The Friday Five: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Edition

Hi guys! It’s finally time for everyone to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! I’m so excited for you guys!

Welcome to this years’ Friday Five for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Last year, I did one for Early Access but decided to move it to Public Access this year to switch things up! Today, I’m sharing my favorite loungewear, beauty and home decor pieces as well as sharing my top 5 favorite products from the sale and my favorite shoe purchases! At the end, you’ll find all of the items from the try-on haul and a list of restocks! Sadly, I haven’t found very many yet but will keep checking throughout the day and let you know about the ones I find on IG stories! Here we go!

5 Best Loungewear Items In The Nordstrom Sale 

nordstrom anniversary sale pajamas


This is definitely the softest and warmest cardigan I purchased from the sale. It’s going to be a great option to throw on when it’s cooler outside to take Fish & Chips out on their morning walks. I think it’s a great around-the-house option for under $100! I’m seriously shocked it’s still in stock!

Sizing: Big. Only two sizes available.

Original Price: $134.00 | Sale Price: $88.90


I got these joggers in the mail the other day and wanted to cancel all of my plans and just lay around the house in them. They are super comfortable and great lounge pants! Highly recommend, especially considering they’re under $30!

Sizing: Big. Go one size down from normal. I’m in my normal size.

Original Price: $39.00 | Sale Price: 25.90


This waffle knit cardigan is one of my favorite purchases from the sale. It’s super cozy and a great basic for the Fall season. I also love that it’s a neutral color!

Sizing: Runs big. Go one size down from normal.

Original Price: $69.00 | Sale Price: $45.90


I had these pajama pants in a lighter gray and white for a really long time and then misplaced them somewhere! I was so happy to see that an exact same pair were included in the same in a slightly different color combination! They’re really smooth and soft against your skin.

Sizing: Go one size down from normal. I didn’t and they are a little big. I’m wearing an XS.

Original Price: $39.00 | Sale Price: $25.90


This is another one of my favorite purchases from the sale and I feel like I have been very selective about using that word this year with the sale. These are the softest jogger pants I own and they are such a steal for under $30! I absolutely love them and recommend the most out of all of these that I listed!

Sizing: I’m wearing an XS here. They fit true to size.

Original Price: $29.90 | Sale Price: $45.00

5 Best Shoes In The Nordstrom Sale


Out of all of the shoes that I purchased and tried out from the sale, these are the ones that impressed me the most! They are so chic and I know they are going to be run into the ground by me over the next couple of years. I will be wearing them nonstop in the Fall and Winter months. I was looking for an ankle bootie that really fit my ankle to wear with cute suede skirts with chunky knit sweaters and I never found a pair that worked! These fit the bill, which is so exciting and the wait was definitely worth it!

Sizing: Runs true to size.

Original Price: $129.95 | Sale Price: $86.90


These open toed sandals are really, really comfortable and will go with so many Fall outfits! I love the perforation of the front part of them and that they aren’t too tall. They give you just enough of a heel to give you some height without making it difficult to walk in.

Sizing: These run true to size.

Original Price: $149.95 | Sale Price: $99.90


I tried on the black pair of these sneakers on the first day of Early Access and knew that it was absolutely necessary for me to get the peachy-pink color, not only because they are more ‘me’ but because they are such a good sneaker! They are durable and well made. I wore them on my way home from Miami the other day and never had an issue with them!

Sizing: Go a half-size down from your normal size.

Original Price: $85.00 | Sale Price: $63.90


I just got these knee-high boots in the mail the other day and I am really impressed by the fit and ultimate comfort of them! I also really love the color of these. Fingers crossed they restock!

Sizing: True to size.

Original Price: $224.95 | Sale Price: $149.90


These little booties are also a great basic bootie for Fall but a different style than most of the other ones I own. I think they will be perfect to pair with all the ankle skinny jeans that I tend to wear as well as cute Fall dresses.

Sizing: True to size

Original Price: $149.95 | Sale Price: $99.90

5 Best Cruelty-Free Beauty Products In The Nordstrom Sale

nordstrom anniversary sale beauty


Not only does Charlotte Tilbury make cruelty-free products but her company makes really great quality products. I have been testing out the contour and cheek palette included in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and all of the shades, whether it’s a bronzer or a blush, are beautiful pigmented and easy to blend. Highly recommend this beauty buy!

Original Price: $153.00 | Sale Price: $75.00



Beauty blenders can be a little pricey when you buy just one, which is why I find this little set to hold such good value because you get two beauty blenders, a cleanser & a little plastic carrying case, which is something I’ve been wishing I had for the longest time! I can’t wait to use this on my next trip so I can keep track of mine better & also clean it on the road!

Original Price: $60.00 | Sale Price: $35.00

nordstrom anniversary sale beauty productsNUFACE WHITE TRINITY FACIAL TONING KIT

Bear with me here on this! I got this facial toning kit because, honestly, I’ve done a little bit of research on facial massage and how beneficial it can be to add this to our daily skin care routines as we get older. Over time, our facial muscles weaken which leads to sagging skin, loss of contour and wrinkles. I don’t know about you but I’d really like to do what I can to improve the appearance of these. I’m 32 and still consider myself young but I’m not naive. I’ve seen some changes in my skin and I think this could really help improve some of those changes. I’m really excited to give this facial toning kit a try and will definitely let y’all know how I feel about it! I just got it the other day and now that this week is winding down, I think I’ll have some time to figure out how to use it! 🙂

Original Price: $325.00 | Sale Price: $217.75

nordstrom anniversary sale beauty


Okay, have you heard of these? I ordered one of the originals and this 2-pack, and just got the original yesterday and am looking forward to seeing how well it works. So, it’s a cloth that takes off your makeup ENTIRELY with water, even waterproof mascara! A lot of you recommended this to me after my recent heartbreaking Target run where I found out that Ponds Makeup Removing Wipes are not cruelty free. This seems like a great options and a lot less wasteful. I’m not sure how often I’ll have to be washing these but they do seem pretty awesome so I’ll report back how I like them!

Original Price: $25.00 | Sale Price: $40.00

nordstrom anniversary sale beauty


ghd has quickly become one of my favorite beauty tools brands. Their tools work really well and for a long period of time at that so your investment goes a long way! I have been needing a straightener that I can bring with my on trips and I snagged this one when I saw it was a part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale because ghd products have universal voltage so you don’t have to worry about them ‘blowing up’ when you attach it to an adaptor overseas!

Have you tried any of ghd‘s hair tools? I have their curling wand and shared my thoughts on it in this post from last year!

This straightener also comes in white!

Original Price: $249.00 | Sale Price: $166.00

I was really impressed by all of the beauty deals this year! My favorite Kate Somerville Exfoliator is included in a large bottle and there’s a nice little Oribe set so there’s lots out there for everyone! Give the beauty department a look whenever you have a sec! Happy Shopping!

5 Best Home Decor Items In The Nordstrom Sale

nordstrom anniversary sale home decor


I’ve been looking for a new duvet cover for awhile that is clean and feminine. I feel like I’ve had the same one for the longest time. I perused the home decor section of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and found this one and fell in love! I just got it in the mail the other day and can’t wait to change things over! I likely won’t have time to do it until next week but I will absolutely share it when it’s done!

Original Price:$199.00–$229.00 | Sale Price: $132.90–$152.90


These little canvas bins with pom-pom detailing are super cute to store items you may have lying around the house like dog toys or blankets. They’d be great in your childrens’ rooms, as well! I just think they’re adorable with their pom-pom’s. They also come in beige & gray pom-pom’s! I’m always looking for cute baskets or bins like this to fill in an empty corner or to put underneath a bench to add a little extra fun and dimension to my rooms.

Original Price: $92.00 | Sale Price: 60.90


I snagged this super soft and cute throw pillow! It’s sweltering down here in Florida and I am ready for the cooler temp’s and all of the cozy home decor that comes with it so I’ll have this pillow ready to grab when it’s time to switch things over! It’s such a good one for less than $40!

Original Price: $62.00 | Sale Price: $39.90


Last year, at my old apartment, I redid my living room and there were a lot of rose gold accents so I snagged the wine rack included in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale at the time and it matched perfectly! Sadly, I donated it after I moved because my decor changed a little bit. I don’t know that I need this little gold wine rack, because I do have a bar cabinet, but I think it is SO so cute and a really good price so I wanted to share it with y’all even if I haven’t necessarily bit the bullet yet! It might work for your home!

Original Price: $45.00 | Sale Price: $29.90


I have been debating getting this rug since the sale went live and I’m still sitting here going back and forth but, honestly, I think I am going to pull the trigger. I have been looking for a new rug for my bedroom for awhile now and this is literally what I’ve been looking for but I think I just always get so nervous to purchase rugs because I’ve purchased quite a few that DON’T look like the product image. Has that ever happened to y’all?

Also, there aren’t any reviews yet so maybe I’ll order it and give y’all the review that we all clearly need here to know if it’s worth it! Okay, ordering now! 🙂

Original Price:$39.99–$429.99 | Sale Price: $29.90–$321.90

Again, just like the beauty department, there are so many good home decor deals! Do not forget to peruse the home decor section and see if you can fill up some empty spaces in your home or freshen up a room with a new blanket or duvet cover! Here are the faves I just featured:

My 5 Favorite Items Overall In The Nordstrom Sale


I’m not sure that I can accurately explain my obsession with this cashmere turtleneck sweater. I love that it’s longer so you could layer a long tunic tee underneath to curate endless adorable Fall outfits, similar to the one you see above! There have been a lot of cashmere recommendations but I’d say this is my top cashmere pick!

Sizing: Wearing an XS. Fits a little oversized.

Original Price: $179.00 | Sale Price: $118.90


These sneakers took forever to come in the mail but they were worth every minute of the wait! I wore them home from Miami the other day and they were super, super comfortable and just too darn cute! I love the bright peachy-pink! They’re such a fun pop of color for your Summer outfits! I’d also recommend this Nike sweatshirt, as well. If you’re a frequent traveler or have any travels coming up, I shared my sale picks for travel gals in THIS post from the other day!

Sizing: Go one size down from your normal

Original Price: $85.00 | Sale Price: $63.90



A lot of you ask me if the White + Warren cashmere cardigan is really worth it, and while I do believe it is, I also understand that it’s not within everyone’s budget! This cashmere cardigan is very similar to the W + W and it is on sale for under $100, which might be a little more feasible. I really don’t think you can get good quality cashmere for much cheaper than this so I’d encourage you to consider this item if it’s been something you’ve been wanting for awhile. I’m shocked it’s still in stock. There are quite a few color options available. I am wearing the dusty pink here.

Sizing: A little oversized. One size available.

Original Price: $149.00 | Sale Price: $98.90


This swing tee was brought into the sale a few days after the sale launched, if I’m not mistaken, and I was so excited because I purchased it in a light pink color back in February and was obsessed with it! It’s such a great, easy throw on and comes in tons of colors! I – shockingly – purchased this green color [green is not my favorite] and actually really like it on me. This is literally the perfect front tuck shirt and would work really great with leggings and cute black boots or booties! And y’all … it’s less than $50! What color are y’all snagging?

Sizing: I’m wearing an XS but I could have definitely gone down one more size. I’d go one size down from your normal size.

Original Price: $48.00 | Sale Price: $31.90


I’ve been a huge fan of Patagonia for years now so I always am interested to see what they have to offer the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale each year. Who wouldn’t want to get a good deal on a brand that is a little pricey? There were a few items that sold out pretty quickly but this cute gray sweater vest is still in stock in quite a few sizes and is also available in black.

Sizing: True to size. I’m wearing an XS.

Original Price: $00.00 | Sale Price: $00.00

Try-On Haul pt. II


SIZING INFOJACKET – I’m wearing an XS. It fits true to size • JEANS – Go one size down from your normal • TEE – Go one size down from your normal; fits a little oversized • MULES – True to size



SIZING INFOJEANS – I am wearing my normal size but feel like these could fit a little better so I kind of wish I had the option to go one size down • TEE: I’m wearing an XS but probably could have gone down to an XXS had that size been available when I ordered but think the XS still looks appropriate on me • MULES – True to size


SIZING INFOSWEATER – True to size • JEANS – Go one size down from normal • MULES – True to size



SIZING INFOSWEATER – Runs big, wearing XXS • BOOTS – True to size • JEANS – True to size but, personally, if you can, I’d go one size down from your normal for a better fit.



SIZING INFOCARDIGAN – Oversized • JEANS: Go one size down from your normal • TEE: Follow the product page sizing chart. Go one size down from your normal tee size.



SIZING INFOHOODIE : Go one size down from normal unless you want an oversized fit • JEANS: Go one size down from your normal



SIZING INFOJOGGERS – True to size. It says XS fits 0-2 but I normally wear 00 and I feel like they fit me fine • CARDIGAN – Oversized • TEE: Follow the product page sizing chart. Go one size down from your normal tee size.



SIZING INFOPAJAMA PANTS: The size chart says XXS fits 00-0 but there wasn’t an XXS available when I purchased mine so I just went with XS and, although they’re a bit long, I think they fit fine thanks to the tie waist • TEE: Follow the product page sizing chart. Go one size down from your normal tee size.







SIZING INFO:PAJAMAS – Go one size down from your normal


SIZING INFO: SWEATER – wearing an XS; I went one size up for an oversized fit JEANS – wearing a 23, go one size down from your normal MULES – wearing my normal size, super comfortable!



SIZING INFO: Pajamas – wearing an XS, fits me appropriately, maybe slightly big on me; product page says XS = 2, I think they fit more like a 0. Cardigan: wearing an XS, runs true to size.

Alright, y’all! I’ll be updating this post throughout the day! Don’t forget to enter the $1000 Nordstrom gift card giveaway that I launched last night on Instagram in THIS post! I’ll be sharing restocks as I see them come through. It doesn’t look like they’ve restocked anything yet but I’m sure they will! Stay tuned to my stories! xo.


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    I also think the green long sleeve top looks really pretty on you! sometimes colors we don’t wear actually could end up looking good on us. I use to wear only grey and black. and after I got married, I started trying diff colors and they actually look good!

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