Wedding Guest Dress Option On Sale In Amalfi

Hey there! Happy Friday, friends!

I still have so many outfits to share from my time in Italy but before the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale craziness begins, I wanted to make sure I got this one out to you in case you have some dressier occasions coming up and you haven’t found something ‘just right’. This gorgeous wrap dress was one I found back in April and, sadly, it’s unavailable in the color I’m wearing in these photos but I almost feel like the colors that I found that it IS still available in are more appropriate for this time of year, like hot pink and coral. It also comes in black here. I think this dress would be absolutely perfect for anyone heading to a wedding as a guest!

SIZING INSIGHT: It was a little big on me but I don’t have a lot of curves so I would take that into account when you’re choosing size. I’m wearing an XS.

One of my favorite parts of travel is planning outfit shoots in and around the places we are exploring. I never ‘explore’ in outfits like this. I tend to carry them with me in my trusty Rebecca Minkoff tote bag and change into them for the shoot then change into something more comfortable. [For example, on this day, we got to Amalfi really early, we shot this and then I changed into THIS outfit that you guys have already seen a few times.] But, it’s so fun to have such grand and fun backdrops when even just a ‘cute’ backdrop is sometimes hard to find in my area, if I’m honest. I also just love showcasing the beauty of some of these places. The architecture and overall enormity of the Amalfi Cathedral is seriously breathtaking. We got really lucky as we went on a Sunday morning really, really early. It had just rained, hence the wet mark along the bottom of my dress, hah, but we didn’t want it to stop us! Then, afterwards, we sat down at the cutest cafe and had chocolate croissants and cafe latte’s.

I’m going to do my best to get the last big Amalfi Coast blog post to you guys early next week so that that is squared away before Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and I’ll do my best to get Portugal diaries to you guys after the Early Access craziness dies down a little bit.

Are you guys shopping the sale?

I updated the homepage so now you guys have a Nordstrom Sale hub that was once the SHOP tab. You have the Daily Updates page and the NSALE Shop. Take a look at both. I’ll be updated both as often as possible to give you guys the latest at all times! For now, I gave y’all a very basic run down on all of the most important things to know about the sale in the Daily Updates page. Early next week, I’ll be sharing 10 items that will be going in my cart right when the sale goes live just so y’all have some insight into what I’ll be purchasing!

Let me know if you have any questions about the sale in the comments below!

Hope y’all have an amazing Friday, friends! xo.


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  1. Diana wrote:

    I love your dress! So chic and beautiful.

    || The Neon Factor, by Diana ? ||

    Published 7.6.18 · Reply
  2. Ray Amaari wrote:
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  3. Michael @ Mile in My Glasses wrote:

    Your dress is absolutely beautiful Haley, I love it!

    Happy Friday!

    Published 7.6.18 · Reply
  4. Nicci wrote:

    I have no need for photos like these, but I WANT photos like these! You look stunning! 🙂 So does your breakfast…not going to lie. 😉

    Published 7.6.18 · Reply
  5. Elaine wrote:

    These are some of my favorite photos of you! That color looks perfect on you and you look so happy and beautiful!

    Published 7.6.18 · Reply
  6. Natalie wrote:

    Beautiful pictures!
    I was curious what kind of early, early access you get for the nsale being that you’re a blogger and influencer that often collaborates with Nordstrom. Do you get to see items before the release on Thursday? How does Nordstrom present the sale to you knowing that you will provide full coverage to all of us. How do you know which items will be big sellers? Thanks for your insight!

    Published 7.6.18 · Reply
  7. Roses for Fridays | by mia wrote:
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  8. Rach wrote:

    This dress is seriously so gorgeous!!

    Published 7.6.18 · Reply
  9. Jennifer wrote:

    This dress is gorgeous!!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

    Published 7.6.18 · Reply
  10. Rossy wrote:

    Gorgeous!!! Can not wait for the entire post. Def planning a dream vacay either there or Portugal. Or both! A girl can dream. Thanks

    Published 7.7.18 · Reply
  11. Lizbeth de la Torre wrote:

    Beautiful dress. It looks so fresh and comfortable but elegant at the same time. You look like a princess in those beautiful backgrounds

    Published 7.7.18 · Reply
  12. In love with your super amazing photos! The color is too perfect.

    Published 7.28.18 · Reply