about gift giving is seeing the smile and gratitude on your friends’ face, knowing they feel loved and spoiled, but the other great part about this gift, in particular, is the fact that I was able to get everything in one place! Nordstrom has so many great gift options on their website and, when you find the perfect ones for your loved one, you will enjoy free shipping and free returns, if needed! Speaking of gift giving, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is coming up in a few weeks [all the details will be included in my Friday Five this week!] and it’s a GREAT opportunity to stock up on some gifts to have tucked away in a gift drawer. I’ll be highlighting everything that I’ll be purchasing for that purpose during the sale, so be sure to catch my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale posts!

Who are you giving gifts to this Summer?

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  1. Sabiha wrote:

    That’s such a thoughtful gift. Love the idea and I have today those pink shoes are stunning x


    Published 6.27.18 · Reply
  2. Michael @ Mile in My Glasses wrote:

    That’s such a sweet gift, Haley! I absolutely love it!

    I hope you’re having a lovely Wednesday,

    Published 6.27.18 · Reply
  3. Ray Amaari wrote:

    Beautiful ladies..


    Published 6.27.18 · Reply
  4. Kim wrote:

    That ring holder is beautiful! If I ever took my rings off ha I’d totally get that for myself. And how thoughtful of you!!


    http://trendkeeper.me .. My number 1 tip for Sonoma!

    Published 6.27.18 · Reply
  5. Jennifer wrote:

    These are great gifts!!!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

    Published 6.27.18 · Reply
  6. Julie wrote:

    Such a cute post!! Love this!

    Published 6.27.18 · Reply
  7. Nicci wrote:

    I have this ring holder and love it! My aunt gave it to me when she found out I was engaged and I have used it ever since (almost 8 years now). I also keep my most worn stud earrings in the lower (bowl) part.

    Published 6.27.18 · Reply
  8. Natalie wrote:

    So thoughtful of you! Victoria is lucky to have a friend like you!

    Published 6.27.18 · Reply
  9. Erica wrote:

    These are such generous and thoughtful gifts!

    Published 6.29.18 · Reply